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Balance, Dissonance and Radiation

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.” - Nikola Tesla

Tesla was a spiritual man and it allowed him the ability to recognize that when he was asking (and answering) questions about our universe, that he wasn’t dealing with just mechanical particles. He believed that the universe and everything in it, from galaxies to atoms, has one singular consciousness.

And he was right.

Professor Ilija Lakicevic, not only uses this truth in his research and in the creation of the Omnia technology, he has been able to take this information one step further. He knows that the atom is a conscious wave field and we can use that consciousness to help keep us healthy and balanced.

The Atom is Conscious

You know from when you learned about the true concept of the atom, that there is a magnetic Zero Point at the center of the atom. You also know that these zero points are connected to each other to form zero point fields, and that those fields are the potential from where all life springs.

As we discussed in part two of this series, the zero point fields are always listening to the other wavefields they encounter and, utilizing the Law of Resonance, they vibrate in sympathy with the fields they encounter.

This leads to the same conclusion as Tesla had: atoms are conscious. We can affect the atoms in our bodies through our thoughts and our breath, through our food and the movements we make throughout our day.

This introduces the final important discovery with regards to the atom, made by Dr Lakicevic: 

The quality of the vibration in the atom is determined by the centeredness of the Zero Point in the wave field. 

In simple terms this means that when you have the Zero Point in the center of the atom, you have a healthy, vibrant cell. 

Laki calls this balanced state the ‘Rhythmic Balanced Interchange’ - (which we mentioned briefly in part two). This is the state when the Zero Point is in the absolute center of the wave field. Another way to put this is that the phase of Compression is equal to the phase of Expansion. 

When the Zero Point is in the absolute center of the atom’s wave field, it is what we call “balanced.”

Balance and Imbalance

Again, when an atom’s oscillation cycle is in balance between compression and expansion, the Zero Point of the cell will be in the geometric center and you have natural order, or a healthy cell. A balanced atom signifies the vibration of love.

However the Zero Point can be moved away from it’s natural center through energies and toxins which are not characteristic of love: hate, anger, fear, envy, violence or greed.

These are all energies that cause a vibrational shift in the location of the zero point away from the center. This causes an imbalance in the wave field. 

In an imbalanced atom, the expansion of the light ring in the oscillation cycle is more prevalent. So it’s expanding (read: radiating) more energy than the compression cycle is creating.

Radiation and Expansion

Radiation is all about expansion.

When something “radiates” it expands into the surrounding space. Look at a light bulb carefully and you will see light rays expanding in your entire room originating from a small volume of incandescent wire.

The same is true of a cell tower or a Wi-Fi router – the microwave data fields are expanding all the time. Our devices act as a focal point for these expansive frequencies and a phone, or any connected device, acts as the compression phase for this abundance of expansive waves.

Keep the contrast between a natural balance versus the imbalanced microwave radiation fields in mind while we look at what happens to the human body when these wave fields meet.

The Human Body Reacts to Everything it Experiences 

The human body is set up to resonate with everything it encounters at a vibrational level.

We feel the energy of music and when we bear hug someone, we come into an electrical resonance with them. When we love, the zero points of our atoms come into perfect balance.

The same is true when we are in close proximity to man-made radiation waves - the zero point in our atoms listen to and resonate with the activity of the radiation field. If the zero point of the microwave radiation field is uncentered and imbalanced, this effect will be picked up and mimicked inside the human cell. 

It is this magnetic, sympathetic resonance that explains why we are affected by non-ionising, non-thermal radiation fields.

Here’s a video where we explain the effects:

Using the Body as a Conduit

Laki’s proposition is that the wave field of wireless microwave radiation vibrates with a different rhythm, balance and centeredness to that of the human body's energy field. When the two fields of light meet, if the wireless radiation field is characterised by what he calls 'imbalance' and 'uncenterdness' of zero point, then the magnetic point at the center of the human cell will pick up the magnetic centeredness of the wireless radiation and it will start to vibrate in sympathy with the radiation’s wave field.

When this happens, the effect of 'dissonance' or vibrational disharmony can occur.

At this moment, it is impossible to stick a gauge into the radiation field to measure whether its vibration is centered or dissonant.

So we use the human body to show us a 'before and after' reading. 

The best demonstrations of this return to balance are in the Live Blood Analysis, Applied kinesiology and Water Crystal Photography Test. These tests show us that when we create a resonant effect between the two fields, the body shows us that it feels the difference.

Dissonance Caused by Wireless Radiation Fields

Our tests show that wireless radiation fields bring the body out of balance and into a dissonant vibration. Over time, this is not good news for the human body because all functions in the body, from your heart (a big electrical pump) to your brainwaves (which are invisible electrical fields), rely on balanced electrical currents.

We have done a basic video to illustrate this effect.



How Dissonance Affects Our Bodies

For most people, the effects of vibrational dissonance impact the body on a subtle level.

Your active senses (sight, smell, touch etc.) are not triggered, so only very few people, those with the misfortune to suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, will consciously feel the effects.

Why Can't We Feel the Effects of Microwave Radiation?

Key researcher Dr. Ollie Johansson has measured that we have 1 quintillion times (that's 18 zeros) more radiation passing through our body today than before the age of mobile phones. 

But why can't we feel it?
The answer is evolution.

Since we have never before had this chronic volume of radiation to contend with, the brain has no sensory nerve endings that warn you.

The same frequency band (1800mhz+) is being used for mobiles as it is for microwave ovens. This heats you from the inside out, not from the outside in. Our skin has a sensor that tells us when we touch something hot, but there are no sensory nerve endings inside the brain to warn you of an internal rise in temperature.

So where this is happening, you do not actually feel much at all. 

Balance, Dissonance, and Radiation

We have special technology in our ORB Products that moves the magnetic zero point of the radiation field to the geometric center of the field. Once this is done, a vibrational 'match' is created between the MWR field and the body's energy field.

Learn How the ORB Works

But don’t just use our products and think that you're totally protected. EMF is everywhere and if you’re concerned, the best thing to do will always be to limit your exposure.

Inside The Understanding Energy Series

We started off with a new definition of an atom. We simply explained the findings of Professor Ilija Lakicevic that an atom is a spinning ring of light (or electricity) that spins around a magnetic center point. This still point is called the “zero point.”

The second part of our series was dedicated to the two phases of motion of an atom, how atoms and cells work together, the law of resonance.

Here you learned about the final important discovery of Dr. Laki - the atom’s consciousness, the importance of balance in an atom, and the effect that dissonance has on the vibration of an atom (and thus the vibration of our bodies).

The last part of our understanding energy series is about Deca Energy, an energy source that will respond to our infinite potential for creativity, love, balance, and peace.

Step 4: Deca Energy: The Dawn Of a New Age Of Balance, Consciousness & Abundance

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