The Omnia Tests

Applied Kinesiology, Live Blood Analysis, Heart Rate Variability, Range of Motion, and Water Crystal Photography

When the ORB is applied to a device it changes the state of the radiation field, bringing it to balance and centredness.
But we want to demonstrate this for you beyond doubt.

The tests we do on our ORB products interrogate the body (or water) and measure whether it gives us a clear ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. A ‘Yes’ means the body is strong and balanced when we are touching our wireless devices. That is what we want to see.

The Omnia Testing Methodology is Simple.

When the body encounters wireless radiation, there can be a change in vibration, a change in the coherence of the body’s energy field. There are only a few ways to demonstrate this effectively - we will explain each testing modality in detail.

Omnia’s technology does not reduce the strength of the radiation field, so we never measure the level of RF Radiation. Instead, we use the human body as the barometer – to show whether it is in balance (or not) when we do each test.

How We Perform our Tests

Measure a Control

We set a baseline with our first test. Here, we record the biomarkers of the body at rest, under no direct influence from radiation fields or from the ORB.

Measure Response to Wireless Radiation

Our second test is focused on how the test subject responds to imbalanced radiation fields from wireless devices.

Measure the Response to the ORB

Now we put the ORB on the radiating device. How does the subject respond to the new energy of the radiation field, which has been balanced and centred?

Compare the Results

We ask and answer: Did we notice any degradation or negative effects in step 2? Does applying the ORB in step 3 reverse this? If so, with what degree of success?

Omnia Test Results


Is the strength and electrical balance of the body compromised when holding a cell phone? Does muscle strength improve when the ORB is applied?

Live Blood

Can watching a video on a mobile phone for 20 minutes affect the blood cells? Does the blood return to balance and a normal shape once the ORB is applied?

Water Crystal

Does water’s structure change when it is exposed to 5G Wireless Radiation? Did we observe hexagonal, crystalline structure when the ORB was applied?

Heart Rate

How is heart rate impacted by radiating devices? Does the Omnia's technology lead to an improvement of heart rate variability?

Range of

Is a person’s range of motion reduced in the proximity of a radiating device? Do we observe their flexibility return or improve when the ORB is applied?

Additional Tests to Come

We are always looking for new tests to perform and will keep adding to our test results!

Why We Test on the Body

There is no test to visualize how balanced and centered the radiation field is because we are dealing with invisible energy fields. You can not see the microwave radiation field, the toroidal energy field around the human cell, or the balancing energy held within the ORB.

The only tests that we utilize are on the human body or on water, because the body is mostly water. Testing the radiation field strength is redundant because the ORB does not to reduce the strength of the radiation field. We are not anti-technology, and if you reduce the radiation, you won't receive any data - in this day and age, data is important for our lives.

Fundamentally, Omnia is designed to move the zero point of the vibrating radiation field back to its center. Once this is achieved, the microwave radiation field is in the same vibrational rhythm and balance as that of the human cell and there is an effect of resonance in the body.

Watch Three of Our Tests Together

Here is the video that compiles results of the Live Blood Analysis, the Applied Kinesiology and the Water Structure tests.

The only way to be absolutely sure that you are protected is to get yourself personally tested using the method above.
The reason for this is that everyone is unique - some people can be more resilient or susceptible than others.

Click Here to Learn How to Do a Muscle Test at Home

Make Sure You’re Grounding Yourself

One final point we want to make is that the best way to minimize any effects from microwave radiation is reduce your exposure.

Turn off your devices, get into nature, and ground yourself. This recharges the body and resets all your electrical functions by being in resonance with mother nature.

For the other times, where you have to use a phone, or any radiating device, we suggest that you choose a harmonizing product whose test results are clearly demonstrated on the body, using methods that you believe in.

Omnia Radiation Balancer Product Pictures