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Omnia's Unique Science

The Omnia way of harmonising microwave radiation (MWR) fields is simple: 

  1. Understand that every atom or energy field is a vibrating wave field of light - this includes the human cell and the radiation field. 
  2. Identify what is different in each of these two vibrating wave fields. 
  3. Make sure that the two fields vibrate in the same rhythm and balance 
  4. This creates the effect of resonance between the two fields. 
  5. Use tests on the human body and water to demonstrate effectiveness. 

That is our approach which appears simple. However our science is not so simple, it involves a leap into the quantum understanding of the Universe.

A New Perspective 

Omnia has a new perspective on what radiation is and why it affects our bodies.

Our theory is based on the teachings of Dr Ilija Lakicevic, the inventor of the Omnia Radiation Balancer technology and an expert in radiation and energy solutions.

The phone industry only uses one type of test to judge whether our radiating devices are safe.

There is something major missing from all industry tests:


Think of the famous saying from the maverick scientist, Nikola Tesla:

"If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration". 

Dr Lakicevic carries on the work of his master teacher by showing us that every atom is a vibrating wave field of light (or electrical current) that is 'centred' by a magnetic zero point.  

This includes our cells and the 'centredness' of the zero point in our cells dictates its vitality in terms of vibration. 

Zero point at the heart of the torus shaped ring of light which is a blood cell  

The source of everything is light. Even electrical current is light. Every human cell is a light ring and it spins itself into the shape of a torus field - you can see this in two pictures of blood cells below - one taken from inside the body showing cells in 3D and the other is a live blood analysis, a view of blood cells extracted from the body, placed on a plate and magnified many times.  

blood cells are effected by wireless radiation

So the body, which comprises of billions of cells of spinning light rings, is like a big electrical antenna. And we pick up the vibration of everything we encounter. 

His proposition is that the wave field of wireless microwave radiation vibrates with a different rhythm, balance and centredness to that of the human body's energy field. And when these two vibrating wave fields meet, the effect of 'dissonance' or vibrational disharmony can occur. 

When the two fields of light meet, if the wireless radiation field is characterised by what he calls 'imbalance' and 'uncentredness' of zero point, then the magnetic point at the centre of the human cell will pick up this magnetic uncentredness of the wireless radiation and it will start to vibrate in sympathy with this wave field. This means the human cell becomes imbalanced too.
We have done a basic video to illustrate this effect here: 

The human body reacts to everything it experiences 

The human body is set up to resonate with everything it encounters at a vibrational level. We 'feel' the energy of music (when the hairs on the back of our neck stick up, this is an electrical reaction or resonance) and the same goes for when we smell car fumes: we encounter wave fields that are spinning out of sync with our bodies and this smells nasty to us. We can also feel other people's energy and when we hug someone, this is another great example of electrical resonance between two people. 

So this is the basis (the understanding of the quality of centredness in the energy, frequency and vibration of every atom's wave field) from which we assess what is happening to us when we touch wireless radiation fields.  

A phone (or laptop, or watch, or tablet..) gives off man-made, uncentred vibrations. How do we know this? Well it shows up in our test results. But it also shows up in many peer-reviewed biological studies, which you'll find here.

It is impossible to say what impact an 'imbalanced vibe' might have on your health. However we can offer demonstratations in our tests (please note: these are not peer-reviewed studies and we urge you to make up your mind), that the ORB brings the effect of resonance between the microwave radiation (MWR) and the human body. 

Our explanation for this is that we have special technology in the ORB patch that moves the magnetic zero point of the radiation field to the geometric centre of the field. Once this is done, a vibrational 'match' is created between the MWR field and the body's energy field. 

Using the Body as a Conduit 

At this moment in time it is impossible to stick a gauge into the radiation field to measure the quality of its vibration: the centredness and balance of the field. 

So we use the human body to show us a 'before and after' reading. We use Live Blood Analysis, Applied kinesiology and Water Crystal Photography to show that when we create a resonant effect between the two fields, the body shows us that it feels the difference.

The Deca Solution

Our understanding of exactly how the human cell behaves from a vibrational perspective is what allows us to prescibe a solution. However the invention of the ORB, which has been brought to us by Dr Lakicevic, is truly unique because it uses a new type of energy to intercept the MWR field and set it back to balance and centredness. 

He calls it 'Deca' energy. It is a perfectly balanced, centred energy field and it can be programmed to perform this task of transforming the state of the radiation field. These tiny units of energy are sealed within the Omnia Radiation Balancer sticker and what is more, because deca energy will never stop running, the balancing effects will never stop working.

So the ORB is a 'set and forget' solution. 


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