Muscle Testing the Omnia Radiation Balancer

As Nicola Tesla famously stated, "If you want to understand the mysteries of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration".

More than a hundred years later this statement still rings true.

We are vibrational beings, and our vibrational 'antenna' responds to both good influences, like walking barefoot on a beach, and influences that we are incoherent with, like breathing smog while sitting in traffic.

We rely on our senses to tell us when something is discordant with our natural vitality. However microwave radiation is not something we can see, hear and hardly anyone can feel it either.

All functions in the body depend on the nervous system transporting electromagnetic signals from one organ to another. A way to test how our nervous system, our ‘antenna,’ responds is by using ‘Muscle Testing’ or to give it its full name, ‘Applied Kinesiology’.

What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing makes use of the intelligence in our nervous system to tell us how the body reacts to a certain substance or even to a certain thought pattern. When you perform a muscle test, you are dialing into the operating system of the body, the same system which grows your fingernails, digests your food or takes air from your lungs into your blood.

Muscle Testing Done by Tim

Here is a basic muscle test done by Tim with the Omnia Radiation Balancer on Peter from We Work! Yes. Tim met a stranger, made a friend, and he agreed to do the test for some fun.

You can see it on Peter’s face though, he does NOT believe what just happens!

The test in this video is merely a conversation-starter, Tim also explains what happens to most bodies when exposed to phone radiation, why it happens, and what we can achieve with the ORB.

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Professional Muscle Testing Results 

Amanda Rodgers is a professional kinesiologist practicing in South London.

She agreed to do two separate demonstrations on people who did not know what they were being tested for until the day.

Test One
This is Nikki, she’s always holding her phone throughout the day or having her laptop sitting on her body.

Here are the muscle tests at a baseline, with a phone and laptop, and with the ORB attached to the phone, the laptop, and the router.

As you can hear for yourself, Nikki felt shocked by this test.
Additionally, we want to note that Amanda has never tested anyone who has remained strong when holding a mobile phone. The ORB changed that.

Test Two
Meet Lucea. She is a mom and a DJ with a chaotic lifestyle - and a lot of connection with her phone and her laptop all day.

Like most people in our communities, Lucea and her family have a lot of screen time throughout the day, and into the night. The electricity flowing through her house can even be heard in the quiet hours!

Here’s the video from Amanda muscle testing Lucea at a baseline, with a phone in her hand, and with the ORB sticker attached:

How to Muscle Test at Home

We always recommend talking with a trained professional to perform the test for you, but in this video, we do offer two methods of kinesiology testing you can do at home.

These are two simple tests that will tell you whether the Omnia Radiation Balancer is effective or not.

While you should do a muscle test at home, bear in mind that smaller people testing on larger people can show no difference in strength with this particular exercise. So keep this in mind.

We have seen and performed hundreds of muscle tests and there has only been one person who has held firm when the phone was in their hand without an ORB.

What does the body tell us through its reaction to radiation? 

To get a clear picture of what the body tells us when it’s reacting to radiation from our devices, we spoke with David Wells. David specializes in treating conditions that have not responded well to standard western medicine using a combination of Osteopathy, Functional Diagnosis and Comprehensive Nutritional Testing, and Applied Kinesiologist.

In this video, David explains what Muscle Testing is and why EMF shows up as a 'stress' to the body's nervous system.

David also did us the honor of muscle testing a few of our competitors’ products. One of them was a harmonizer patch and another was an EMF shield.

As you can see neither of the other products worked to help balance Tim’s nervous system when they were applied.

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Disclaimer: We want to make it clear that muscle tests tell a truth at the time that the tests were done for the subject they’re done on. Not everyone has the same results and your results may differ.

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