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EMF Protection: Reducing Exposure to 5G & Other Wireless Radiation

5G is one of the hottest topics right now with a major debate as to the health implications of the current worldwide rollout of the technology. 

We don’t know exactly what the effects of 5G will be on our bodies, but we do know that 5G devices such as cell phones and WiFi produce higher rates of radiation than we have been regularly exposed to ever before.

As the studies continue to flood in, we’re keeping our ears to the ground, so we can share the best ways to keep your personal energy field in balance.

In the meantime, if this is something you’re feeling concern about, remember that one of the most important things to consider about reducing your exposure to EMFs, especially reducing 5G exposure, is proximity! 

Here are 12 ways to reduce your exposure.

12 Steps to Reducing 5G Radiation Exposure from Devices

Follow these 11 steps to reduce the microwave radiation that you’re exposed to.

1 - Safeguard your Sleep Zone from Radio Frequency Radiation

Sort your bedroom out and get into a sleep routine where you turn devices off an hour before sleeping and a few minutes after waking, to reduce the stimulus.

Get a basic alarm clock and turn your phone off at night. The blue light on your phone reduces your melatonin secretion, which is the most powerful antioxidant in your body’s night-time detox process that helps with the “reduction of radiation toxicity in healthy tissue” (Biophys Review)

Find the electrical circuit breaker that controls the electrical outlets in your kid’s bedroom and turn that off at night to reduce the majority of exposure for your kiddo.

2 - Turn Your Devices Off

Your body will always recharge itself but in order to achieve balance, it has to be given a rest. 

The best way to rest is to turn your devices off whenever you can. Turn off your phone, your laptop, and your router at least. Some of the best times would be during in-person meetings, when you’re on a walk, when you’re sleeping, in the car or on the train.

3 - Activate Airplane Mode

Whatever connection you are not using, turn it off. Choose bluetooth, wifi, or data - not all three.  You only need one means of connection at a time!

Additionally, switch to airplane mode whenever you can!

4 - Move it Away! 

Move your phone or laptop away from your body whenever possible. The intensity of radiation becomes weaker as it spreads out from the source so even a small distance of separation will greatly reduce the absorption. (Chicago Tribune)

Move your phone or laptop away from you on your desk, in a meeting, at the dinner table, and when you’re having your coffee date.

5 - Hardwire (‘ethernet’) Cables to Decrease Airborne 5G Radiation

Airborne radiation is the main offender in terms of imbalance EMF radiation. This is dramatically reduced when you use a cable for your connectivity.

Hardwire as many devices as you can in your home. Most notably, this is your desktop computer, laptop, and printer. 

6 - Unplug Your Devices

When you have 100% battery, why keep charging?

Aside from wasting energy, charging a full battery increases the electricity and radio frequency you’re exposed to.

7 - Switch Off the ‘Polling’ Apps 

Some apps are always asking for data (‘polling’) in the background. These are the weather apps, maps, and email. Switch them off or set up your phone so that it doesn’t run apps in the background.

Every time your phone requests data to update those apps, the volume of radiofrequency spikes in your phone.

8 - Airtube headsets help for EMFs

These headsets transform the electrical signal into a vibration so that you don’t ‘mainline’ the EMF into your ear. 
For the avoidance of doubt: Bluetooth and wired speakers that are not ‘protected’ or ‘harmonized’ will send the microwave frequencies straight towards your brain. 

9 - Use speaker mode on your phone

Place the phone away from your body and put the speakerphone on.

Because the phone is away from your body, it isn’t close to your brain. (see proximity in #4)

10 - Go Earthing

Grounding, or connecting to the Earth, is one of the most powerful practices we can use to remain centered in life because the Earth is a living being that supports all life. It vibrates at a frequency that balances our energies and helps us to maintain our health. 

Earthing can reduce stress levels and uplift the spirit. It has also been shown to help reduce inflammation, chronic pain, and better sleep. To connect with the energies of our planet, simply walk barefoot on bare ground - make sure you're doing it without your devices.

11 - Find out where the Wi-Fi router is at work and stay away

Most of us spend a large part of the week at an office for work.

Find the routers around your space and if you find that your desk is near the wifi router, ask to move away from it.

If it isn’t possible for you to move your desk, find a way to move the router farther away from you!

12 - Research EMF products that work 

The best way to deal with radiation is to understand exactly what it is, how it behaves, and how to re-tune it so that it does not vibrationally upset the rhythm of the human body.

Be sure that you can validate that the product works in a simple way, through seeing testing results that you understand.

Low radiation routers which claim to reduce EMF without affecting the signal are a good option and the Omnia Radiation Balancer is another great option. 

The ORB has shown in tests to balance the blood, strengthens the muscular system (kinesiology) and it structures water (the ORB is certified by the Hado Institute)!

How to Audit your Life for Microwave Radiation and EMF

Answer these four questions about your lifestyle and your EMF exposure.

  1. How many screens do you have in your house/ office/ car? 
  2. What level of exposure, proximity, and volume do you incur on each one?
  3. Do you have Internet of Things connected devices, like a bluetooth toothbrush? 
  4. What changes can you make? Like hardwiring your HiFi speakers? 

Make your list for each member of your family. This will let you to understand your exposure and make changes to your habits so that you can reduce EMF exposure in your day to day life.

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