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Everything You Need to Know About 5G

Everything You Need to Know About 5G

...but were afraid to ask!

5G is now Live on the Streets of London.
As you can see from this video, a 5G signal is now being accepted on a 5G-capable handset. We went to measure the jump in Radio Frequency when you download a video via the 5G network.  When the phone is turned off ‘airplane’ mode, we see there are major spikes in the radiation levels. 

So why does it matter if 5G is out there?

This article is going to cover some major talking points:
  • What is 5G? 
  • The huge increase in number of cell towers on our streets. Hundreds of thousands in London alone.
  • A dramatic step up in Radiofrequency Radiation exposure: from today's 2.6Ghz up to 60Ghz, increases of between 900% - 2,300%.
  • Controversy over the neglect of Safety Standards – as admitted by the phone industry and the WHO.
  • Initiatives that hand human sovereignty over to machines (driverless cars, robot authorities, digital currencies, AI).  

What is 5G?

5G stands for ‘5th Generation’ of mobile wireless data provision technology. Although it is known as a new network with new technology that will be a huge step up from 4G, the first phase will include a densification of all low frequency networks – which comprises a lot more 3G and 4G.
Rapid download speeds are promised via 5G, and with this comes the expectation of improved efficiencies and improved standards of service and of course, improved quality of life.
If you look at the Electromagnetic Spectrum, you will see where we are going from 4th Generation (4G) to 5G.
The Electromagnetic spectrum showing increase in frequency from 4G to 5G
Look at the bottom of the graph. The key thing to notice here is that as the Frequency of the wave increases, the wavelength decreases. So as Hertz increase to GigaHertz, the length of the wave decreases from kilometres down to millimetres.
5G is therefore supposed to be able to carry more information in bigger packets of high energy which come in bursts over the shorter, millimetre wavelengths.
However, the grave limitation is that this wavelength can’t carry this data very far.
5G phone settings select 5G signal
5G is also being used as a seductive marketing ploy, which one technology news channel described this as ‘A Giant Pile Of Lobbyist Nonsense’. 

The Race to 5G

Initially the idea of the ‘Race to 5G’ was invented by the Telcos to drum up excitement about the new infrastructure project. In reality, the first phase all they were doing was putting in more 4G capacity. 
5G is going to be covering a huge spectrum of frequencies: it will densify the lower end frequency ranges from 600Mhz (very low frequency) and at the top end it will introduce new bandwidths right up to 60Ghz (extremely high frequency).
Data requests are going to be routed on this complex new network according to the service required (are you downloading video, voice or text?) and the level of service availability in your area.
In order to receive the benefits of the 5G network, you are advised to have a 5G-capable phone. 
The Race to 5G is a marketing ploy
An example of the media hype around the 'Race to 5G'. 

The Big Jump: from 2.6Ghz to 60Ghz?

First of all let's explain the one 'Hertz' is one cycle of electric current per second. 
Moving upwards from the kilohertz (1000 hertz), to megahertz (1 million hertz), into the Gigahertz (1,000,000,000 Hz) range you have current that is oscillating at super-fast speeds. 
As a benchmark, bear in mind that the celltowers that provide 4G have a cut off point of 2.6 Ghz in terms of speed. This represents the limit of the frequency band that can be used to broadcast our wireless data. 4G has a greater ‘range’ because the waves are longer, so the data can travel further (many miles, in fact). This also means that we don’t have to place very many celltowers per city.
With 5G, there is scope to take that frequency band from 2.6Ghz up to 24Ghz, and then all the way up to 60Ghz in the final phase.
In terms of the intensity of the microwave radiation fields that we will be subjected to, that is a potential increase of between 900% and 2300 %.

Whichever way you look at it, this is a significant leap in the electrification of our environment.

The higher the frequency, the shorter the wave field and the more intense it becomes.
Anything over 30Ghz is considered a ‘millimetre wave’ because the wavelengths are between 1-10mm). This means they travel fast and they can carry a lot of data. It also means they don’t travel far – the energy moves in short high energy bursts at a low range.
Millimetre waves produced by 30Ghz 5G towers may not be able to travel much further than 200m.
The main appeal of 5G is that it can carry larger amounts of data quickly. At least, on paper it can. However, reports from the USA suggest that the promised performance levels are currently not being proven in live tests.
All because the world needs to be able to download a movie within 3 seconds! 
The EU states the benefits and uses of 5GSource: the EU

Why is 5G happening?

In short, 5G is happening because human behaviour and corporate ambition pushed for it. There is a great deal of opportunism created by advances in systemising our lives. These opportunities to create gadgets and services over the technical infrastructure have been opened up by the advent of 5G, creating profit centres for everyone from big tech to hardware companies.
These days it seems that we innovate not only based on a rationale for improving our lives but also based on another slightly less healthy driver: ‘how far can we take this?’.  This means: the internet of things, driverless cars, the rise of robotics, microchips linked to digital payments, and the inexorable dominance of Artificial Intelligence that record every move in our lives move so fast that soon our every move will be run and assessed by high speed technology systems.
Our concern is that when man succumbs to the alluring instinct of ‘progress for the sake of progress’, it is often to the detriment of living in harmony with our planet and it becomes at odds with our position in Nature.  
5G introduces robot systems which give away human control to AI

The Three Core Initiatives of 5G

We have compressed the 5G rollout into what we see as three implementation goals, which will no doubt overlap.



Radiation Implications

Soft Launch

(more 4G) and Satellite Launches

2018 - 2021

Densification of 4G and 3G networks (‘more 4G’).

Significant increase in speed from 4G @ 2.6Ghz to 5G @ between 3 - 5Ghz.

An increase of up to 100% (2.6Ghz to c. 5Ghz).

Readings on an EMF meter of between 20microwatts per square metre (mw/m2) and 400 mw/m2.

Internet of Things

2018 - 2025

The Internet of Things – an explosion of connected, wireless devices passing data back and forth in the home.

Toasters, kettles, fridges, ovens, heating systems, cooling systems, front door locks, cars and of course TV sets that talk to the in-house network.

Driverless cars, robots to replace human tasks, digital currencies to replace cash.

65 Billion devices expected by 2025. Inescapable step change in the Electrification of the home, the office, the car and every other mode of transport.

Wireless communication between all devices in the home and the network.

Surveillance tools that log every activity.

It is said that there are even microchips to be placed in the human body to allow changes in body activity to trigger events.

Massive Small Cell Architecture


‘Small Cell’ Towers Every 200m down every road

‘Scanners’ allegedly contained within streetlights

Significant step change up to frequency bands of up to 24Ghz, possibly up to 60Ghz.

This represents an increase of between 900% and 2,200% compared to the intensity of the wave fields of 4G.

How will 5G Impact our Daily Lives?

Receiving a 5G signal on a phone is just the first baby step of the gigantic Telecoms network project that will be rolled out over the next 5 years and more. 
First and foremost, it will introduce a vast architecture of celltowers above our heads, beaming higher and higher levels of radiofrequency radiation at us 24/7. There are plans to include these celltowers in covert places such as street lights, trash cans or even the odd cactus. Yes, really.
5G tower disguised as a Cactus
Because the range of the small cells is only 400 metres or so, the combination of essential facilities (streetlights) to incorporate the new 5G network is a convenient play. It also inseparably links the two functions in one box as ‘essential’ and indispensable. 
Consider this: London is approximately 1600 kilometres squared in size. If we generously imagine that a small cell tower emitting short range, high intensity wave fields has a range of 500metres, then we can calculate how many of these celltowers would have to be implemented in London if our data were served via 5G towers alone.
It comes up to over 10 million. Over 10 million small 5G cell towers would be required to comprehensively cover the whole of London. 
This, of course, is a facetious (and not terribly accurate) depiction of the potential scale of the rollout. However it is worth knowing that there are also plans to launch satellites to assist this data provision from the sky. What will this look like? What if we can no longer see the stars because of this obscurement?

5G Ready Handsets

Even though most of the world isn't currently able to connect to 5G, the wireless industry is stepping up their game and getting ready for the global launch.

Both Apple and Android have already released 5G-ready handsets.

The iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro held a launch party in Singapore on October 23rd 2020. The apple brand posted photos of masked employees and customers with smiling eyes, holding their new iPhone 12s with 5G!

The plan is for the new iPhones to hit stores before the end of the month, and online ordering (and fast, contactless delivery) has already begun for this roll out.

The Real Consumer Question: Does 5G even perform well? 

So far, the reports have not been at all flattering. The Washington Post severely criticised 5G speeds, stating: "5G may hold promise for the years ahead — but across most of America in 2020, a 5G phone does diddly squat. Testing 5G phones, I’ve been clocking download speeds that are roughly the same as on 4G LTE ones. And in some places, like inside my house and along the California highway, my 5G phones actually have been slower."
A recent article in Computer World was also heavily critical of the new network, adding that signals would drop in a car because of limited coverage and also that 5G has limited ‘permeability’.
It seems that 5G signals can be blocked by trees, by some types of concrete and even by glass. There are reports of buildings having to be adapted to accept the 5G signal.

There have even been cases of streets having all their trees culled to allow the 5G signals to pervade. This returns us to the notion of balance between man and nature. There are few clearer indications that man-made electrical currents are at odds with the naturally occurring electrical currents of nature – so much so that we have to kill off a tree to allow for our microwave radiation fields.

(street in Bristol,UK where trees were all cut down). 
Is the relentless pursuit of 5G an emblem of humanity losing sight of any collective humility with regards to our relationship with Mother Earth?

Why are people Criticising the 5G Rollout?

Critics of the rollout of 5G cite three major reasons why this is such a big issue:
  1. 5G will tip humanity’s energy consumption into overdrive.  

    Making a market for an estimated 65 billion ‘Internet of Things’ devices driven by a celltower placement every 200 metres down every main street flies in the face of any well-meaning ‘green’ initiative to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint. Not to mention the skies being blackened by thousands of 5G satellites. 

  2. The peer-reviewed science that claims that non-thermal, non-ionising radiation can cause harm is being ignored by the phone industry, governments and international institutions.

    Some groups of esteemed biologists are putting up fierce resistance to the rollout of 5G, on the grounds that they believe that all wireless radiation causes harmful biological effects. They campaign for the technology to be proven safe before it is rolled out: 

    The Environmental Health Trust, which is suing the Federal Communications Commission for ignoring certain health studies. 

    The 5G Appeal: an appeal endorsed by over 390 scientists and doctors requesting that the EU holds a MORATORIUM on 5G Deployment, to give these scientists a chance to evaluate its potential negative consequences. Their request has still not been acknowledged by the EU. The scientists conclude that conflicts of interest and ties to the Telecoms industry seem to have contributed to the biased reports referenced by the approving authorities and that this places whole populations at risk. They describe the stance held by the industry and the EU as ‘scientific misconduct’. 

  3. There has been no thorough Safety Testing done on the 5G network. 

    It was Senator Blumenthal that elicited this remarkable response from the Telecoms industry during a Senate hearing which is covered in the video below. This is a must-watch for anyone who is struggling to come to terms with the idea that it would be impossible for 'them' to rollout such a massive project without doing any health and safety analysis. 

    His summary may be the warning bell of our times: 

    “So really we are just flying blind here. In terms of the Safety Standards”. 
    (Senator Blumenthal, 2019). 

What is the WHO saying about 5G?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has made some contentious statements about 5G.
First of all, the WHO states that it is not going to produce a report on the safety of 5G until 2022. We would not expect safety testing of a car to happen after three years of it being on the road. The 5G rollout is in full swing, however we are only going to see a safety report until we are truly at a point of no return.  
Secondly, the WHO remain resolute that there are ‘no adverse health effect has been causally linked with exposure to wireless technologies’. This is from the same organisation that listed phone radiation as a ‘possible carcinogen’ in 2011 and now maintains that it is impossible for phones to heat tissues to such an extent as to do damage.
The WHO also admits that ‘so far, only a few studies have been carried out at the frequencies to be used by 5G’. This echoes the sentiment expressed at Senator Blumenthal’s enquiry, although he was told that instead of a ‘few’, the number was ‘zero’. Zero dollars has been spent on assuring the health and safety of the multi-trillion dollar 5G network. Let that sink in.

5G and the Permeability of the Skin

There is a lot of concern in the alternative medicine sector about the biological effects that can be caused by 5G and some of this has to do with the ability of these higher range of frequencies permeating the skin. This paper from 2018, advises us to take precaution based on early findings about how the skin reacts. 
“The presence of the sweat duct led to a high specific absorption rate (SAR) of the skin in extremely high frequency band. In this paper, we summarize the physical evidence for this phenomenon and consider its implication for the future exploitation of the electromagnetic spectrum by wireless communication. Starting from July 2016 the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted new rules for wireless broadband operations above 24 GHz (5 G). This trend of exploitation is predicted to expand to higher frequencies in the sub-THz region. One must consider the implications of human immersion in the electromagnetic noise, caused by devices working at the very same frequencies as those, to which the sweat duct (as a helical antenna) is most attuned. We are raising a warning flag against the unrestricted use of sub-THz technologies for communication, before the possible consequences for public health are explored.”
The principle cause for concern here revolves around what is known as ‘sympathetic resonance’.
The human body is a big electrical field of energy. The heart is a big electrical pump, as you can see on an ECG. All our brain waves are electrical signals. As such we are programmed to respond electrically to everything we encounter.
If the human body radiates at the same frequency band as the microwave radiation field, it will start to resonate with that wave field. Then, not only is the wavefield amplified but also that the human energy field will adopt to the rhythm and balance of the radiation field.  
Of course this is fine if the radiation is balanced, like the Sun, but if the man-made wave field is uncentered and imbalanced, then there is a risk that these imbalanced vibrational characteristics will be picked up by the human body, through the skin. 

How to Harmonise 5G fields

This is a complex but super-important topic. You can see our video which explains this phenomena from the perspective of the scientific discoveries of the inventor of the Omnia Radiation Balancer. His new methods give us a way to harmonise 5G fields. 


5G is a vast IT infrastructure project that will be impossible to avoid or rollback.
It is now live on the streets in its first iteration and it’s going ahead no matter what. Humanity collectively has demanded and initiated this rollout at breakneck speed.
There are promises being made about the speed, and assumptions about the efficacy of the service and the safety of the infrastructure, for which we don’t yet have satisfactory proof. 
There are no promises being made about the safety of the 5G network and there is no money being spent to assure our safety. 
The mass electrification of the planet for the sake of better download speeds is something that only a minority seems to be concerned about in terms of its impact on the electrical field of the human body and on the ecosystems of our Planet.  
This has caused a stand-off between a subset of highly concerned scientists and the authorities who govern safety and standards, which is unlikely to be resolved without legal action.
Omnia’s message is simple: all imbalanced wavefields can be brought back to balance, even 5G. Omnia is committed to bringing the effect of resonance and vibrational harmony back when any wireless radiation field (including 5G) and the human body connect. 
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