EMF Experts, Scientists and Researchers


Don’t just take our word for it!

We recommend that you research the BioInitiative Report and watch the movie 'Resonance: Beings of Frequency' on youtube. This documentary from 2013 was the first time a collection of scientists found a voice and started to tell us some new truths about the resonance in our bodies. As you know, Omnia extols that the very reason why we react badly to microwave radiation is because of the Law of Resonance, which depicts that we start to resonate with all things that we contact, good or bad. 

The movie "uncovers for the very first time, the actual mechanisms by which mobile phone technology can cause cancer. A deeper look at how every single one of us is reacting to the largest change in environment this planet has ever seen." 

This is such a high impact issue and it’s crucial that you do your own research. We recommend the research of these pioneers of the scientific community, whose work has helped to expose what one scientist has called the ‘Health Crisis of Our Time’:

  • Dr Olle Johansson
  • Dr Devra Davis
  • Dr Martin Pall
  • Dr Madga Havas
  • Dr Jack Kruse
  • Dr David Carpenter
  • Dr Camilla Rees
  • Dr Dietrich Kllnghardt
  • Dr Martin Blank. 

What do all these researchers have in common? They can show us the effects, they might be able to prescribe remedies by minimising exposure but they don’t know the true solution to the problem.

Despite their very laudable and important biological research, few researchers are looking in the right place and without this it will not be possible to solve this crisis.  

Omnia believes that we must go right back to basics and consider what we know about the atom and whether there is any new information that can help us understand the behavioural difference (from a vibrational perspective) between the human cell and Radiation fields. Our concepts on this are based on the 'cent redness of wave fields'. We will soon be publishing these studies. 

Once we truly understand the rhythm, the motions and the vibrations of the atom, we can start to prescribe a true solution to the dangerous toxicity caused by radiation.

Omnia has done this, we have a solution and we can show you that it works.