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About Us

Omnia is here to help you find resonance in your own space in the face of stress from modern life.

Our position is to present our findings and draw our conclusions but to always let you decide whether this resonates with you.

We share scientific evidence that can be trusted and we’re always searching for new tests that endorse our product. We aim to help you maintain a healthy balance throughout your life and to shed light on how our new science allows us to achieve these effects.

Hear about the Omnia beginnings straight from our founder, Tim Sandars. 

The Omnia Scientist

We owe a debt of huge gratitude to Dr Ilija Lakicevic, the inventor of the ORB, for not only sharing his knowledge about exactly what happens when a microwave radiation field meets a human cell, but also for sharing his unique method of achieving harmony.

He discovered a new unit of energy (‘Deca’ energy) which is deployed into each ORB product with an intention to bring the radiating wave field back to balance and ‘centredness’ of zero point. 

The Omnia Mission 

Moving towards 5G, where a celltower could be placed every few hundred metres down the road and with thousands of satellites littering the sky, is the biggest technology experiment humanity has ever imposed upon itself. Our modern lives are becoming bombarded with more microwave radio frequency energy at a volume that our bodies have never before been exposed to. No one is sure what effects this will have.

Our mission breaks into two parts: 

    1. To share the most current third party data about the effects of radiation.
    2. To provide the best, most tested harmonizer available.

Whatever the volume of radiating wave fields we are walking through or touching, we are dedicated to ensuring that your personal energy fields stay balanced. 

Energised Products for a New Kind of Wellness 

Our products help to keep the body's energy field balanced whenever we are using our wireless devices. 

All of this without blocking your cell signal or data download.

Whilst the scientists continue to do research to establish exactly what type of physical effect EMFs have on the human body, we want to focus on one thing: 

Can we demonstrate that the body has responded positively to using our products? You must decide whether what you see fulfils your needs. 

Click Here to see the Omnia Test Results 

Company Details:

Omnia Collective Ltd

108A Panorama Road
Dorset BH13 7RG

Phone: +44(0)203 302 4514

UK Company registration #  11092085

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