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Evaluating ORB’s Effectiveness With Range Of Motion Testing

Evaluating ORB’s Effectiveness With Range Of Motion Testing

Any time you’ve bent down to pick up something or reached for the cereal box on the top shelf, you’ve automatically engaged several body parts to make it happen - all in the blink of an eye.

It’s all thanks to your body’s many joints - supported by your nervous system, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments - and the range of motion they allow for your day to day activities.

However, if we are not consciously taking care of it, our body’s range of motion can be affected by environmental factors and decrease over time. This is what makes range of motion testing or evaluation an important way to gauge our physical health and flexibility. 

Today, let’s find out how this evaluation is done, how it could potentially be affected by wireless radiation, as well as ways to preserve your range of motion. 

Range of Motion Testing for the ORB

What is Range Of Motion Testing?

A Range of Motion test, or a ROM test, measures the flexibility and movement around a joint of our body. It helps us understand whether the joints are able to extend and move in these three ways:

  • Passive: When the movements are done purely by the physical therapist, with no help from the subject.
  • Active: When the movements are performed purely by the subject without any help. 
  • Active Assistance: When the subjects perform the movements while being verbally guided by the therapist, or with the assistance of certain bands or straps.

The Importance Of Range Of Motion Testing

Range of motion (ROM) testing is an important indicator of your overall health. Having a full range of motion is important for a person to be able to take part in their daily activities and pursue their fitness regimen with ease. 

A lack of flexibility can not only hamper your everyday comfort and daily life but also make you more prone to injuries and joint-related diseases later in life. 

This is why a ROM test can make us aware in case there are any unaligned elements in our surroundings that are hampering our flexibility and movement. 

How Electrical Fields Drive Our Body Movements

Many of us suffer from the occasional muscle stiffness and joint aches - but how often have you paused to think about the deeper causes behind the pain? When you do, you realize that it all comes down to electrical impulses.

Every crucial function in our body involves electrical currents - from the beating of our heart to the movement of our muscles.

Yes! The key system that controls our muscle movements is our nervous system. Billions of nerve cells receive and send electrical messages from our brain to our muscles and vice versa, signalling them to contract or relax. 

This also means that our physical body’s electrical foundation - and in turn, our range of movement - could potentially be affected by other electrical fields surrounding us in our daily lives. 

Testing ORB’s Effectiveness With Range Of Motion Testing

We now know that if something in our surroundings hampers the harmonious electrical signalling between our nerve cells, then the communication between our muscles and the nervous system can break down - resulting in weak muscles or restricted muscle movement. 

This is why the ROM test is a reliable and insightful evaluation of how our bodies move and behave in the presence of wireless radiation, and how the ORB can preserve our range of motion.



We invited RMT Virginia Springer - an experienced registered massage therapist - to test the effects of the ORB on her client’s range of motion by performing a series of passive ROM tests. 

Stage 1: The test established a baseline reading by recording the degree of her client’s range of motion in the absence of a wireless device in the proximity - in this case, a laptop. 

Stage 2: Second, the client’s range of motion was recorded for the same movements while the laptop was placed onto her lap. 

Stage 3: Finally, the identical exercises and recording of ROM was performed with the ORB applied upon the laptop. 

The ORB Test Results At A Glance 



Radiation Exposure


With ORB


Vertical Arm Lift





Arm Back





Elbow Up





External Rotation





Internal Rotation






Implications of Wireless Radiation On Your Range of Motion and How ORB Helps

The results of all three stages revealed that being in the presence of a wireless device appeared to significantly restrict the client’s range of motion by locking her muscles and joints. 

Consequently, when the ORB was applied upon the laptop and the client’s range of motion was measured again, it revealed not only a full restoration of her range of motion but even an improvement from the baseline in one instance - indicating her body and nervous system realigning to her natural ability, once again!

Our research shows why this happens - the spin of the electrical current in our cells is different from the spin of the electric current in the wireless radiation field emitted by our wireless devices such as laptops as phones. And when these two electrical fields connect with each other, it results in an’ interference’ that can potentially create a dissonance in our bodies. 

However, when the ORB is applied to the wireless device that we are constantly in contact with, it brings a balance and centeredness to the radiation field such that its presence no longer impacts our bodies negatively - thus bringing our physical and mental state back into a state of coherence and harmony and restoring our range of motion. 

Final Thoughts

Reflecting upon the results of the ROM test has helped us gain a deeper understanding of the pervasive effect of wireless radiation on our body’s ability to move and stay flexible. Taking steps to realign our inner electrical and vibrational balance with that which is emitted by our wireless devices can go a long way in protecting and preserving not only our inner sense of well-being but our physical abilities as well.

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Sue calendar_today

I think this looks amazing!
I have EMR sensitivities and have noticed in the 6 months that I have been in my new home , swamped in WiFi radiation from neighbour and phone towers around me that my ROM head rotation has been very limited . This is just one of the symptoms, there are many!
Do you have stickers for modems? Because this is my main concern?

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