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Tesla's 7 Steps To Creation: Using His Invention Process Today

Tesla's 7 Steps To Creation: Using His Invention Process Today

Nikola Tesla is considered the ‘inventor of the modern world.’

He is the inventor of AC power, the radio (after a long-contested battle), fluorescent lighting, neon, x-rays, and before he died was focused on utilizing energy from the earth to offer safe, wireless power around the world.

Tesla lived to create. He was obsessed with his work, and although he had more than a dozen patents on his inventions, he famously chose to walk away from the royalties he was owed.

Tesla from Britannica

A lesser known fact is that Mr. Tesla had his own method of creation that allowed him to be so prolific in his inventions. The scientist behind Omnia's Conscious Technology uses that same method to create the product we share with the world.

Nikola Telsa’s 7 Steps to Creation

1 - All creation starts with desire. This is the main motivating force behind all human invention.

2 - Every desire is already fulfilled. One desire is an idea that is part of a whole. All options for creation already exist, so a human desire manifests the option. For example, if you want to hug someone, this action already exists, so the desire for completing it makes it possible for it to manifest. 

3 - Set the concept in motion. You cannot create anything without expressing knowledge. When you have knowledge, you can expand on what has been created.

4 - Think it through. Focusing on what we know and what we want to create allows us to separate our idea from what needs to happen to set the physical into motion. Tesla thought about his inventions for literally years, and utilized concepts that came to him through simple thought experiments.

5 - Creating a thought pattern plants a seed of concept. It is time to create a material body. This starts with creating 2-D conceptual patterns.

6 - Take action to create it physically. After thought and concept creation, the final step is to physically create and manifest the original desire. 

7 - Test, experiment and improve. Nothing is complete without good quality assurance. It is vital to ensure that all manifestations are tested.

How Dr. Lakicevic Uses Tesla’s Method

Dr Lakicevic has knowledge of Tesla's creation methods that no-one else in Physics knows. As a fellow Serbian, he is connected on many levels with his hero. In this video Tim (founder of Omnia) discuss with Laki (the inventor of the ORB) exactly what unique scientific methods Nikola Tesla used to consciously manifest all of today's existing conveniences such as electricity, radar, lasers and water pump systems. 


The good news is that we now have a new unit of energy available to us which can replace electricity. 

It is called the 'Deca': a 12-sided Dodecahedron with 6 pairs of spinning cones of light that perpetuate a flow of energy inside the structure. 

The Deca - a new conscious energy solution

The Deca was not around in Tesla's time. Which is why Dr Laki often refers to Tesla's inventions as the 'old way'. This is funny because there are so many scientists out there who believe that the holy grail is to reproduce electric currents using Tesla coils or some other means of perpetuating free flows of electrical current. However, they are missing out on a big piece of news: we have a new unit of energy that we can learn to play with which is abundant, free and capable of many extraordinary feats. This is the 'new way' to provide energy to the masses. 

So today we can develop solutions with this new unit of Deca energy, drawing on Tesla's methods to create amazing new solutions. This is a wonderful time to be alive because more and more scientists, if they desire it, will wake up to realise they have more mental powers of manifestation and creation than they realised. 

Dr Ilija Lakicevic is a former Physics research professor at the Max Planck Institute of Physics, a protege of Nikola Tesla, and the inventor of the Omnia Radiation Balancer. You can purchase his book about Deca technology here

The ORB is an example of Tesla's 'Conscious Energy' methods at work, coupled with Deca technology to perpetuate the thought pattern and the human desire to balance the radiation field. If we continue to develop new solutions with Deca energy in this way, we have a chance to change the future by harmonising the old sources of electical current and developing solutions in the future where no cables, plugs or wires are required to prove energy to our appliances and devices. 

Where you can learn more about Nikola Tesla

The Smithsonian on the Rise and Fall of Tesla
A basic biography from the site Biography
Britannica’s biography - Also the photo source

Dr Laki's book about Deca Energy:


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