Controversy surrounds the reporting of 279 dead birds, who showed no signs of disease or ill health as they dropped from the sky. The proximity to a 5G testing zone in The Hague Holland had many critics of the 5G rollout jumping to conclusions. Ultimately however, no-one knows whether the 5G test was responsible. Because no-one is ever told about when the Telcos decide to turn up the microwave frequencies on an unsuspecting public.
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Some people have trouble believing the Omnia test results because they don't feel the effects we show them (such as blood adherence or muscle weakness) on a day-to-day basis. 

In this article we show you why the human body is not designed to tell you of any internal heating that it may experience. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of understanding this concept, when you are considering how to deal with radiation in your modern life. 


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What is the easiest way to prove that radiation has a negative effect on the human cell?

By counting sperm and measuring its count, mobility and motility. Because it's numeric and it has behaviour you can track and observe. 

All cells in your body are affected, not just the reproductive cells. And the news is also not good for baby girls growing their eggs either. The implications for the human race are very serious indeed. 

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