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Why Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation Fields (EMF)?

Why Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation Fields (EMF)?

We are using our wireless devices every day - sometimes all day, every day! It's an indispensable part of life now and for most people, this is not something bothersome and nor is there anything to worry about. Besides, if there were, it would have been communicated to us, right? Well, what if there were some important pieces of information that were not yet common knowledge, but should be? 

Omnia offers this article in the spirit of arousing curiousity about themes that concern all of us regarding an important issue: the environmental presence of ever-stronger Electromagnetic fields in our daily lives. We welcome any information, data, alternative version of events or scientific study that we may have missed and we advise you to always do your own research. 

10 Reasons WHY to Get Protection from EMF Radiation

  1. Wireless Radiation is Everywhere 

    Today, Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) wireless radiation is everywhere around us and it is always ON. You can not get away from these fields today, even if you don't own a phone, or even if you are a child at school. The third party radiation fields will hit you at the bus stop, at school, in any public space, at home and especially at work. You can't control it and more and more celltower masts (and even satellites) are going up every week. There are very few places left to hide from EMF. 

  2. The Body is Electric [1]

    Most people don't readily acknowledge the fact that the body is both electric and biochemical. The body depends on balanced electrical currents to be at its best. It is indisputable that the heart is a big electrical pump, and our brainwaves are invisible electrical fields (alpha, beta, gamma etc.) and our organs have been measured in hertz, which denotes electrical current, by researchers such as Bruce Tainio[1].

    Modern-day Bio-resonance scanning machines are now used to pick up all the frequencies and elecrical vibrations in our bodies. They detect vitality biomarkers through assessing the quality of the electrical signals and functions in the body. Heart Rate Variability machines can also measure in intricate detail the electrical performance of the heart and all the nervous system functions or organs that it influences. 

    We respond electrically to all sorts of things we encounter every day: walking on a beach, having a hug, standing in the Sun or listening to uplifting music. These are examples where resonant, positive electrical reactions are induced in the body. However, if an electromagnetic field is vibrating in a way that is discordant with the electrical energy field of the body, this may cause adverse effects. 

    Omnia's test results seek to use simple, energy-based tests to demonstrate what can happen in the body when we hold our mobile devices before and after using our products. 

  3. Huge Increases in RadioFrequency Radiation Exposure

    We are in the middle of a global infrastructure upgrade to 5th Generation (5G) wireless networks.

    The old network (4G) had a bandwidth limit of 2.4GHz. The 5G spectrum bands range between 2.4Ghz and 60Ghz. This represents a potential 24-fold hike and this increases the likelihood that human bodies will respond (electrically) to these high levels of exposure. We can not predict the impact this will have on human health, nor on the health of all biological systems. 

  4. Evolution

    We are currently in a live experiment. Before the advent of cellphones, we had never had consistent contact with man-made electrical fields  before. We sat 2 metres away from the TV. Today, we hold these devices carrying powerfully-vibrating EMF wave fields next to our heads, hearts and genitals on a regular basis.

    Our bodies are reacting in real time to this experiment and it's impossible to judge what impact this is having on the human race. There are many scientific studies which show that electromagnetic fields impair fertility, for example[2]. However, it's now practically impossible to do any study measuring impact against a 'control' whereby a section of the public is used as an unaffected baseline, because everyone is being exposed to EMF.  

    Another important point is that because the environmental hazard of EMF is new to humanity, there is nothing in the human body that picks up the reaction in the body to EMF. Omnia shows this in our applied kinesiology tests as well as tests on the heart and on the blood - things can be happening in the body as a result of EMF that we don't realise and that our brains do not register

    It is not unusual for events to happen in the body that we don't register. For example, we don't notice our fingernails growing, so it is possible that unconscienable effects may be happening in the body because of EMF. 

  5. Peer-reviewed Studies show Adverse Effects Caused to Rats

    Some estimate there are over 6,000 peer-reviewed studies which show that when rats were exposed to frequencies even as low as 1G, they developed many adverse effects (ranging from cancers to DNA strand breaks to endocrine system damage, infertility and cognitive impairment). For balance, there are also studies which show that there are no adverse effects observed. However, 6000 is a significant number of papers and the statistical likelihood of all these studies being wrong is therefore very low. 
    Two of the best sources where you can find these studies are the BioIiniative Study and the NTP Cancer Study.  
    The BioInitiative Study
    NTP Cancer Study


    These studies deserve to be acknowledged and openly discussed because they could be warning signs for us all. No-one can tell how any one person will react to EMF Radiation because everyone is different. That said, we have always used rat studies to indicate what the potential for harm is on humans. 

  6. The Electromagnetic Spectrum Is Unreliable

    The electromagnetic spectrum has always been the yardstick in physics by which we measure the safety of a radiation field. The levels the rats in these studies were subjected to are classified as ‘non-ionizing’ and ‘non-thermal’. According to the original physics of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, this means they don’t generate enough energy nor heat to cause harm to a living cell. This assumption must now be challenged by these test results. It follows that the Electromagnetic spectrum, which was devised long before the advent of wireless technology, is missing something (the causative effect that is not 'heat') and Omnia has a new explanation for this which is shared in our Science section. 

    The Electromagnetic Spectrum 4G rises to 5G frequencies microwave

  7. The Three Risk factors of EMF Radiation

    There are three main risk factors associated with exposure to wireless radiation fields. The bad news is that hardly anyone living a modern lifestyle is in a position to avoid these risks: 

    Risk 1: Exposure Time
    How much time are you spending on your devices each day? For most adults it's over 6 hours. For some it's 12 hours, and some people sleep with their phones under their pillows. 

    Risk 2: Proximity 
    The closer we are to the source of EMF radiation, the stronger the field is and the more it can affect us. When we type on our keyboards, or take a call to the ear, or put our phone in our pocket, we are in very close contact with the radiation field. 

    Risk 3: Strength of Signal 
    You can measure the RadioFrequency output of any wireless device with an RF Meter. With the advent of 5G and the proliferation of data-heavy media such as video passing in and out of our wireless devices all day, the strength of the wireless radiation fields our devices transmit is increasing exponentially. 

  8. Outdated Safety Standards 

    The governing body which regulates wireless radiation safety standards is called the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). They have not changed their recommendation on safety exposure levels since 1996. In 1996, we were using analogue phones which were transmitting low strength '2G' fields.  Today we are on devices streaming video and emitting RFR Radiation of hundreds, maybe thousands of times higher than the levels of these ancient phones. The SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) levels of safety have never been revised. Olle Johansson is one of the key researchers into the biological effects of EMF on the body and he estimates that we are now exposed to one quintillion times (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) more RFR radiation than in times before the internet. 

  9. Lack of Safety Testing Documentation

    In a Senate hearing run by Senator Blumenthal, representatives from companies responsible for the 5G network rollout were questioned about what safety documentation was availalble for review. It transpired that no documentation existed and that no money was spent on safety-testing the 5G network. This exchange is on public record. Senator Blumenthal concluded that "We are flying blind here, in terms of the safety standards" [3].    

    Going one step further, the one safety test performed on handsets is the 'Specific Absorption Rate' (SAR) Test. In this test, a plastic dummy is used and filled with fake blood. Then a cellphone is held next to the plastic skin to see if any heat is transferred to the fake blood. It's a sophisticated and rigorous test. But the test is notable for its absence of a human body (or the body of a rat, for example), which means that the electrical balance of a living body is never tested. 

  10. Effects of EMF on Children [4]

    Today, children are going to spend their whole lives exposed to high volumes of wireless radiation fields, whereas anyone over the age of 45 most likely didn't get a phone until they were 20 years old. Several studies have concluded that the impact of man-made electromagnetic fields on children is worse than it is on adults because of the following reasons: 
  • Children have smaller bones, and because for example their skulls are thinner, there is less protection for the brain. 
  • Children have higher water content in their bodies and water is known to react to the wireless radiation. 
  • Children's organs are growing and this sensitive stage of growth requires electrical balance in the body.


Although this seems like a gloomy list, the objective of presenting our findings is to put forward a new perspective of the situation and to help people to make a better-informed decision about whether they need to take preventative action. 

Omnia has a range of EMF Harmonizer products. We have conducted tests on the body before and after using our products. We have measured the body benefits on the heart, on blood, on body strength (applied kinesiology) and on water (the body is 70% water). Click here for more details. 

And see if our products fulfil your needs for bringing balance back to your body. 


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[1] Body is Electric:
A number of authors emphasize that the human body generates electromagnetic fields and mechanical vibrations with different frequencies. For example: V. S. Troitskii et al. "Intrinsic microwave radiation from the human body" Vol. 24, Number 1, January 1981, Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics, discloses measurement of intrinsic radiation from the human body, radiation which is due to thermal motion of electrons in biological tissue. The frequencies measured by this radiometry method are between 1 GHz and 10 GHz.
Y. Feldman et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 128102, 2008, discloses that the sweat glands in human skin act like an array of tiny antennas that pick up radiation of specific frequencies, around 90 GHz.

D. B. Rendon et al., Mapping the Human Body for Vibrations using an Accelerometer, Conf. Proc. IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2007; 1 :1671-1674, discloses the use of an accelerometer to measure the vibration of the neck and thorax. Three different frequencies: breathing signal 0.1-0.5Hz; heart signal 0.5-3Hz and snoring signal 3-500Hz were said to be found.

T. G. Wang et al., Resonance frequency in patellar tendon, Scand J Med Sci Sports, 2007; 17; 535, describes a method based on a vibrator which was attached to the tibia of 10 healthy subjects in order to measure the resonance frequency of the patellar tendon. A mean resonance frequency at 22.5; 23.0 and 24±0.8MHz was produced in the right patellar tendon when the joint was at 0°; 60° and 90° of flexion.
C. Smith, Straws in the Wind, J. of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, measured the frequencies of human body tissue in acupuncture points.

'The Body Electric' - Robert O Becker 

Bruce Tainio discovers frequencies in the human body: 

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[3] Senator Blumenthal Hearing on Safety Standards: "We are flying blind" quote: 

[4] Studies of effects of EMF on children


BioInitiative Study:



Cancer Study (National Toxicology Programme) 


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