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5G Radiation Protection Stickers

How the ORB Harmonizes Imbalanced Energy Fields

If you have been searching for the right EMF protection solution for a long time, you’re not alone. We talk to people in every stage of researching the right product for their life which suits their lifestyle choices every day. Our 5G radiation protection stickers could be the answer you are searching for.

In many cases, a person has tried the myriad of product offerings out there to no avail. Some have even heard rumours that ‘none of the stickers work’, and sometimes this is promoted by conventional scientists. By the time they reach us, they’re feeling frayed (and not just from their radiation sensitivity). They’re tired of looking for the right solution, and they’re wondering, do EMF stickers really work?

Do EMF Stickers Work?

The truth is that the majority of them don’t work. Most EMF stickers have the best intentions but they don’t have the test results to back up their claims.

They fail at even the simplest muscle test, and while they may offer a placebo effect for a little while, the typical radiation protection sticker doesn't deal with the real effects that EMF sensitive people experience everyday. 

Why don’t they work?

The adage that “you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it” applies perfectly here. 

EMF ‘Blockers’ and ‘Shielders’ '5G radiation blocker'

Some products claim to “block” or “shield” from radiation or "block 5G radiation", essentially promising a deflection, or a counteraction, of the radiating wave field. This is like using a mirror to deflect sunlight - the sunlight still has to go somewhere and it has not changed in any way.

Consider this: once the radiating wave field arrives at the phone, you can deflect it or try to reduce its strength but it is very unlikely to completely ‘disappear’. And if it does disappear before it gets to your phone, it is most likely that it won’t deliver the data to your apps, as it is intended to do.

Anti Radiation Patch For Mobile Phones

The radiation field that is deflected still has to go somewhere and it’s possible that it is deflected into the human body. That is why it is essential, when choosing a product that is right for you, that you have seen tests performed on the human body which you understand and believe in. You need to see how the body responds to the patch being on the phone, rather than seeing a difference in the radiation’s field strength.

Fundamentally, our point is this: unless you have changed the state of this radiating wave field, it could still be around the phone somewhere.

So a blocker or ‘shield’ may be combating radiation wave fields (maybe), but they have done nothing to bring the energy of the radiation field into resonance with the energy field of the body.

We have a different approach entirely to the EMF protection sticker.

ORB EMF Harmonizer

The Science Behind Our 5G Protection Stickers

On this page, we will just cover the basics. To explain our science fully, we created our Understanding Energy Series for you.

First, we must start at the lowest common denominator: Everything is made of atoms. Every atom is moving and vibrating with electrical current that is spinning around a magnetic zero point.

As such the body is essentially a big electrical antenna programmed to respond to all of the vibrations that we encounter or experience. 

The vibration of all wireless radiation is not in coherence with that of the human body, we refer to this as radiation having ‘imbalanced’ energy fields.

When there is a meeting of the two wave fields (the wireless radiation and the human body), which spin with different rhythms and with different ‘balance and centredness’, we often find that the body reacts adversely. Again, this can be shown in a simple muscle test, where the body is highly proficient in giving us a ‘yes’ (i like this) or a ‘no’ (i don’t like this, please take it away!!). 

To be specific about what this means, we are referring to the magnetic zero point of the human cell being moved away from its center by the magnetic point of the wireless radiation field.

This is called Dissonance.

We are working directly with Professor Lakicevic, the creator of the ORB, to pioneer a new type of work that utilizes conscious energy technology (Deca Energy) to create a vibrational match between the wave fields of a radiating device and the human body.

This vibrational match is called Resonance.

This is how we design our 5G protection sticker to create a positive resonance within the body without reducing the strength of the RadioFrequency Radiation field.


The ORB Explained: An EMF Sticker that Harmonizes Energy

Our sticker is different because we seek to change the vibrational state of the wireless radiation field so that it is now spinning and vibrating in a rhythm and pattern that the human body ‘resonates’ with. Now, we have a ‘match’!

This means that the design of our sticker is different to anything else on the market. It also means we achieve different test results than all the other products.

To the body, wireless microwave radiation is like an orchestra of instruments that are all playing out of tune. If you could hear the noise it makes, you'd hold your ears (such would be cacophony).

 Mobile phone anti radiation sticker

The ORB 5G protection sticker is designed to tune the orchestra (the radiation) to a harmony that the body will find pleasant and agreeable without reducing the volume of the orchestra - we don't reduce the strength of the RadioFrequency Radiation field.

To create our EMF protection sticker (the ORB), we use a bespoke process of harnessing the power of human conscious intent to move the magnetic zero point of any radiating field to its balanced center. 

This conscious intent and balanced Deca energy is infused into the sticker itself.

Then, when the ORB sticker is attached to a radiating device, the energy in the sticker connects with the microwave radiation and returns the magnetic zero point of the wave field to its geometric center.

It is always on and never runs out.

How Do We Know Our EMF Stickers are Effective?

Because we have only been holding mobile phones for the last 25 years, our bodies have not evolved to the point where we have built-in sensors for low frequency microwave radiation.

Health effects will most likely only occur over the long term, and as such, are difficult to quantify, although we are hearing lots of stories from concerned parents about health conditions their kids are developing.

Conventional science relies on its age-old knowledge and repeatable practises. Hardcore biological tests can be performed to assess whether there is any harm done by wireless radiation fields to rats, and there are many such reports which show both adverse effects and sometimes ‘no effects’.

However, hardcore science is also struggling to explain why any adverse effects might be caused by low frequency, non-ionising radiation. It believes (wrongly, in our view) that harmful effects can only be caused by heat in a radiation field. Our belief is that if a radiation field is imbalanced, it can cause imbalanced effects to a biological entity (‘dissonance’!).

Tests for “dissonance” don’t exist (yet) so we are continually looking for ways to share that the ORB works to balance the energy fields and bring every radiating field into the energy of harmony.

We are finding new ways to interrogate the human body to give an instant ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. The question is: does your body like this radiation field? And does this result change once we have put the ORB on the phone? 

We have been working with practitioners of alternative testing methods to show the efficacy of our 5G protection sticker. 

These are our current tests:

  • Live Blood Analysis – So the effects of Rouleaux were largely reversed after placing the ORB in the phone, in this short space of time. This indicates that the body has felt some benefit from the ORB and started to bring itself back to balance.
  • Autonomic Response Testing - body goes into “deep healing mode” when the phone with an ORB attached is held next to the ear. 
  • Water Structure – certificate from Dr Emoto’s Hado Life institute showing that water irradiated with a phone which has the ORB applied shows crystalline, hexagonal water.
  • Kinesiology – the body strengthens considerably every time the ORB is attached to the phone.


Click Here to See Our Tests


We urge you to see for yourself whether these are tests that you deem to be credible and help to reduce mobile phone radiation effects, and whether the effects demonstrated are desirable in your life.


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