About Us

Omnia is here to Bring Balance Back to your life. 

Hear from the founder of Omnia about our mission and inspiration. 

Omnia focuses on finding truths that you need to know and evidence you can trust and products which have been tested and proven that will help you maintain a healthy balance in your life. 

We are also here to challenge conventional thinking because we have access to new technology and new science which can make global changes. 

Our flagship product is about balancing the frequencies in the human body when confronted with microwave frequencies from the digital age. And we will move in to products that balance the gut and structure water that you drink. 

Why are we doing this? 

Our modern lives are becoming plagued with more and more imbalanced frequencies. From our phones, laptops, food, air and water. Soon when 5G and the world of connected devices is upon us, we will literally be sitting in quasi-microwave ovens on low heat as we work or sit at home. 

This is the biggest human experiment ever.

And what is worrying is that it is very easy to prove that the human body struggles with any imbalanced frequencies such as radiation. And yet more and more is being heaped upon us. 

Omnia is dedicated to redressing this and bringing everything back into natural order as we return to a life of simplicity and grace. 

Omnia is a brand creator, product distributor and marketing company which takes to market tested and reliable products that will bring balance back to your life.