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Here is a list of all the Omnia videos, which you can also find on our YouTube channel, Omnia Balance so please subscribe for updates. 

We will cover interviews with Dr Lakicevic about his Science (the true concept of the Atom); the Omnia Test results; but first, the Omnia Educational video series, 'The Time for the Truth is NOW'.  


'The Time for the Truth Is Now' Series. 
Part 1: Why Take Wireless Radiation Seriously? 
Part 2: Who is Measuring our Safety? And have they got it Right? 
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Part 3: Why Does Wireless Radiation Really harm us?  
In this video we look at what everyone in mainstream science is missing: the importance of the zero point at the centre of every atom, of every vibrating wave field.
This is based on Dr Lakicevic's theories about the role the 'centredness of the wave field' plays in our vitality and indeed in the balance of everything in the natural world. 
The zero point determines the balance of the torus-shaped wave field. 
So here we cover WHY the balance of the electrical current in the human cell is disturbed by these strong waves of wireless microwave radiation. 
Part 4: How does the ORB Work?  
In this video we look at how the Omnia Radiation Balancer meets the imbalanced radiation field and sets it to a centredness that won't then harm the human cell. 
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Video 5: Crazy Levels of Phone Radiation 
Video 6: Voltage Gated Calcium Channels
This is the Biologists perspective of what happens in the body when the electrical effects that we described above occur. This is the so-called 'mechanism' for disease. 


1. Dr Lakicevic Explains the True Concept of the Atom 
2. Laki Explains The Deca - A New Energy Era without Electricity  
3. How Nikola Tesla Invented his Solutions: 7 Steps to Creation 
4: The Mass Hypnosis of Science: Where is the Electron? 

The Omnia Radiation Balancer Tests

1. The Three Omnia Tests 
2. Detailed Results: Live Blood Analysis - how phone radiation affects Human Blood 
3: Detailed Test Results: Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) 
4: Detailed Test Results: Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) effects of Phone Radiation
5: Kinesiology in the Office (you can try this at home) 


1. Omnia Video Animation Advert 
2: Omnia Radiation Balancer - All you need to know
3. Muscle Test and Gym 
4. The Story of Omnia - Tim Sandars 
5: Omnia Radiation Balancer Muscle Test Promotion 
1. Nikki 
2. Amanda (Kinesiology)