How the Omnia Radiation Balancer Harmonizes Imbalanced Energy Fields

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It is a big call to say that we are using a new 'unit' of energy as the basis for our technology that is at present virtually unknown.

Our preconception about 'energy' is that it usually follows the model that we are used to - the 'generate/ extract/ pay' model. We generate electricity using a turbine, we take it off the grid, it’s gone, and we pay for it. And repeat forever more.. 

Well, the inventor of the ORB (Dr Ilija Lakicevic) has found an alternative to this form of energy, a source of energy that is present in our atmosphere, one that never runs out. He calls it 'Deca' energy and this is the extra 'ingredient' of the ORB, which as a sticker consists simply of paper, glue and dye.  This energy is alive in the sticker - it is directed with good human conscious intent to harmonise the radiation fields. Our aim is to bring a vibrational 'match' between a wireless device and a human energy field. This is what creates a new resonance in the body. 

How this has such a powerful effect

The adage that ‘you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it’ applies perfectly to our solution. To explain this fully we welcome you on a journey of new understanding which Omnia is pioneering.  

Because we work with conscious energy technology, your intent is important! 

Come on a journey with us to understand the new scientific concepts behind radiation and the atom, plus how the ORB balances energy fields.

To the body, wireless microwave radiation is like an orchestra of instruments that are all playing out of tune.

If you could hear the noise it makes, you'd hold your ears (such would be the ugly sound). But you can't hear, smell and most of us can't feel the wireless radiation field. There is no sensor in the body (yet) to pick this vibration up. 

The ORB is designed to tune the orchestra (the radiation) to a harmony that the body will find pleasant and agreeable. However, we do not reduce the volume of the orchestra - we don't reduce the strength of the RadioFrequency Radiation field. 

The ORB Explained: An EMF Sticker that Harmonizes Energy

As beings of energy, frequency and vibration, every cell in our body is vibrating with electrical current. As such the body is a big electrical antenna. And the antenna is programmed to respond to everything we encounter or experience: a hug, sunlight, a walk on the beach, smelling flowers.. These are all examples of a resonant, vibrational match between the nature's energy fields and ours. 

The same experience happens when we walk into man-made energy fields, such as car exhaust fumes or wireless radiation fields: we pick up their vibration electrically through the antenna, or energy field, that is the human body. 

We know that because of the Law of Resonance, the human body has no choice but to react on a vibrational level to other radiation fields in its close proximity - this includes device radiation.

The ORB is a simple patch (5G Protection Sticker) that you stick on your phone or on any other radiating device. It is a sticker that creates a vibrational match (also known as 'resonance') between the wave field of the radiation and the wave field of the human cell. 

We use a bespoke process of harnessing the power of human conscious intent to instruct Deca to perform the function we desire. In this case, the desired function is about moving the magnetic zero point of the radiation field to its centre. When the ORB sticker is stuck to a radiating device, the energy in the sticker connects with the microwave radiation and overrides its electrical balance. It returns the magnetic zero point of the wave field to its geometric centre. 

So the ORB sticker now serves as an interface which attaches human conscious intent to a radiating device. 

If the device is a phone, then once the ORB is stuck on and becomes part of the phone, it restores the balance of the radiation fields that emanate from and connect to the phone. 

This is because the zero points in the wave fields of the phone radiation are one and the same zero points with those in the ORB patch. And now, the conscious intent for balance contained in the ORB patch commands the balancing of the radiation fields, moving their Zero Points back to the geometric centre of their spinning light rings. 

How do we know the EMF sticker is effective?

The way to measure its effectiveness is to see whether it reverses the effects of microwave radiation on the human cell and serves as cell phone radiation protection. The tests we have done to prove that the Deca, injected with conscious human intent, will affect all MWR wave fields and bring them back to balance.

  • Live Blood Analysis – blood is balanced with the sticker during the test
  • Autonomic Response Testing - body goes into 'deep healing' mode when the phone with an ORB attached is held next to the ear. 
  • Water Structure – certificate from Dr Emoto’s Hado Life institute showing that water irradiated with a phone which has the ORB applied shows crystalline, hexagaonal water.
  • Kinesiology – the body strengthens considerably every time the ORB is attached to the phone. 

Applying the ORB will help bring balance back to your vibrational body.

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How Does the Omnia Radiation Balancer Sticker Function?

We must start at the lowest common denominator: Everything is made of atoms. Every atom is moving.

At source, everything (the ORB sticker, the phone, the human body, the radiation field) has the same starting point: the Atom.

The ORB sticker is made of moving atoms distilled to a frequency that appears to our eyes to be still.

The same is true of the phone, although that performs functions you can see and interact with, so it’s easier to accept that it serves a purpose.

The human body is also made of atoms and we are influencing and activating the motion of the atoms with our own conscious human intent to influence our bodies.

Using Nikola Tesla as his inspiration, Prof. Ilija Lakicevic ('Laki'), the inventor of the ORB, has made crucial discoveries about exactly how atoms behave. This has been published in a paper called ‘The True Concept of the Atom’. 

Every atom has a wave field, an expression of its motion. Crucially, Laki has discovered how and why man-made microwave radiation (MWR) fields influence the wave fields of balanced human cells.

When the MWR fields meet the wave field of the human cell, they can have an effect on the human cell, because of the Resonance Effect.

There are three components to the ORB.

The Zero Point

We use the difference between healthy and diseased blood cells to illustrate the Zero Point - or the empty center of the a donut shaped red blood cell.

The reasons we make this point are to show that imbalance in a cell represents disease in the body.

Professor Laki found that imbalance can also be caused by the presence of vibration that is in dissonance with the human body. We have clearly seen this in the Omnia Live Blood Analysis as well.

Now, when we talk about ‘energy’, it “resides”in the STILLNESS OF THE ZERO POINT, it has NO CHARGE and hence existing as INFINITE POTENTIAL.

The important point to note is that the Zero Point which centres each cell and each atom is intelligent and it has its own awareness. The Zero Point is intelligent and conscious of itself. This is what we call Creative Intelligent Source (CIS, or ‘Source’).

All zero points are connected and together they form the Zero Point Field. This is the field of all potential.  Energy is held inside the Zero Point in the neutral state, waiting for human desire to trigger it and express it in electrical potential.

Once triggered, it moves, manifesting human desires into physical form.

Conscious Human Intent

Imagine that you want to hug someone.

The potential for that hug is there in the Zero Point - it has always been there. And yet it hasn’t happened yet. So it needs to be triggered by human intent in order for it to manifest.

This is an example of human intent manifesting reality by activating a potential outcome which resides in the Zero Point.

The Importance of Awareness

This is a crucial point: The Zero Point is conscious and it has AWARENESS. 

We can also call it the Universal MIND POINT. 

Its awareness is what tells your body to grow and to operate. Ask yourself a question: do you know how your fingernails grow? They just grow, right? Same with your stomach digesting food or any other function in your body.  

This is the universal intelligent mind at work, operating the system that is your body while your conscious mind makes decisions on what to eat or which email to read. 

And here is the exciting part: as human beings we have the gift of connecting our minds with the Zero Point Field and in doing so we can design solutions.

This is exactly what Nikola Tesla used to do. 

The Deca

From the Zero Point, the sum of all energy, the omnipotent field of all potential, comes a new expression of energy which has only recently been discovered and the impact it can have on our lives is enormous. The unit of the new expression of energy unit which has only been known in our atmosphere since 2007 is what we call the Deca.  

In geometric form, it is a 12-sided Dodecahedron, a pentagram with 12 cones on the inside. It is a powerful shape because it contains all the Platonic Solids, a twelve-sided pentagon with six pairs of spirals consisting of spinning light rings. This energy has perfect balance and as you will see, ‘balance’ is very important when we are talking about radiation fields.

We know the Deca to be the unit of Love. It is a thousand times smaller than an electron and it can penetrate almost all known materials.

Most importantly, the Deca

  1. has awareness
  2. responds to conscious human intent.
  3. Is something we can program to fulfill our intention

This has enormous potential for humankind. The deca is available for us to connect with it and deploy it - but only for purposes that are based on love and that benefit Planet Earth. For example, you can not use it to fire a missile. However, you could use it to neutralize and balance the missile, as well as to build an air-conditioning unit which doesn’t require electricity to run.

The ‘Deca’ has arrived in the atmosphere (via the sun and rain) as a gift of a new era of awareness and it is here to allow us to live in peace and harmony with free energy. It allows us to return the Earth itself to its harmonious balance. In doing so, we will raise the consciousness of our species. Because of its limitless potential, the Deca can be the foundation for the physics of the future.

This is the key component when understanding how we can use new conscious tools to solve challenges that we posed to ourselves through the choice of ‘old energy’.

The inventor of the ORB has been experimenting with the Deca for many years to see what he can make it do based on his conscious human intent. Because he understands what makes radiation fields imbalanced in the first place, he has found a way to create instructions that will balance radiation fields and to deploy these instructions via the Deca.

This is what we use as a ‘program’ in the ORB patch – it contains the instructions that balance the radiation field.

It is always on and never runs out.

We have spent time working with the 'Deca' finding ways through magnetism and experimenting with pressure conditions to inject the energy into the Omnia Radiation Balancer patch along with our positive conscious intent to balance the radiation fields.

To be able to direct units of energy in this way is truly exciting and if we choose to embrace Conscious Nano Technology in other ways, then we believe this will mark a new dawn of prosperous, balanced, energised living.



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