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Charge, Discharge and the Ether: Is Terrence Howard Right?

Charge, Discharge and the Ether: Is Terrence Howard Right?

Let's take a deep dive into Walter Russell's scientific principles of 'charge', 'discharge', and the ether via a surprising source, whose new theories have just exploded on social media. 

Have you heard of Terrence Howard? His appearance on the Joe Rogan show recently has caused quite a stir in the world of science. 

Basically, he's thrown a cat amongst the pigeons and put the noses of many 'mainstream' scientists out of joint. Which for us at Omnia is a very healthy thing! 

Terrence's cause is not helped by the fact that he's a former Hollywood actor, having starred in X-Men and other blockbuster movies. This is not the mould from which a scientific genius emerges, which is why other intellectuals have found it easy to take him down. 

However, he is the author of many patents covering technology such as AI and innovative flying machines which show that there is substance - and real-world proof - behind his claims. 

Just as there is real-world proof that the Omnia Radiation Balancer products can harmonize electromagnetic field radiation. 

The world of physics has been blown wide open by his proclamations, which lean heavily on the science of Walter Russell. Russell's knowledge is also the basis for Omnia's products, because the inventor of our product (Ilija Lakicevic) is one of the world's top experts in his science and he has written papers that explore the truth about what radiation fields are, and this is what he used to explain the difference between the Sun's radiation and man-made electromagnetic field radiation (EMF).

'EMF' radiation is the wireless energy that comes into our phones, laptops, or any 'smart' device and we can show that it vibrates in a different way to the Sun, and this knowledge allows us to correct the problem and bring all man-made EMF to harmony and balance. 

Howard makes many bold claims in terms of his mathematics and his understanding of hydrogen as the binding element of all life forms. He has drawn out its shape, using the model of the Flower of Life as the basic principle of creation. Knowing this allows him to devise technology solutions whereby he develops devices such as the Lynchpin, which is a flying craft that can change direction around its own centre of mass. It works because it uses the true constructs in nature to achieve this new phenomena of movement.  

There is one area that we are in agreement on which is his explanation of charge, discharge, the ether and most importantly, the significance of balance within all atoms. 

Omnia founder Tim Sandars has done an appraisal of this area of science which can bring a great understanding to our reality. 

Now, there are too many things that Terrence said that we might not 100% agree with (although we would fight for his right to speak his truth), and we will cover some of these things in future episodes on Omnia Balance social media channels. For example, we will be shedding some light on the truth about the phenomena of the 3, 6 and 9. 

As usual, let us know your thoughts about this topic and whether you feel that this episode on the Joe Rogan show opens up new horizons in science. 


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