The Omnia Test Results

Omnia has done 4 core tests so far and there are more to come!

Omnia's approach to testing is simple: we have to test on the body to see how it responds (a) to imbalanced radiation fields from wireless devices and (b) to the newly balanced field once the ORB is on the phone (or any radiating device). 

See for yourself: what changes did we observe between the two tests?  And are these effects something that you wish to bring into your life? 

To see extensive details of the tests that we have done, click a link below. 

  1. Autonomic Response Testing (on a 5G field)
  2. Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)
  3. Live Blood Analysis 
  4. Water Structure Testing
  5. Thermal Imaging Skin Photography (coming soon!)
  6. Testimonials for the Omnia Radiation Balancer 

Omnia continues to test on 5G fields as they become stronger and stronger. We normally work with a phone because our tests show that phones emit and transmit a very high volume of radiofrequency microwave radiation (MWR). 

5G signal on a phone safety tested by Omnia Radiation Balancer

Remember we are dealing with invisible energy fields (you can not see the MWR field, nor the toroidal energy field around the human cell, nor the balancing energy within the Omnia Radiation Balancer). There is no test to visualise how balanced and centred the radiation field is, so the only tests that matter are on the human body or on water (because the body is mostly water). Any test on the radiation field strength, to show that it is reduced, is redundant because if you reduce the radiation, you won't receive any data. So to be clear: the Omnia Radiation Balancer does nothing to reduce the strength of the radiation field. 

Fundamentally, what Omnia is designed to do is to move the zero point of the radiation field back to its centre. Once this is achieved, the MWR field is in the same vibrational rhythm and balance as the human cell and there is an effect of resonance. 

Our tests seek to show examples of this resonance and harmony in the body or in water. 

Once we have an energetic 'match' between the two energy fields, we measure the body's strength and alignment (Kinesiology), we measure the Autonomic nervous system Response (ART) , we measure water (Water Crystal Photography) and we observe the blood (Live Blood Analysis).

Feel free to download our results PDF which you can sign up for below. 

Here is the video that compiles results of the Live Blood Analysis, the Kinesiology and the Water Structure tests. 

The one caveat that we will add is that the only way to be absolutely sure that you are protected is to get yourself personally tested if it is possible to do so. The reason for this is that everyone is unique - some people can be more resilient or susceptible than others. You'll find instructions on how to do muscle testing at home on the on the muscle testing link above. 

One final point we want to make is that the best way to minimise any effects from microwave radiation is to turn off your devices and get in to nature and ground yourself. This recharges the body and resets all your electrical functions by being in resonance with mother nature. For all the other times where you have to use a phone, or any radiating device, we suggest that you choose a harmonising product whose test results are clearly demonstrated and which you believe in. 

Omnia Radiation Balancer Product Pictures