Radiation: Know the Fundamentals & The True Science

What is Radiation?

Simply put, radiation is travelling energy. It comes from a source and is able to penetrate different materials. We can differentiate between ionising and non-ionising radiation depending on whether is produces charged particles (ions). On a top-level, we can differentiate between radiation that travels in waves vs. radiation that travels in particles.

On a more granular level, we can differentiate the following 4 types of radiation:

  • electromagnetic radiation (e.g. microwaves, radio waves. light - visible, infrared, ultraviolet - and x-rays)
  • particle radiation (e.g. alpha- and beta-radiation)
  • acoustic radiation (e.g. sound and ultrasound)
  • gravitational radiation

The type of radiation that is interesting for us is the first one: electromagnetic radiation. It creates electromagnetic fields (EMF). That is the type of radiation people are generally concerned about when it comes to the use of laptops and mobile phones. At Omnia we have researched the effects this type of radiation has on the human body, the health implications and how you can protect your body against harmful waves.

Radiation is not per se harmful, it comes down to balance and imbalance that  radiation causes. 

In our modern society, all radiation represents atoms which have imbalanced oscillations. And these have an impact on the human body. 

On a Vibrational level, Radiation upsets us

The 'Law of Resonance' dictates that these radiation fields we encounter will upset the usually balanced wave field of the human cell. 

A human cell has its own 'energy, vibration and frequency' and it is designed to respond to vibrational influences it connects with which are in a similar frequency range. 

When you smell flowers or walk on a beach in the sun, you are 'in resonance' with frequencies which align with your vibration. 

When you breathe in petrol fumes, load your body with chemicals or walk through toxic radiation fields all day, these are instances where, on a cellular level, you are in ‘dissonance’. 

This means that your body starts to vibrate at the same rhythm as elements that it is not designed to align with. Continuous exposure to these frequencies can cause disease. This is ratified in studies completed by many EMF experts and scientists.

All Data-driven devices are Radiating

Phones,  laptops, tablets, smartwatches, routers, any ‘Internet of Things’ device.. they all transmit and receive very strong radiation signals. Even hairdryers are radiating too but our exposure is less.

Every time you turn your phone on, or turn your connectivity on, or open a new app, or download a video.. the search for a new connection between device and data source causes a significant radiation spike. 

The intensity of a Radiation field decreases over Distance

As data is pulsed from the WiFi Router or Celltower, the signal gets weaker the further it travels.  

However as the data is received to your device, the connection intensifies this radiation.  Two radiating devices connect with each other to enhance the strength of the radiation as data is passed to the device through these imbalanced wave fields. 

The nearer you are to either the router or the phone, the more you are at risk.

Microwaves are also a very obvious source of radiation. The same frequencies are being used in mobile phones, and no doctor would advise standing with your hand on your microwave oven all day. 

There is a difference between Balanced and Imbalanced Radiation fields

Omnia has made a crucial finding in this debate, following 35 years of research into the behaviour of not only radiation but of the Atom itself. 

Many people get confused about radiation fields. After all the sun is a form of radiating heat that is an essential part of our wellbeing. Why would fields that emit less heat harm us so badly? 

Simply put, our research has pinpointed exactly why non-thermal effects of radiation harm the human body. 

We will give you the simple answer here: it is about the quality and the balance of the radiation wave field.

All atoms in the natural world have a balance. Thus radiation from the sun is balanced and it is in harmony with creation itself, giving life to all plants and species alike. When man recreates radiation fields, such as phone radiation or at the far end of the scale in nuclear waste, the fields are characterised by a particular type of imbalance and this is what affects the vibration of the human cell.

This is a big and complex scientific topic involving a few new concepts about how atoms truly behave. It goes very deep and will be explained in future publications to Science Journals as well as on the Omnia social media channels.

The Atom in balance vs. imbalance

To understand this, we must go to the lowest common denominator and look at how an atom behaves and we must illustrate the important difference between an atom in a state of balance and one that is in ‘imbalance’. 

Keep in mind how this is reflected in the contrast between the natural balance of the human body versus ‘man-made’ imbalance of microwave radiation fields that transmit our data to our laptops and phones because later we will be looking at what happens to the human body when these frequency fields meet. 

This is our best presentation about this topic, if video is easier for you to follow: 

A new look at the Atom – Zero Point, Compression and Expansion

In every atom there is a Zero Point. It is the still field of all potential and of all possibilities. It is a source of energy. Around the Zero point there are light rings (sometimes construed as currents) which move out towards the perimeter and back to the centre. They draw energy from the Zero point to move. These light rings move in two phases: compression and expansion.

The compression phase of the movement of light rings represents generation. And the expansion phase of the movement of these light rings represents radiation. Compression is the charging cycle, the phase where life is generated. Expansion is the discharging cycle, the phase of expiration and dying. The Compression phase borrows energy from the Zero Point field to move and generate life. The Expansion phase follows automatically with no need to add any external force. 

Imagine if you are filling an inner tube of a tyre with air – you need to exert force to compress air in the inner tube but expansion of the compressed gas happens by itself in the tube.

Life-Death Cycle

In all living things there is a life-death cycle – the result of a continued interchange between compression and expansion of the light rings. This truth can be observed in your own body: when you breathe in your body is compressing and charging with energy, but when you breathe out your body is expanding and discharging. 

What we see in every particle, every atom and cell and in all living things (including in our own bodies) is the result of this interchange between compression and expansion playing itself out until the end of the cycle.

If we are exposed to consistently high doses of microwave radiation, then we absorb that imbalance in the cells of our own bodies and this represents a stress to our body.

The Importance of Balance

Balance is achieved in an atom when the Zero Point aligns itself to the geometric centre of the perimeter of atom because the light rings are compressing and expanding in equilibrium.

via Gfycat

Going one step further, the light rings interchange in a spiral motion, which many call a toroidal motion, as seen above (please note: this is not an exact drawing of the motion of a cell or atom - we are drawing our own version of this animated gif which will be up soon). 

Here are some examples of particles and atoms which are balanced compared to those which are imbalanced. 

Below is a healthy human cell many times magnified. It shows a still shot of the donut-shaped light rings moving and circumventing the Zero Point in the geometric centre.   The same photographer captured 'sickle cells', unhealthy cells which are characterised by imbalanced light rings and a zero point which is drawn out of the geometric centre. 
Healthy Blood cell Torus light rings
Here is an example of 'balanced' blood cells from the Live Blood Analysis we did as part of our tests. The cells are round, balanced and have space around them. The black and white is inverted (like a photo negative) so the actual colours would be close to the picture above.  From our Live Blood Analysis following 20 minutes of watching a video on a mobile phone, there was a proliferation of imbalanced cells which represent Rouleaux syndrome. See the Zero Points are not aligned and the light rings are misshapen and seem out of balance. 
In the structured water test performed by the Hado Life Institute, the sample treated with the Omnia Radiation Balancer shows a balanced, hexagonal structure:  The Hado Life Institute also showed the results of the irradiated water to be chaotic in structure and imbalanced, which is in line with our concepts of imbalanced oscillations. 

We will explain in more detail later that the centred Zero Point is an intelligent source of energywhich we call the Creative Intelligent Source (CIS).  

Radiation - the Danger of Expansion

Radiation is all about expansion and as we have mentioned Radiation is the death phase of the cycle.

Everything that radiates expands into the surrounding space. Look at the light bulb carefully and you will see light rays expanding in your entire room originating from a small volume of incandescent wire.

The same goes for the sun, whose rays expand from the incandescent sphere into the surrounding space, reaching our eyes so that we can see the light.   

If we look at another example, take a piece of paper that you wish to set fire to. The flame expands quickly out in to the surrounding space and then disappears and dies.

The same is true of a celltower or a wifi router – the microwave data fields are expanding (or pulsing) all the time, expanding their reach to meet our mobile data devices.

The devices act as a focal point for these expansive frequencies and a phone (or any connected device), will act as the compression phase for this abundance of expansive waves (radiation).

This underlines the importance of knowing how to balance the radiation motion that is omni-present in the electro-smog we walk through today.

Knowing how to do this is the most effective way to deal with this dangerous situation.


One compression-expansion cycle is called an oscillation.

We have mentioned before that when an oscillation is a perfect balance between compression and expansion, the Zero Point of the cell will be in the geometric centre and you have natural order, or a healthy cell.

However some atoms are not balanced. In an imbalanced cell, all expanding light rings are imbalanced and are performing imbalanced oscillations. 

For this reason these atoms have a centre point which is not aligned in the geometric mid-point. What the ORB does to solve this problem is re-instating the balance. Read more about how the ORB EMF-sticker works.

Natural vs Man-Made

NATURAL CREATIONS can generally be classified as examples of balanced oscillations – balanced sequences of the compression-expansion interchange. For example, the human body, a raindrop, a blade of grass or a tree.

MAN-MADE products (such as petrol fumes, chemicals, or wireless data technologies) which cause imbalanced effects – diseases – must by definition be imbalanced.

The reason for this conclusion is the belief that all disease must derive from the imbalance of the cell. Clinical studies have identified microwave radiation as the cause of many serious diseases.

It follows that this radiation is imbalanced.

We are aware of one further reason why there is such an imbalance in radiation that stems from electrical current but we will withhold that revelation until the world is ready for it. It has a lot to do with the sentiment of extraction and oppression that is a feature of the provision of electricity. 


The crucial thing to realise is that there are imbalanced oscillations and balanced ones. In our modern society, all microwave radiation fields are characterised by imbalanced oscillations.

The essential takeaway is that man-made radiation fields carrying wireless data are imbalanced wave fields and that this has an effect of dissonance on the vibration of the human cell, making it also imbalanced.

These are atoms with Zero Points which are not aligned to the centre because the wave sequences of the light rings are not in equilibrium.The solution to treating radiation from connected devices must originate from this understanding and seek to restore balance to the oscillation phase cycle of radiation atoms and to align the Zero Point to the centre.

The effects are subtle but attritional - because these fields are around us all day and we give ourselves little time to recover, the human body is put under stress and over the long term that is not a good thing for the body. What is more, kids are affected worse than adults because of higher water content in their bodies, lower immune strength and thinner skulls to shield the brain. 

Remember, there are over 6,000 peer-reviewed studies that show non-thermal biological effects of microwave radiation fields. And you can see the volume of these fields that we are coming into contact with here. 

When we look at the volume of radiofrequency that our wireless world imposes on us day and night, our exposure to these imbalanced oscillations is extraordinarily high and therefore so is the level of risk.

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