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Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Think of the famous saying from the maverick scientist, Nikola Tesla:

"If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration."

In the true concept of the atom page, you learned that the Omnia tech is based on the science of Professor Ilija Lakicevic.

Laki carries on the work of his master teacher by showing us that every atom is a vibrating wave field of light, or electrical current, that is 'centred' by a magnetic Zero Point.

“Energy is in the Stillness of Rest” - Professor Lakicevic

Let’s start here with a little review from the True Concept of the Atom.

Everything is light. Even electrical current is light. Every human cell is a light ring and it spins itself into the shape of a torus field with a central, magnetic Zero Point.

That Zero Point is a divine source of energy and the zero points of atoms are connected to form Zero Point Fields.

We know this concept takes a bit of unlearning from the older definitions of energy and atoms, so it may help to picture a torus field of moving current which would look something like this:


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The Two Phases of Motion in the Light Ring 

Now it’s time to expand a bit. The light rings move naturally between two phases: compression and expansion. (The image above is of the compression phase.)

Compression and Expansion

Compression is the charging cycle. So here, the light ring ‘compresses’ itself into matter, into a torus field of light. This is the phase where life is generated. It borrows energy from the Zero Point at the centre to move and generate life.

Expansion is the discharging cycle. This is the phase of expiration, where the light ring vanishes into the ether.This is also known as radiation. Yes, radiation is a natural cycle of each atom and every atom ‘radiates’ as part of the ‘Expansion’ cycle.


One compression-expansion cycle is called an oscillation.

Think about this as the inhale (compression) and the exhale (expansion). You need both to survive and both to stay in balance.

The equal movement between the compression and expansion is what we know as the 'Rhythmic Balanced Interchange' (which you will learn more about in the next part of our series) - and this brings us to frequency.

What is Frequency?

Everything in the material world, down to every single atom, follows the process of 'Rhythmic Balanced Interchange.’ This cyclic process happens over and over in rapid succession.

The atom makes itself and then discharges itself in rapid succession. It flicks on and off, on and off, the electrical current of the torus field manifesting and then disappearing.

It looks something like this:

 This is ultra slow though, in reality, this happens so fast that it becomes a blur and this gives us the illusion that things are solid (but actually, everything is energy and nothing is permanent).

The measurable rate of the oscillation is what we call: FREQUENCY.

The Life-Death Cycle

In all living things there is a life-death cycle – this is the result of a continued interchange between compression and expansion.

What we see in every particle, every atom and cell is the result of the interchange between compression and expansion playing itself out until the end.

Think back to the breath. When you breathe in your body is compressing, it is charging with energy. When you breathe out your body is expanding and discharging that energy out of your body.

Breath gives us life but there comes a time when our breath slows, when we release the last discharge of air from our lungs, and there is no more energy left for the next inhale. In this last discharge, death comes to us all.

How Atoms and Cells Work Together

Atoms and cells are part of nature. All cycles in nature can be seen as spirals and the flow of electrical current in these two motions becomes clear.

The compression of the electrical light ring creates what we experience as matter. This is the same whether that matter that constitutes our bodies' cells or the teacup in your hand.

In the photo below, you can see a view of blood cells extracted from the body, placed on a plate and magnified many times.

This is what healthy cells inside your body look like:

our bodies are effected by cell phone radiation

Notice that a healthy blood cell looks like a torus field. BECAUSE IT IS!

Another example, in case you still had doubts, is from our very own live blood analysis test. These are pictures of blood taken outside the body and magnified, but they are in negative depiction so white is dark and vice versa: 

Our cells (and everything else) are made of the same atoms that are flicking on and off in a frequency of oscillation.

These frequencies cause vibrations that we can perceive as patterns in nature.

Think about the repeating patterns in a sunflower, or the mandala patterns that sand takes when it’s on a speaker. These patterns of energy create a vibrational resonance that can impact our health and well being.


The body, which is comprised of billions of cells of spinning light rings, is like a big electrical antenna.

And we pick up the vibration of everything we encounter through the Law of Resonance.

The Law of Resonance

According to the Law of Resonance, if an atom with a specific oscillation frequency is brought close to the oscillation frequency of an atom with a different vibrational wave field, the cells will begin to resonate with one another.

This is why you feel a healthy boost when you are walking along a sunny beach or through a field of healthy flowers and grasses.

It’s also why you feel frustrated and out of balance when you’re sitting in traffic, surrounded by fumes and other frustrated people.

This is also what happens when the human body comes into contact with data-driven devices that connect to microwave radiation fields, such as phones, tablets and laptops. The wavefields of the atoms in our bodies start to resonate with the wavefields of our devices. Remember that “radiation” is another word for “expansion,” and that a balanced oscillation in our cells is necessary for health.

Balance and Imbalance

When an atom’s oscillation cycle is in balance between compression and expansion, the Zero Point of the cell will be in the geometric centre and you have natural order, or a healthy cell.

In an imbalanced atom, the expansion of the light ring in the oscillation cycle is more prevalent. So it’s expanding (read: radiating) more energy than the compression cycle is creating. 

The core message that Omnia has to share is that wireless radiation fields bring the body out of balance. And that with the ORB Products, we change the state of the radiation field by returning the Zero Point back to its centre and this creates a new energy field that your body resonates well with. The best demonstrations of this return to balance are in the Omnia muscle test and the Water Structure tests. 

Inside The Understanding Energy Series

We started off with a new definition of an atom. We simply explained the findings of Professor Ilija Lakicevic that an atom is a spinning ring of light (or electricity) that spins around a magnetic center point. This still point is called the “zero point.”

Here, you learned about the two phases of motion of an atom, how atoms and cells work together, the law of resonance.

The third part of our series is dedicated to a final important discovery of Dr. Laki - the atom’s consciousness, the importance of balance in an atom, and the effect that dissonance has on the vibration of an atom (and thus the vibration of our bodies). 

The last part of our understanding energy series is about Deca Energy, an energy source that will respond to our infinite potential for creativity, love, balance, and peace.

Step 3: Balance, Dissonance, and Radiation


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