Structured Water Test

(Albert Gyorgyi)

The importance of water when understanding the impact of radiation on the human body (and consequently on all life forms), cannot be underestimated.

We are all aware that the human body is made up of over 70% water and obviously in the blood and in certain organs, the percentage is much higher:



It follows that if we can show that radiation imbalances water, then the human body will be imbalanced as well.

We know from the Law of Resonance that the human body will start to adopt the rhythm of imbalanced frequencies, in particular those of radiating microwave fields.  

As we have already established, any such imbalance absorbed in the cells will represent a stress to the human body. We are also aware that wellbeing is based on the balanced oscillations of the light rings in a cell which spiral around a centred Zero point as they go through the compression-expansion cycle (breathing in and out, creating and discharging). This is the essence of all life and balance is the key component during the life-death cycle. See full explanation.

Dr Masaru Emoto is the premier authority in the research into the Structure of Water, and the founder of the movement that recognises its importance not just in the health of the human body but in our natural environment and in our mental state too. 

Dr Emoto pioneered a technique called Water Crystal Photography, which can freeze water and examine its form and structure. He spent his life testing the effects of all sorts of variant influences to see how water responds to anything from the human voice (and emotions), to music (from heavy metal to classical) to prayers .

He also examined how different sources of water in the world (from glaciers, or still ponds) behave differently. Interestingly, the purest water carrying more 'life source', from a moving stream, waterfall or glacier, demonstrates a more hexagonal, balanced crystalline form than any stagnant water that you can find in a pond. So it follows that water can carry natural life energy. 

You can see how he pictured the responses of water to some of these influences tested by Dr Emoto here:


Everything in life vibrates, this is a fact. Dr Emoto believes that vibration travels through water. The hexagonal structure represents the “life force of mother nature”. According to his research, anything that is “in tune with Mother Nature manifests as a beautiful hexagonal structure. Anything that isn’t, doesn’t.”.

The absence of water crystals from a sample therefore mean “that the life forces in that area have been compromised energetically”.


We sent 3 samples to Dr Emoto's Hado Life Institute for testing. 

We did not specify what each sample contained.  Here are the results. 

Sample 3: Baseline

Sample 2: Water irradiated by contact with a phone:  

Sample 1: Water in contact with a phone which is balanced by the Omnia Radiation Balancer: 


The test procedure of the Omnia Radiation Balancer was carried out in three steps:

Sample 3 is a water sample is taken from the mountain where a high content of heavy metals lead and zinc has been documented and its crystal structure recorded by application of the WCP technique. The result is shown above, from which it is obvious that the chosen water itself was unbalanced.   

Sample 2, is an another sample of water from the same source which has been irradiated by the microwave radiation of a phone for just five minutes and its crystal structure recorded by application of the WCP technique. The result is shown in pictures above, from which it is obvious that the degree of imbalance in this case is much higher than in Sample 3, due to the influence of the imbalanced microwaves.

Sample 1, is a new sample of the water from the same source. We did the same test as Sample 2 and the only difference was that this time the Omnia Radiation Balancer was applied to the phone.

The result is shown in Sample 3 pictures above, from which it is obvious that, as a result of the successful centredness of the Zero Point to the water cells and the balance restored to the oscillations of light rings around the cells, the water has become balanced. This is reflected in its crystal structure, which is turned into hexagonal form (similar to that of a snow-flake).

This is the final and indisputable proof that the Omnia method of Conscious Nano Technology works excellently and that the Omnia Radiation Balancer patch is not only preventing all possible hazardous effects of the microwave radiation of the radiating devices, but also is bringing already unbalanced living cells back into perfect balance.

Simply apply one ORB patch to every device which radiates in your home and you will be making huge improvements to the quality of your life. 

The results of the structured water test are directly correlated to the results of the Live Blood Analysis, where blood became imbalanced and disfigured and then returned to a more balanced state.

By now you should be seeing a  theme developing across our test results which is that Omnia brings balance back to blood cells, to water, to your aura field and you body's physical strength.

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