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Omnia feels strongly about the need for further research on the topic of cellular device radiation and its potential effects on human health.

Any mention or claims of harm or health effects caused by wireless radiating devices are not based on any research undertaken by Omnia. Where relevant, we reference the peer-reviewed scientific studies that make these claims. Although we share the research that we have found most informative to this area, we recommend that you do your own reading into studies around EMFs to assess the risks on a personal level.

The same goes for understanding our product demonstration results – you must chose the protection that is right for you and your family depending on whether you resonate with these results.

None of the Omnia test results are clinical studies. We use what some might call ‘alternative’ therapy modalities to demonstrate change in the human body or in water and we accept that this is subject to opinion.

We do not claim that the Omnia Radiation Balancer heals, prevents, treats, or reverses any medical conditions. Any health statements made by customers have not been reviewed or approved by medical professionals.

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