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Live Blood Analysis on EMF Radiation

Omnia has observed blood three live blood samples:

  1. Before exposure to EMF Radiation (baseline) 
  2. After 20 minutes of Exposure to EMF (unprotected sample),
  3. After Exposure to 20 minutes of EMF that is harmonized by the Omnia Radiation Balancer sticker (harmonized sample) 

The results of this observation are surprising, however they are an indication of how a mobile phone can affect red blood cells based on one test. 

Here is the video of all three Live Blood Analysis sample results, looking at blood affected by EMF Radiation exposure from a phone so you can see the difference.

How to Assess a Live Blood Analysis

As Gareth Edwards discloses in the video, when doing a Live Blood Analysis, you are looking for trends in an overall picture. When the blood cell is circular and it has space around it and it is not adherent or ‘stuck together’ (which is a symptom called ‘Rouleaux’ syndrome), this denotes a healthy cell. 

You can see that healthy cells take the form of a torus field, a spinning ring of light, as per the true concept of the atom and cell described by Dr Lakicevic. However these pictures are in a ‘negative’ rendition meaning that white is black and vice versa. So here you can see a bunch of healthy, torus fields of light which are blood cells:

Healthy Blood Cells

In any sample you are always going to have a certain amount of adherence or Rouleaux syndrome because the body is constantly battling with toxins and trying to rebalance itself. 

For this reason, we have to look at a broad range of the sample and we have to look for trends. What percentage do we perceive to be adherent? What percentage looked to be in good balance and space? Is there any clear difference between the sample where the ORB was used and when it wasn’t?

Our Test Findings

As you can see in the video above, the blood showed a baseline of 85% balanced. We tested the blood after 20 minutes of watching a video on a typical phone - and the blood showed Rouleaux syndrome quite clearly across most of the sample.

Immediately after, we added the ORB, watched another 20 minute video, and tested the blood again and saw that the normal blood balance had been largely restored.

So the effects of Rouleaux were largely reversed after placing the ORB in the phone, in this short space of time. This indicates that the body has felt some benefit from the ORB and started to bring itself back to balance.

Omnia Live Blood Analysis Results

Results Table


Adherence (Rouleaux)

Balanced Blood


1. Baseline 

(no radiation exposure)



Mostly well balanced. Showed normal signs of adherence 

2. Unprotected Phone

(20 video watched)



Majority of the sample showed severe adherence and Rouleaux

3. Omnia Radiation Balancer Applied

(20 video watched)



Rouleaux was significantly and quickly reversed

Majority of blood showing good balance, space and shape 

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What is Rouleaux Syndrome?

This is an effect which looks like the blood cells are sticking together in long strings in a kind of a 'caterpillar'. Oftentimes, the blood cells lose their round shape and appear oblong and squashed. It can occur in the blood at any time and is a non-specific symptom of chronic inflammatory illness.

There is currently no official, scientifically established connection between Rouleaux and microwave radiation from phones.

Rouleaux syndrome is not associated consistently with any form of disease, although it does denote imbalance in the blood and therefore in the body as a whole. Furthermore, if you have a lot of rouleaux in your blood it means that the oxygen has more difficulty reaching the cell and the cells have more difficulty moving through the capillaries, because they are chained together.

When Dr. Magda Havas, a researcher that has been focused on the effects of electrosmog since the 1990s, did a similar test, this was her summary of her findings:

"the Rouleaux may be due to a reduction in the electrical potential at the cell membrane, which would weaken the repellent forces between cells… With Rouleaux formation, the surface area of the red blood cells is significantly reduced, and the release of nutrients and the removal of waste products are compromised."

She also offers symptoms of Rouleaux as “headaches, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, nausea, heart and blood pressure problems as well as cold, numbness, or tingling sensation in the extremities (hands and feet).”

The Explanation of How the ORB Restores Balance

The only difference between the two tests is the application of the Omnia Radiation Balancer. 

The important thing to note in these test results is that the third sample was taken immediately after the second sample. A great proportion of the Rouleaux effect was reversed in the third sample, which demonstrates a rapid restoration of balance in the blood cells.

We do recognize that a fairer assessment would have been to do two equal tests: firstly, analysing the difference between a baseline sample and the sample exposed to an unprotected phone carrying imbalanced microwave radiation; and then on a separate day, analysing the difference between a second baseline and a sample that has been exposed to radiation that is balanced and centered by the ORB. 

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The results of this test are triangulated in the other tests. When we see balance in the blood it is likely that this will be mirrored in a muscle test or a test of water structure because the perfectly-formed ‘torus’ shape of a blood cell, spinning with balanced electrical current, indicates the vibration of vitality and of love.  

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Disclaimer: This test was not part of a clinical trial. All of the results shown here are personal results of our Founder. Your results may differ.

Resources and Interesting Reads:

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