Padauk Deca ORB Pendant

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To help protect your vibrational energy from third party radiation fields (including 5G), we've infused the unique Deca Energy into a bespoke piece of wooden jewelry: the ORB Pendant!

The ORB Pendant is a beautiful way to wear your Radiation Balancer:

  • Throughout your work day to stay zen at the office.
  • While you sleep to find peace in dreamland.
  • In transit to balance your energy despite the imbalanced fields all around you.
  • At home to help ground you into your natural, healthy vibration.

The Deca design draws all the edges of the dodecahedron, the shape of the energy in our products, as if its sides were transparent. By the wonders of sacred geometry, a star appears in the center.

The symbol is engraved into our rich red, sustainably sourced African Padauk. This beautiful wood is associated with the element of fire and connects you with your innate power to stay in control around shifting energy - a perfect pairing with the energy in the ORB pendant.

Your ORB Pendant's cord is a coffee-colored 3mm Faux Suede. Included in the pack are an adjustable rubber fastener and a bayonet fastener with glue so you have the option to cut the cord to your perfect size too. See pictures in the gallery of each fastener. Assembly instructions will be in the pack.

Thank you for choosing the ORB Pendant to bring balance back to your body.

Specification Information


20mm wide x 30mm long x 5mm thick.

Style Information

Made by hand, so your pendant is completely unique to you. Wood finish and size will vary slightly from the images shown.

Coating Information

Skin-safe water-resistant resin compound

All of the pigments (Silicone Dioxide and Titanium Oxide) used in our resin production are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, and contain no known irritants.

(always remove when bathing).

Cord Information

24 inches long, faux suede, in black

Your Fastener

1 Rubber adjustable fastener
1 Bayonet Fastener with tube of glue
(cut and secure the cord to the permanent desired length).