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50 Resolutions to Help Keep Your Energy Balanced in 2021

50 Resolutions to Help Keep Your Energy Balanced in 2021

Happy New Year!

We’re always grateful for the opportunity to take the balance of our energies into our own hands. The new year, especially 2021, is a great time to add a healthy habit or reduce a behavior that could be contributing to an imbalance in our lives.

So to celebrate, we compiled a list of ways that you can raise your vibration in the coming year! You might already be doing a lot of these, and you might find a few new ideas that can help you step into a new resonance throughout your life.

Some of the ideas are for yourself, some are for your family, and still others are things you can do to help your community this year. They aren’t in any particular order because we’re not keeping score. We just want to inspire you to choose positive intention moving forward.

If you haven’t chosen a resolution for the 2021 year, consider adding one or more of these things to your 2021 goals!

50 Resolutions to Help Keep Your Energy Balanced in 2021

  1. Stop carrying your phone in your pocket.
  2. Write a letter to your government requesting more research into the effects of 5G.
  3. Get a neighborhood watch group together for the 5G rollout. Schedule letter writing sessions, talk to your township about how to stop the rollout in your area.
  4. Put your phone away from the table (not in your pocket) during meals and meetings.
  5. Turn off your devices at the end of your work day.
  6. Smile at a stranger with positive intentions.
  7. Put your phone on airplane mode before bed.
  8. Remove the TV from your bedroom.
  9. Spread information about MWRs with a friend or family member.
  10. Have a muscle test done by a professional.
  11. Read and sign the PHIRE 2020 Consensus Statement.
  12. Don’t sleep next to your phone.
  13. Get an old fashioned alarm clock instead of using your phone or smart alarm.
  14. Unplug for 1 hour everyday by being away from all devices.
  15. Find your local 5G protest group.
  16. Call a friend, or reach out to someone that you haven’t spoken with in a while just to send some positive intention.
  17. Research radiation products that will work for your lifestyle.
  18. Turn off your router at night and when you don’t need to use it.
  19. Learn about Radiation, Energy, and the Torus Field
  20. Read Peer Reviewed Studies about the effects of MWR on the body.
  21. Choose to use data or wifi, not both at the same time.
  22. Get a laptop stand and a wireless keyboard and mouse to reduce your proximity.
  23. Hardwire your computer.
  24. Turn off the apps on your phone that pull in data in the background.
  25. Use speakerphone to make calls.
  26. Get an airtube headset.
  27. Spend time Earthing at least once a week.
  28. Find products that help you reduce your exposure.
  29. Help to fund scientific research on 5G.
  30. Carry crystals that help reduce your risks. (Choose hematite, black tourmaline, or pyrite).
  31. Keep a physical routine, like yoga, meditation, or mudras to help you find balance over time.
  32. Spend time every day being grateful, using positive affirmations, and setting an intention to improve your energy.
  33. Share positive intentions with your friends and family.
  34. Dance, run, do jumping jacks - anything that gets your endorphins flowing and brings a smile to your face - that energy adds love to the environment around you.
  35. Become an accredited muscle testing practitioner.
  36. Learn about how crystalline water can make a difference in your body.
  37. Ensure that the products you use have objective test results.
  38. Learn about how our devices are tested for safety now.
  39. Send your favorite products to your friends and family.
  40. Talk to a loved one about their device usage. Share peer reviewed studies with them.
  41. Learn what radiation is to set a baseline.
  42. Read about foods that help with microwave radiation.
  43. Spend time finding EMF Experts you can trust.
  44. Learn about 5G and decide for yourself what you find to be acceptable levels of radiation in your life.
  45. Get to know influencers that can help you raise your vibration.
  46. Listen to your body - pay attention and take note of signs that point to EMF sensitivity.
  47. Actively cut your screentime down by choosing one less night per week in front of the TV.
  48. Stop looking at your screen an hour before bedtime.
  49. Listen to music or stories that make you feel positive and grateful.
  50. Remove negative thoughts or people from your daily life to help yourself stay in a positive energy flow.

Did you resonate with this list? Let us know which one (or more) you chose to help keep your vibrational energy in balance.

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