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New Knowledge

To understand the Omnia Radiation Balancer, you need to learn about the science behind it.

Omnia's technology is based on the science of Professor Ilija Lakicevic (known as ‘Laki’).

Omnia's science redefines how every atom behaves in the electric universe and it gives us a new understanding of matter by explaining our reality in terms of ‘energy, frequency and vibration’

It also introduces us to the presence of the ‘Zero Point’ at the centre of each atomic wavefield, the point of all potential from which divine intelligence or ‘spirit’ emanates in our world. So let's start there.

Every atom is a vibrating wave field of electric current, or light. From the human cell, to a blade of grass, to a microwave radiation field... Everything vibrates similarly.

In his research, Laki contends that the classic model of the atom, where electrons spin around a positive nucleus (where the nucleus is declared as the ‘matter’), is obsolete and incorrect. He demonstrates how every atom follows standard characteristics but can be subjected to influences that affect its movement and shape, which can bring it into electrical imbalance.

The shape of the atom is a torus field - which is the same shape as a donut. If you picture a torus (a ‘donut’), you will know that in the center there is empty space. Laki measured that at the center of this empty space exists a magnetic still point, which holds the electrical current (or ‘light’) of the torus in place. We sometimes refer to the torus field of electrical current as a ‘light ring’. So it follows that everything is light compressing itself into an atom, into matter. Invisible light such as a wireless radiation field behaves in the same way.

The Zero Point

This relationship between the magnetic still point, the Zero Point, and the spinning torus field of electrical current (or light) is the common denominator in all atoms. It is the founding model of all life. Laki refers to it as the ‘magneto-electric’ field, because the electrical energy comes from the magnetic zero point. This is what mainstream physics refers to as ‘EMF’ (electro-magnetic field).  

Each atom borrows the energy from the magnetic Zero Point to spin into a Torus field of electrical current, or light. So just as Tesla said, ‘Everything is Light’.

All atoms, all energy fields spin into reality in this way, from the Zero Point. And every Zero point at the heart of each atom connects to form the zero point field – the ‘ether’. The Zero Point field is the only magnetic field that exists in physics. It is also the only energy field there is. Because it gives birth to all electrical potential that spins to form an atom, it is the source of all life.

The Zero Point is meant to rest in the absolute center of the torus field of light. When it does we have natural order and a beautifully shaped torus. In a blood cell, we have health and vitality.

Compression, Expansion and Frequency

The light ring of each atom alternates naturally between two phases: ‘compression’ and ‘expansion’.

When the light ring (the torus field) borrows the energy to spin itself into life, this is the compression phase. And then the light ring discharges itself into the ether. Effectively, the light ring disappears or dies. This is the expansion phase, also known as the ‘radiation’ phase.

The light ring then recycles itself by borrowing energy from the Zero Point to compress itself into a light ring once more.

Each atom bursts to life and then dies, before the atom is recycled through the Zero Point to live again. It flicks on and off like this until ultimately the atom perishes. It is the same in our bodies – the atoms of our cells flick on and off but nothing lasts forever.

The speed of alternation between the compression and expansion phases of the light ring is what we know as ‘frequency’.

Rhythmic Balanced Interchange

When the compression phase is equal to expansion phase, we have what Laki calls as the 'Rhythmic Balanced Interchange'. It means the atom or cell is perfectly balanced.

This balance will keep the Zero Point at the geometric centre of the torus field. If we take it one step further, this balance represents the energy of LOVE.

It’s a bit like breathing: when your inhale is equal to your exhale, you have balance and vitality in the body.

The body, which comprises billions of cells (or spinning light rings), is therefore like a big electrical antenna. We pick up the vibration of the electrical wave fields that we encounter. We react electrically to good music, a hug, smelling flowers or walking on the beach.

However, we also react electrically to things that are imbalanced and are not coherent with our bodies, such as car fumes… or wireless radiation.

The Law of Resonance

The law of resonance states that when two atoms with different oscillation frequencies are brought close, they begin to resonate with one another.

If both fields are perfectly centred and balanced, we have coherence and resonance. But if one of the fields has a zero point that is uncentred and the zero point is not resting at the centre of the wave field, this field has the capability to drag the zero point of the blood cell away from its centre. The effect is one of incoherence and dissonance.

We demonstrate both these phenomena in our Live Blood Analysis results, our Applied Kinesiology tests and in our Water Crystal Photography experiments.

Have you ever felt happy in an excited crowd, or uneasy when we are surrounded by agitated people? Now you know why.

So when the human body comes into contact with data-driven devices that connect to microwave radiation fields, such as phones, tablets and laptops, this can cause dissonance in our electrical field.

Balance, Imbalance, and Microwave Radiation (MWR)

The atoms and therefore cells in our body are looking to retain perfect balance. This normally requires a combination of healthy mind, healthy diet, good water, taking exercise and living a life of love and joy.

The trouble is that if our cells encounter a vibrating wave field which is uncentred and imbalanced (such as man-made radiation fields), there is an electrical effect in the cell. We are programmed to respond. Because the zero point in our cells responds magnetically to the errant zero point in any imbalanced field.

The notion that man-made wireless radiation is uncentred and imbalanced means two things: that the compression phase is not equal to the expansion phase in the vibrating wave field (and therefore no ‘RBI’); and the Zero Point never rests in the centre of the torus field of spinning light.

Effects On The Human Body

The core message that Omnia has to share is that wireless radiation fields bring the body out of its natural electrical balance.

When the compression and expansion phase oscillate in balance, the Zero Point of the cell will be in the absolute geometric centre and you have natural order, or a healthy cell.

In an imbalanced atom or cell, the expansion of the light ring in the oscillation cycle is greater than the compression phase. So it’s expanding (read: radiating) more energy than the compression cycle is creating. This is what causes the imbalance.

Over time, this is not good news for the body because all functions in the body, from your heart (a big electrical pump) to your brainwaves (which are invisible electrical fields), rely on balanced electrical currents. However it’s impossible to say how this will affect you, because each of us will react differently to this exposure.


We have never before had this chronic volume of man-made radiation to contend with, so because of ‘evolution’, the brain does not yet have any sensory nerve endings that warn you of the imbalance that is happening in the body.

For this reason, many people are surprised when we tell them that multiple studies have shown that Microwave Radiation (MWR) has caused a multitude of adverse effects in animal studies. They don’t believe it because they assume that if it caused harm, they would feel it on some level.

ORB Products change the state of the radiation field by returning the Zero Point back to its center and this turns it into a vibrating wave field that your body resonates well with. The best demonstrations of this return to balance are in the Omnia muscle test, the Live Blood Analysis and the Water Structure tests.

We achieve these results by working with a new type of energy with enormous potential.

Deca Energy

Our understanding of exactly how the human cell reacts from a vibrational perspective to microwave radiation is what allows us to prescribe a solution.

The invention of our products, which has been brought to us by Dr Lakicevic, is truly unique because it uses a new type of energy, called Deca Energy, to intercept the MWR field and set it back to balance and centredness.

Deca Energy is a perfectly balanced, centred energy field and it can be programmed to perform the task of transforming the state of the radiation field.

These tiny units of energy are sealed within the Patch and the Pendant using 'nano- layer' technology. The ORB represents the fusion of the physical layers of the products with Deca Energy.

These layers hold fast the Deca Energy, which carries conscious instructions to bring the zero point of the radiation field back to its perfect centre.

Once this is done, we have a perfectly balanced and centred radiation field. This energy field is coherent with the energy in the human body so the infused Deca energy can meet the radiating energy from the device and set it to harmony - and it can meet the energy from within your body and bring that into balance. Once this vibrational ‘match’ is achieved, we have resonance between the two electrical fields - the body and the microwave radiation are in harmony.

Deca energy has the form of a dodecahedron, a 12-sided pentagon. It has 6 pairs of spiraling cones of light passing electrical current across its structure. This current passes back and forth and never stops running, which means that the radiation balancing effects in the ORB will last forever.

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