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Deca Energy: Dawn Of a New Age Of Balance, Consciousness & Abundance

Deca Energy: Dawn Of a New Age Of Balance, Consciousness & Abundance

‚ÄúHumankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.‚ÄĚ

‚Äē Chief Seattle

Over the course of humankind’s history, we’ve seen it all: Prosperity, peace, violence, turbulence, poverty - they’ve come and gone in waves. As a species, we have lived through a roller-coaster of paradigm-shifting events: kingdoms, colonization, wars for resources, industrialization, and now, the digital age. 

And while our existing societal values and beliefs had helped us maintain a well-functioning society so far, we are now standing at the precipice of a new era - one that requires a fresh mindset and a more holistic perspective. 

The world is now more connected than ever before, and age-old stereotypes, prejudices, and myths are now beginning to be challenged by new generations. And this, according to Professor Ilija Lakicevic (inventor of the ORB), is a sign of the dawn of Deca Energy. 

But, what exactly is Deca Energy, and how is it a symbol of a new age for our planet? Here is our explanation: 

The Old Way: Fear, Scarcity & Duality 

Over the past centuries or even millennia, humans have been living with a sense of scarcity and fear hard-coded into our beings. The scarcity of food, water, limited resources, and prevalence of diseases led to constant violence and oppression between different groups to gain control over these resources. And while the discovery of non-renewable energy like fossil fuels, wood, and coal led to rapid industrial progress and material prosperity, it has led us to drain our planet’s finite natural resources at a shockingly rapid rate. 

This alarming deforestation and hoarding of wealth, coupled with an utter disregard for the life of our fellow birds, animals, and trees have made us retreat from our natural origins and broken off our sacred connection with all life on this planet and the cosmos itself. And the current climate change crisis is a testimony to this severed connection. 

At the same time, deeply-held prejudices have created false divisions among the human family on the basis of gender, nationality, faith, race, and other such artificial lines. We all bleed the same, we all love the same - then why are we not taught that all humans are part of one big family? 

At this point, we’re sure you can sense the need for a transformed way of thinking and living. To truly honor life’s sacred origins and oneness with the universe, we need a paradigm shift in our belief systems. 

From The Olden to Golden: The Age of Deca Energy

So, what can we do to break away from the chains of our old belief systems? This is where the beauty of Deca Energy comes in.



Dr Lakicevic discovered this new unit of energy in 2007. It comes into our atmosphere and collects in natural spaces like mountains. The reason he calls it 'Deca' energy is because its shape is that of a dodecahedron, with 12 cones of spinning light inside. These split into 6 pairs which exchange energy back and forth across the centred zero point at the core. 

The difference with this unit of energy, compared to the 'old way' is that it is organic, abundant (because the energy in the structure never stops spinning) and it responds to conscious human intent. This means that we can actually learn how to programme it with our mental powers to perform everyday functions. This is what Laki has been practising for decades until he found the way to programme the Deca energy to bring all microwave radiation (MWR) fields to 'balance and centredness', thus creating a vibrational 'match' between the energy in the MWR field and the spin of energy in the human body.  

A symbol of oneness, Deca Energy is an energy source that will respond to our infinite potential for creativity, love, balance, and peace. This is the time for radical love and healing that does away with the prejudice, restrictiveness, and animosities of the past. 

Just like everything else in the universe, all life on Earth has come forth from a cosmic source and the key to realizing our true potential is to honor our cosmic connectedness and the inherent dignity of every living being.

Unlike the restrictive and fear-based mindset of the old ways, Deca Energy is abundance for all. It is a limitless form of energy, material comfort, as well as an abundance of peace and love between all life on our planet.

Instead of extracting exhaustible resources from the Earth and being enslaved to the energy grid, we must focus on limitless and renewable sources of energy that not only enable us to live in prosperity but also honor the fragile and interconnected web of life that we are all strands of. 

ORB & Deca Energy

The foundation of Omnia’s science and philosophy is this very interconnectedness of all matter. The atoms and cells within our bodies are all vibrating torus fields of electric current, just like everything that surrounds us.

Any discrepancy in the vibrational energy of our personal fields and that of our environment can create an imbalance - something that is becoming more of a concern as we ramp up the level of electrical fields we are exposed to. 

This is why it is important to ensure that our individual vibrational balance is in harmony with that of our surroundings as well as our fellow humans. 

Because Deca Energy is an energy based in the abundance of peace and love, it is a stable and balanced form of energy. Deca Energy allows us to create a product that brings man-made radiation fields into resonance and harmony with your body.

Only when we elevate our mindset from one of restriction, suspicion, and fear to one of abundance, balance, and peace - will we progress as a race to thrive and evolve - and tap into our limitless capacity to love, express, and create. 

The 'old way' of generating energy, then extracting it and repeatedly paying for the privilege of using it up can be replaced by a 'new way' of asking Deca energy to serve us. When this step change in our consciousness occurs, we may be able to return to a greater harmony with the Earth.

Inside The Understanding Energy Series

We started off with a¬†new definition of an atom. We simply explained the findings of Professor Ilija Lakicevic that an atom is a spinning ring of light (or electricity) that spins around a magnetic center point. This still point is called the ‚Äúzero point.‚ÄĚ

The second part of our series was dedicated to the two phases of motion of an atom, how atoms and cells work together, the law of resonance.

In the third part of the series, we told you about an important discovery of Dr. Laki - the atom’s consciousness, the importance of balance in an atom, and the effect that dissonance has on the vibration of an atom (and thus the vibration of our bodies).

Here, you learned about Deca Energy, an energy source that will respond to our infinite potential for creativity, love, balance, and peace.

Up next, we suggest diving into exactly how the ORB works to help you step into your new resonance.

Learn How the ORB Works

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David SEREDA calendar_today

Where are the diagrams that show where to place the stickers on your phone and laptop and everywhere else?
Come on guys we have no visual anywhere as far as I can find

David SEREDA calendar_today

So you’re telling me there’s no Tech in this at all that’s very disappointing

Don Brittin calendar_today

Dr. Laki Thank you for bringing your findings forward to share with all of us. ‚ÄúI think therefore I AM‚ÄĚ. I find an interesting connection between your discovery of how atoms flow through a center point of stillness and another work with vortex mathematics. The vortex math shows a doubling sequence that draws a path around a circle that, in my opinion, looks much like an infinity symbol but flows outside of the center point. I believe the vortex math shows the possible path of electrons around the aton and provides a blueprint for a future possibility for extraction of energy from within the aton, your reffered to ‚Äútap‚ÄĚ. I think if you combine the principles of ‚Äúvortex math‚ÄĚ and your ideas of how energy works, I believe you may find a very interesting connection. Thank you for bridging the gap between science and religon, for where science and religon meet may we find the TRUTH!

Mahani Alkaff calendar_today

Love this!!¬Ī Eager to explore and discover more!

Pelagia Savvoulidou calendar_today

since i‚Äôm Greek i know that deka means ten. But when you refer to dodekahedron you are talking about something that has 12 sides. So i believe that you should call this energy ‚ÄúDodeka‚ÄĚ (12) not Deka" (10)
Thank you
Pelagia Savvoulidou

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