Do you realise that Radiation from Phones, Laptops & WiFi Routers is causing stress in your body?

With LOVE and JOY, we present the Omnia Radiation Balancer, a small patch you can apply to any radiating device which we can prove will bring balance back to your body, no matter how strong the fields (even 5G).

Let us remove this stress in your life!



When I did the muscle test I was pretty shocked. It brought home a lot of things that I was already worried about. I definitely feel safer now. And more balanced. It's a load off my mind! 

Jenny, London

I was worried about my newborn child. You get the feeling that you're bringing a child into a world of phones and wifi and all sorts of radiation which weren't there when I was growing up. So I needed to know that I was doing something to protect me, which also protects her and the environment she is growing up in. 

Marina, Italy

Even though I'd known about the dangers of radiation for some time, I didn't know how to tell whether a product works or not. Now I do and I'm happy that I'm doing the best I can - because the levels of smog are off the charts. 

David, Singapore
Omnia Customers

The Omnia Mission

3 Goals

The Omnia mission is to do three things:

  • we seek to educate people about what radiation truly is, how it affects us and how we can bring balance to our lives when faced with exposure levels of epic proportions.
  • we offer to you the best possible solution, the Omnia Radiation Balancer.
  • we demonstrate how we know it works – on paper and in reality.

We do not lay blame on anyone for creating this situation. Humanity, in its inexorable drive for progress and improved experiences, has manifested this environment of non-stop data connectivity because we wanted to experience it and that is why we co-created it.

By the same token, we are collectively able to manifest a solution to the consequences of these radiation fields.

We love being connected to our data sources. But we want to keep your body safe.

We hold space for the consideration of future options for safely transporting information (data) such that it will not bring harm to our body or the environment, as this will bring balance to our modern day lives.

The ORB solution responds to the fundamental understanding of the challenge by re-balancing any wave field (radiation) that you connect with, which you are not happy (in resonance) with, and to return it to a natural, harmonious flow.

This means that where radiation is present, then we will meet that imbalanced ‘circular motion’ that it represents and restore equilibrium of movement so that it can no longer pose a threat to your body. 

So now you want to know how it works, right? Click here.

Or do you just want to bring balance back to your life?  Protect my devices 

3 Tests to Prove the ORB Works

The Omnia Solution

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Fits Any Device

  • Mobile Phone
  • Laptop
  • Desktop Computer
  • Wi-fi Router
  • Microwave Oven
  • Even your Fridge!

Known to Reduce

  • Electromagnetic Imbalance in your Body
  • DNA damage
  • Cellular ‘agitation’ and distress
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches

Known to Improve

  • Blood Circulation
  • Immune System function
  • Energy levels
  • Sleep Quality
  • Mental faculties (concentration, memory)

Some undeniable facts

Waiting for high levels of scientific and clinical proof before taking action to prevent well-known risks can lead to very high health and economic costs, as was the case with asbestos, leaded petrol and tobacco. 

The European Commission

..double-stranded DNA breaks, creation of reactive oxygen species, immune dysfunction, stress protein synthesis in the brain, altered brain development, sleep and memory disturbances, and increased brain tumors.

These effects have occurred at wireless radiation exposure levels hundreds of times lower than presently legal international limits.

The Environmental Health Trust

The electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as "possibly carcinogenic to humans".

World Health Organisation

A plethora of health and medical organisations agree that more research is required into the effects of phone radiation on cancer growth.

National Cancer Institute of America

The average person spends over five hours a day on their phone.

PLOS Research

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Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis

We took three samples of blood and analysed them - one clean sample, one after watching a video on a mobile phone for 20 minutes and one immediately after, with the Omnia Radiation Balancer applied to the phone. The observations we made will surprise you.

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Muscle Test

Muscle Test

Muscle Testing is used by Kinesiologists to see how the body responds to a 'stressor', which can be any substance or environmental presence. Here we do some muscle testing with a mobile phone. There are no tricks here. We have done hundreds of tests like this and not one person has 'passed'.

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Water Structure

Water Structure

We are at least 70% water. And water absorbs radiation, which affects its geometric structure, which affects us. The results from Dr Emoto's Hado Life Institute prove that an irradiated sample of water regains its crystalline structure when the ORB is applied to the radiating device.

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Aura (Energy) Photography

Aura (Energy) Photography

Kirlian Photography can be used to show the invisible energy field around the human body. We can use this graphic depiction to show what happens when you have no mobile phone and what happens when you apply the Omnia Radiation Balancer.

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When radiation is imbalanced it has a harmful impact on the human body.

We may have to wait a long time before we see the results of a definitive, peer-reviewed clinical trial that proves firstly the extent of the problem and secondly that a given solution works. This is because we are talking about an invisible mechanism of interaction, which mainstream Science hasn't yet found an approved means of measuring.

While we wait, we are all consuming massive doses of microwave radiation.

You will see in our 'Understanding Radiation' section that SAR ('Specific Absorption Rate') and the 'non-ionising' reasoning are deeply flawed, so we all need something better than this to give us at least an indication of what is really happening.

The results we share above are real tests with real results. This is evidence of what EMF is doing to us every day. We invite you to draw your own conclusions.

Are you happy to take the risk of doing nothing?

Give your body some love today - apply the patches to your radiating devices and bring the balance back.