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The Wonders of Human Garage

The Wonders of Human Garage

Human Garage understands the body in a totally new way. Their practise focuses on the importance of something that is overlooked in modern medicene. 

It's called the 'fascia'. It's the connecting tissue betwween the skin, the bones, the muscles and the sinews. It is responsible for connecting everything together. And if you learn how to stimulate it and work with it, you can improve just about any ailment or affliction you are experiencing: from broken bones, to breathing problems, to organ weakness.. there is an exercise that has been designed by the Human Garage team to get you better. 

And.. it really works! 

Human Garage Fascia Stretching


Human Garage Partners with Omnia

Omnia founder Tim Sandars has become a fan because it has helped him very specifically with a very stubborn health issue that he couldn't find an answer to. And he had looked pretty much everywhere for this answer! He is even travelling to South America to undertake a training course and learn more from the co-Founder Garry Lineham about this amazing healing technique, 

Garry is also a big fan of Omnia.

In fact he trusts the Omnia Radiation Balancer technology as the only viable solution to the EMF issues of today. We are of course honoured to have Human Garage as a partner! 

Garry and Tim caught up and chewed the fat about all things healing, covering a range of topics such as the hidden truths about the body, new truths in science, the real reason why we react to EMF and much more. It was a fascinating chat which you can watch here: 

Be sure to look up Human Garage and follow them on Instagram and on TikTok where they are sharing many healing exercises for free. They show you how to massage the fascia,  twist the body and breathe deeply to stimulate the body to heal just about any condition you can imagine. 

If you decide to go on a healing journey with them, we'd love to hear your story! We recommend starting with their '15-minute Body Reset'. It sets the platform for all the other conjoining practises and it immediately brings not only relief from aches and pains but also an energy boost too. 

See the best parts of Garry's Omnia Radiation Balancer review here. 

You can use the discount code: HUMANGARAGE to get a discount at the omnia store. 

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