Muscle Testing the Omnia Radiation Balancer

Energy, Frequency, and Vibration

As Nicola Tesla famously stated, "If you want to understand the mysteries of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration".

More than a hundred years later this statement rings true, and mainstream science still hasn’t given priority to decoding the subtleties of these three vital components of life.

However 'energy, vibration and frequency' are now more important topics than ever. 

All functions in the body depend on the nervous system transporting electromagnetic signals from one organ to another. We are vibrational beings, and our vibrational 'antenna' will respond to both good influences (walking barefoot on a beach) and bad influences (electro-smog, car fumes, man-made chemicals).

Testing Vibration with Muscle Testing

Muscle testing makes use of the intelligence in our nervous system to tell us how the body reacts to a certain substance or even to a certain thought pattern.  What you are doing is dialing into the operating system of the body, the same system which grows your fingernails.

Amanda Rodgers is a professional kinesiologist practicing in South London and she agreed to do a demonstration on two people she knew who did not know what they were being tested for until the day. 

We want to make it clear that these tests tell a truth at the time that the tests were done for the subject concerned. But as you can hear for yourself, Amanda has never tested anyone who has remained strong when holding a mobile phone. 

Professional Muscle Testing Results 

Here are the results of Amanda testing one person with a phone and another with a laptop, both streaming data at the time.

How to Muscle Test at Home

Here is a more basic muscle test done with the Omnia Radiation Balancer.  This is easier to do at home if you know how. Bear in mind that smaller people testing on larger people can show no difference in strength with this particular exercise. 

While you should do a muscle test at home, we do recommend talking with a trained professional to perform the test for you. The test in this video is merely a conversation-starter, which we can use to show people that your body can tell you when it responds well to a substance (when it stays strong) and it can tell you what it sees as a compromise (when it weakens). 

We have seen and performed hundreds of muscle tests and there has only been one person who has held firm when the phone was in their hand without an ORB.

What does the body tell us through its reaction to radiation? 

This video is an interview with David Wells, an experienced Applied Kinesiologist. David explains what Muscle Testing is and why EMF shows up as a 'stress' to the body's nervous system.

Let's have a look at what happens when testing some of our competitor products

Why do we not feel this all the time?

The impact of the body 'weakening' is not something that the majority of people consciously acknowledge. Very few people get up in the morning, reach for their phone and immediately feel their body begin to weaken.

The human body is extremely resilient and is always aiming to bring itself back into balance, despite any stressor presented.

Credibility of Muscle Testing

Applied Kinesiology is becoming more mainstream as a medical practice. The rise in popularity can be attributed to the increase in food and environmental sensitivities in our modern lives. Levels of unnatural toxicity are rising; in our food, in our water, in our air and in the radiation fields we walk through each day. Conventional medicine often struggles to detect any sensitivity symptoms with accuracy. 

We hope that the muscle test you have seen here will raise awareness and teach us to trust our body's intelligence. What is remarkable is how much the human body feels once the ORB is placed on the phone and balance is restored. 

We have had customers who have doubted the tests that we have done on them and taken our patch to kinesiologists and not only had their opinion completely reversed by the results but also round a reliable means by which they can self test. 

The ORB patch re-centres the Zero Point in imbalanced oscillations and restores balance to the energy fields around you.

Human Intelligence, Intent and Desire

Omnia believes fundamentally that the body has its own intelligence, and indeed that there are sources of intelligence which, once known to us on a deeper level, can make extraordinary advances in solving some of the more complex problems we face today.

We call this Creative Intelligent Source (CIS), and we as conscious beings with desire can interact with it to rediscover our truths and create new realities based on love and balance.

That is exactly how we created the Omnia Radiation Balancer.