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How Does EMF Exposure Endanger Your Health?

How Does EMF Exposure Endanger Your Health?

We are so used to having an electronic device near us that sometimes we can’t even imagine a world where they don’t exist. 

This is why it is so easy to forget that our “friendly” devices that are here to make our lives easier might be leading to some adverse health effects. Why? Because of the electric and magnetic fields they use to assist us in our daily lives. 

So, does this EMF exposure have an effect on human health? If so, is there scientific evidence that we should be aware of? Is there an increased risk to our health that might come from exposure to electromagnetic fields? We unpack this subject and more in our latest article. 

What are EMFs?

Let’s start things off with a brief explanation of what exactly are ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs). These have existed since the beginning of the Universe with the Sun itself sending out waves that create EMFs or radiation. How do we know this? Because when the Sun sends out these EMFs, we can actually see the energy radiating out. This is actual visible light. 

You might be thinking to yourself that if the sun sends out EMFs, then surely there is no harm to us if nature itself produces them. 

However, what Omnia stands for is a key piece of missing information which is this: not all electromagnetic fields are the same. They behave in different ways: they can be life-affirming (like the Sun’s rays, which are the giver of all life); or they can be the opposite. So, the question that we like to answer: is there a different quality in an EMF field that could be responsible for damaging life, other than ‘heat’? 

Since the turn of the 20th century, the volume of man-made, ‘artificial’ EMFs we have been subjected to has increased exponentially. Scientists have discovered that high-voltage power lines, which are essential to supply the necessary energy to the world’s population, are artificially sending off EMFs in similar frequency bands as those of the Sun. 

Gradually, more and more sources of EMF have come to market. Most of the electric devices we use (mobile phones, microwave ovens, X-rays, CT scans, and other household appliances) are sources of EMFs. 

Considering that 90% of the world’s population is covered in terms of electricity and uses electrical appliances, it means that it’s almost impossible to avoid EMF exposure. This exposure is measured in levels of radiation based on what is called the electromagnetic spectrum. 

It is important to note that the radiation can range from high-energy (also called high-frequency) on one end of the spectrum and low-energy (also called low-frequency) on the other. The faster the wave field is vibrating, the more heat it produces, and scientists have always agreed that this heat, once it gets past a certain level, is dangerous to our cells.  

High energy radiation is classified as ‘ionizing’, meaning that the energy released has the capacity to affect cells on an atomic level by removing an electron from an atom and ionizing it. Examples of such radiation include gamma rays, X-rays, and higher-energy UV rays. It can cause genetic mutations and cancer. 

Non-ionizing radiation on the other hand happens at low to extremely low frequencies. However, it can still move atoms around in the body and affect the vibration of these atoms. 

In the following sections of the article, we’ll explore in greater depth what this all means to us humans and how we should approach the issue of EMF exposure. With all this in mind, we still expect you to do your own research and decide for yourself what your truth is.

How Are Our Wireless Devices Tested?   

At the moment, the approach when it comes to testing our beloved wireless devices is somewhat controversial. Why? Because these safety tests are performed on a plastic dummy of a human being, filled with a liquid that is a replica of real blood and the focus of the tests is one thing only — to measure heat absorption that passes through the plastic skin into the fluid (blood replica).  

The main issue here is that these tests do not necessarily look at the exact effects exposure to EMF can have on living cells. 

For example, there are numerous tests (in the order of thousands) on live animals which are showing many biological adverse effects have been caused in rats by exposure to low levels of EMF that are ‘non-ionizing’ and ‘non-thermal’.

More importantly, these have found a strong possibility that the health effects experienced by the subjects have been caused by a mechanism that is not heat-related. 

There is a chance you might be unconvinced because of the subjects of these tests: rats. Please note that there is an important reason why the tests are being carried out on these animals. It is because of the strong evidence which indicates that the human body will react in a similar way.

Here is where you can find a comprehensive list of ground-breaking studies and research that has been done on the subject. This way you can formulate your own truth and in our  view, this information resource is one that every user of a phone should be made aware of.

EMF Exposure — Concrete Effects on Our Health

Electromagnetic Spectrum 4G to 5G

If you look at the electromagnetic spectrum, it will show you that as we move from 4G (a limit of 2.6Ghz) to 5G (up to 60Ghz), we are moving to a wavefield which is still classified as ‘non-ionizing’ but the wavelength is shortening (to millimeters) as the power increases. However, in theory, by looking at this graph, you would make the assumption that the EMF generated is still ‘safe’. 

Since the advent of mobile phones in around 1990, two significant things have happened:

  • People have reported experiencing negative effects of exposure.
  • For the first time, extensive Biological Testing (about 10,000 studies) has been performed on animals exposed to levels of Extremely Low-Frequency radiation (ELF).

ELF had previously been classified as ‘non-thermal’ and ‘non-ionizing’ and therefore harmless. These low levels of EMF were regarded as safe because they did not ‘ionize’ the atom or cell. 

This means the energy produced by the frequency of the wave field did not create enough heat to break a chemical compound or ‘shake an electron off an atom’. As a result, all non-ionizing radiation is labeled as ‘SAFE’

Phones, laptops, and all wireless devices for example emit ‘non-ionizing’ radiation, according to the electromagnetic spectrum. However, the results of the recent biological studies conducted on rats since 1990 have shown that many health effects have been caused to rats exposed to ELF, even though it is supposedly ‘non-ionizing’ radiation.

EMF Exposure — a Cancer Risk?

Many adverse effects have been recorded in the Biological studies but we want to focus on the risk of cancer, which is a concern that most people understand because most people know someone who has suffered from it. 

The study we will reference was performed by the National Toxicology Program in the USA. It took three years to complete, it was rigorously peer-reviewed and it cost in excess of $25 million. It is based on cellular telephone networks in the United States and has tested two different modulations of radiofrequency radiation: GSM and CDMA. 

The focus was placed on thoroughness and clarity. A link to it can be found here so that you can read it in your own time as we will focus on highlighting only the most important findings

  • Exposure to RFR (radiofrequency radiation typically generated by cell phones) caused decreased body weights in pregnant rats during gestation and lower birth weights in their offspring.
  • Exposure to RFR in male rats resulted in higher numbers of animals with tumours of the heart and brain. 
  • Increased numbers of animals with tumours of the adrenal gland were also observed in exposed males.
  • Lesions that resembled tumours of the prostate gland, pituitary gland, and pancreas were found in males and of the heart in females (please note that the researchers cannot 100% guarantee that these findings were determined from the exposure or were just incidental findings). 

It can be said that the findings of this study alone challenge the assumption given to us by the electromagnetic spectrum which is that non-thermal, non-ionizing radiation is safe. Please bear in mind that there are many other studies that show a wide range of adverse effects such as infertility, mental/ cognitive behavioural effects, and DNA strand breaks. 

A valid deduction would be that there is a different quality in every radiation field, a quality other than heat, that is also capable of causing harm to a cell. This is Omnia’s area of expertise because we put forward a new explanation for what this quality is, which you can find here.

Omnia Radiation Balancer – the Option to Harmonize

We did not want this article to be all doom and gloom. So, we also wanted to come up with an option for device users who are seeking protection from the possible effects of EMF exposure by bringing them into harmony (electrical resonance) with the body. 

We have spent years researching the topic and building our expertise in this field. As a way to show you our results and our proposed alternative to the accepted norm, we have put together an explanatory video that sheds light on what our research tells us is happening when we touch our wireless devices (or when animals are exposed to low-frequency EMF). In short, there is an electrical reaction in the body, rather than a thermal reaction (a reaction caused by the heat in the radiation field). You can find a link to this video here

What we are putting forward is the idea that if an electromagnetic radiation field is imbalanced, it can cause imbalanced electrical effects in the cells of the body. And the underlying premise for this assertion is that every cell in the body operates electrically.  

If we understand everything from this new perspective of how all electrical wave fields vibrate, instead of simply measuring the heat they produce, we can explore new explanations for what causes the adverse effects. 

Omnia has developed a solution for balancing all radiation fields, to change their vibration in order to make them resonate in sympathy with the body’s electrical energy field. Omnia has tested the reaction of the heart, blood, body strength, and water before and after using our products. The results can be found here, and understanding these is something that every user of a wireless device should take note of. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch or browse our online store. We are happy to provide any assistance you require in making the right decision for your health. 

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