Frequently Asked Questions about Omnia Radiation Balancer
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Frequently Asked Questions | Omnia Balance

How do I know that my ORBs is working?

This is a good question because the effects that the ORBs have are invisible.
And in our modern day lives we rarely stop to check in with ourselves and do a system health check.

Everyone is different and will respond differently. Some people are super sensitive and will notice the change in the energy field around the phone straight away. For others, it’s very subtle.

The best way is to watch the results of the 4 Omnia Tests and feel into whether these are benefits you wish to bring into your life. If so, you can practice a simple muscle test at home to observe the difference in strength. However, for best results we highly recommend seeing a professional who can do the expert analysis with you. 

Where is the Best place to put the ORB Sticker on each device?

The ORB is designed to be put on a phone, smartwatch, tablet, laptop, desktop, Wi-Fi router, fridge, microwave oven, in a car, on a smart meter and any other radiating device that you have at home.

The golden rule is: the ORB must be stuck onto the radiating device. 

There must be contact between the ORB and the radiation field, so that it becomes one entity and the whole thing will now be radiating with the energy of centredness of zero point, which is the energy of love. 

Here is a list of the most popular devices to stick an ORB on to:

Phone or Tablet: anywhere on the back of the device, stuck to the device (i.e. not the phone case)

WiFi Router: near where the signal comes into or goes out of the router - where the data cables are. 

Laptop: above the keyboard or underneath the base of the laptop but NOT on the screen. This is because all the radiation comes in through the data card in the base. 

Car: somewhere near the electronics or the dashboard on the car - find out where the data comes into your car and put it as close as possible to that. 

SmartWatch: on the underside of the watch and tape over it with either sellotape or another sticker (this will prevent any sweat from degrading the ORB and if the sellotape degrades, you can replace the covering whilst keeping the ORB in tact)

Smart Meter: Place the ORB anywhere on the smart meter.

Microwave Oven: put the ORB the inside the microwave near the fan. 

Fridge: put the ORB inside the fridge, next to the fan. 

TV: put the ORB somewhere near where the cables come in on the back. 

How long do the ORBs Last?

The balancing energy in our products spin forever and it never run out.

Note that the ORB Patch lasts for as long as you have the sticker applied to the radiating device and you can still see part of the pattern. If the pattern wears off completely, the Patch does need to be replaced.

How do the ORBs work? 

Great Question! This answer is a bit too long for a simple FAQ, so we made a page for you that talks about how the ORB Products harmonizes energy.

Click Here to Read More

Do the ORBs work with ambient fields?


When the ORB is near you, the field around you is harmonized with a radius of up to 2metres. This means that if you are sitting next to someone on a bus and they are on their phone, those third party radiation fields will be harmonised too.

If this is your main concern, we do suggest the ORB Pendant.

Do you have any Testimonials for the ORB?

Yes we do! You can see our Testimonials here. 

What are the health dangers of EMF? 

We aren’t doctors or researchers, so this isn’t something we can legally comment on.

We do, however, have a compilation of awesome resources from medical doctors and specialists from around the world.

You can read about that here.

Will the ORBs work with 5G technologies? 

Yes! The ORB products are designed to work with all forms of radiation!

The Omnia position is this: all man-made electrical wave fields carry an imbalance (characterised by the uncentredness of the zero point) and it is not a good idea to expose ourselves to this energy for long periods of time especially at close proximity. 

The energy in the ORBs are agnostic as to what the strength or intensity of the field is - they always bring that zero point back to the centre of the wave field, making it coherent with the energy field of the human body. 

However, the best solution is to avoid exposure to 5G, especially if this is something that concerns you. 

Are your products all I need to protect myself from EMF?

No. Absolutely not.

We know that our ORBs help to bring a new resonance between man made radiation and your body but there is so much exposure in the world, that we recommend adopting a cautious lifestyle too. The best thing to do is to reduce your exposure to EMFs all together.

You can learn more about this here.

Is the ORB Patch the same as other EMF patches?


Other patches seek to deflect the radiation or 'harmonise' the radiation by providing the opposite waveform so that the effect is neutralised.

What sets the ORB Patch apart is that we understand WHY man made radiation is different to other forms of radiation and HOW to alter its state so that it is in resonance with the body.

What is the ORB Patch made of? 

It is a simple sticker made with paper, glue and dye that is infused with Deca energy, and programmed with conscious intent. It really is that simple.

Some people are shocked when they find that there is no magnet, or chip.

We stand for an understanding that everything is energy, frequency, and vibration and as such, the patch can be alive with an energy field.

It’s not innate and inanimate, it’s carrying a beautiful energy field which has great capabilities. 

What is Deca Energy?

Deca energy is a new type of energy that is here to serve us. Noone else on the market is using this tiny but powerful solution and no-one else achieves the range of results that we do, as you can see from our tests on the human body and on water.

Deca Energy is unique to Omnia at this moment but we hope it will soon be omnipresent as it heralds a new dawn of abundant, blissful energy solutions, based on a heightened awareness of human potential.

If more people awaken to their powers of manifesting we will all develop Deca solutions together and this can lead to replacing all the ‘old’ systems of energy (electricity, gas and fuel). We don’t know how quickly this will happen but this is what we stand for. 

Are there any other health benefits of the ORB Products?

While we have heard feedback from people who feel physical benefits after applying the patches to their devices, the official answer is that there are none that have been recorded.

We are always interested in testing our products to find additional benefits. If you have any ideas on how to do this, we’d love to hear from you.

Who makes the ORB Patch? 

The ORB is the invention of Dr Ilija Lakicevic. He discovered the unit of energy we use, Deca energy, and figured out how to infuse that energy into each ORB sticker with an intention to bring the radiating wave field back to balance and ‘centredness’ of zero point.

Can I peel off the Stickers and Apply them to another device? 

Yes you can, although the ‘stickiness’ is lessened each time. The ORB must always be stuck to the device. 

What devices does the ORB Patch work on? 

The answer is simple: on any radiating device. And on any electrical circuitry too, including dirty electricity. The impact of wireless radiation on your life needs to be assessed on these criteria: 

Proximity: how close are you to the radiating wave field 

Exposure: how long do you use your device per day 

Strength of signal: are you using 4G.. 5G.. And what type of data are you downloading (video is the most data intensive and carries the highest strength of radiation field). 

Do you have an Affiliate Programme? 

Yes we do. It is open to anyone who has purchased the ORB and leaves us a review. Contact us at to get set up and find out about our commission rates and referral system. 


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