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The True Concept of the Atom

Omnia’s technology is based on the science of Professor Ilija Lakicevic (known as ‘Laki’).

Laki is a physicist, and has been a research professor since 1995. In 2000, he left the Max Planck Institute of Physics to follow his own research which was guided by his intuition that many of the core concepts in science were incorrect. He published the first part of his life's work in the International Journal of Science and Research. It’s called, ”Aton” True Cell, Atom and Particle Concept.

This article turns particle physics and mainstream science on its head. It redefines how every atom behaves in the electric universe and it gives us a new understanding of matter by explaining our reality in terms of ‘energy, frequency and vibration’

 Laki’s paper also introduces us to the presence of the ‘Zero Point’ at the centre of each atomic wavefield, the point of all potential from which divine intelligence or ‘spirit’ emanates in our world.

In this article we’re going to redefine a single atom for you as a:

  • a field of light (shaped like a torus) that spins around this still magnetic point 
  • a still magnetic point at the heart of the atomic field (the ‘Zero Point’). 

Nikola Tesla once said that ‘Everything is Light’. And this notion is echoed in our science which shows that every atom is a field of light which is compressing itself into matter as a light ring. 

An Atom is Really A Ring of Light Spinning Around a Center Point

We all know the classic image of an atom. The tiny, negatively charged electrons spin around a positively charged nucleus made of protons and neutrons. 

atom model

In Laki’s paper, he details the experiments that demonstrate that an atom follows different characteristics. This news makes the model above redundant.

He noticed a shape that repeated itself over and over again. This shape is called the torus field - which is the same shape as  a donut. Like in the older model, this shape DOES spin, and there is a magnetic element, but there are no electrons spinning around a positive nucleus. 

Laki noticed that the atom is actually light in the shape of a torus, spinning around a still center point. When we say “light,” this can also be understood as “electric current.” 

This is of course, is just one atom. Look around you. Everything you see, all matter is made up of trillions of atoms interacting with each other. You know what this means, right? We are all made of light! We are beings of energy, vibration and frequency!

This magnetic still point at the center of the atom is called the Zero Point.

Once he was able to identify the spinning light ring, Laki went on to define the center point and the usefulness of the centerpoint. He surmised that even though the center point of the torus field appeared to be “empty,” the field of light that is spinning around it borrows the energy to spin from the Zero Point. 

All outcomes that are possible to be expressed in the form of atoms are derived from the centered Zero Point. However there are rules that govern life, which come in the form of Sacred Geometry or biological reproduction, just to give two simple examples. Laki also refers to this as the ‘mind point’ because it is the source of all the rules, of all the divine intelligence that governs life on this planet.

Atoms, the Zero Point Field, and Matter

Professor Laki takes it even a step further. It takes a lot of atoms and energy to make matter. This is where the Zero Point Field comes in.

To form what you see (and much of what you don’t see) around you, Zero Points are connected to each other magnetically. All of these connected points form the Zero Point Field. This is the only magnetic field that exists.

The Zero Point Field is the field of potential from which all life springs. Laki also refers to this as the ‘Creator’ field or the ‘God’ field, if you are spiritually minded. Laki concluded that science must be spiritual because nothing has ever created itself out of thin air.

If you have questions about this please send us an email to! We’re happy to help!

Inside The Understanding Energy Series

Here, we’re started off with a new definition of an atom. We simply explained the findings of Professor Ilija Lakicevic that an atom is a spinning ring of light (or electricity) that spins around a magnetic center point. This still point is called the “zero point.”

On the next page, Energy, Frequency, and Vibration you will learn about the two phases of motion of an atom, how atoms and cells work together, the law of resonance.

The third part of our series is dedicated to a final important discovery of Dr. Laki - the atom’s consciousness, the importance of balance in an atom, and the effect that dissonance has on the vibration of an atom (and thus the vibration of our bodies).

The last part of our understanding energy series is about Deca Energy, an energy source that will respond to our infinite potential for creativity, love, balance, and peace.

Step 2: Energy, Frequency, and Vibration


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