How Radiation Affects the Body: EMF and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

If we know the True concepts in Science, then we open up a vast realm of possibility

In this article we explain the true concept of the atom, particle and cell, how they work together, how radiation disturbs this concept and the consequences to the human body that you may have heard of as electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Using tests, we will show how radiation affects the body, what you can do to limit exposure and what the ORB can do to reduce these harmful effects.

The True Concept of the Atom, Particle and Cell

You may find it hard to believe that the whole of mainstream science is working from the wrong concepts. But this is what the inventor of the Omnia Radiation Balancer can prove. 

Dr Ilija Lakicevic ('Laki') has published the first part of his life's work in an international Journal, the International Journal of Science and ResearchIn this breakthrough article, which turns particle physics and mainstream science on its head, we will find out how every atom behaves in the electric Universe and which effects it has on the human body.


What Laki has found is that each atom, cell and particle follows characteristics that make this model redundant: 

The traditional model of the atom is incorrect

If we understand how electrical current spins around the centring Zero point, a magnetic still point in the centre of each atom (not a nucleus!), then we understand more about our bodies and we understand more about the Universe itself. 

How Atoms and Cells work together

All of Nature's laws become easier to understand. All of the cycles in Nature can be seen as spirals and the flow of electrical current in two motions becomes clear: the compression of the electrical light ring into matter (into the 'matter' that constitutes our bodies' cells - and the same applies to the 'matter' in a teapot); and then the invisible discharge of that light ring into the ether. 

You can see what a cell looks like inside the body here as we explain these concepts in more detail: 

Blood cells are light rings which are spinning round a magnetic Zero Point

Everything in the material world, every single atom follows this process. The so-called 'Rhythmic Balanced Interchange' between the life and the death cycle of the atom.

Every single one of your cells is making itself and then discharging itself in rapid succession. The rate at which this happens is what we call: FREQUENCY.

This is the oscillation between the compression and discharge cycle of the electrical current in the cell. Every cell is flickering on and off at lightning speed. 

All 'things' are made of atoms and these atoms have a 'centring mind point', the zero point in the middle which brings balance to the atom or cell. 

In the full published article on 'The True Concept of Atom, Cell and Particle'Laki teaches us about the cell; about electrical current; about the deception of our senses (and how we have come to be slave to the wrong models because our senses are deceived into believing what our eyes tell us rather than what truly 'is'); and about the true laws of Nature. 

Why Radiation Affects the Human Body

We prefer not to think in terms of what is ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’.  And we will explain why the ‘ionizing’ vs ‘non-ionizing’ debate misses the main point. They key consideration here is whether the atoms are in balance or not and whether one imbalanced atom has the ability to affect the other when they meet. Have a look at this picture of human cells taken inside the body. 

What do you see? 

We see many cells that look like white donuts, with the shape of a torus. Omnia knows these to be rings of light. And it is the behaviour of these light rings that is the key to understanding the human body and in fact the whole of Creation. This knowledge can tell us why a radiation field can harm the human cell.   

These light rings are electrical current moving so rapidly that the torus appears to be solid but this is an illusion. The motion of the light ring follows a process that Omnia has named the 'Rhythmic Balanced Interchange' (RBI).

This is the interchange between two phases: 

  1. Compression
This is where the light ring 'makes itself', it's the process through which the electrical current expresses itself as matter, or as a light ring. 
  1. Expansion
This is the process of 'discharge'. Once the light ring has made itself it discharges itself to the ether and back to the Zero Point field. 

The Rhythmic Balanced Interchange follows the same principle as breathing: you breathe in the oxygen, the prana, the life-force to make your body; and you breathe out the toxins, the discharge, the heat which is the waste from what the body has used and no longer needs. In the laws of nature there are mirrors and synchronicities everywhere and here we see one in the act of breathing and the RBI of the phases of the human cell.

If your breath is in balance, your body is in balance. And it's the same for your cells.  But where does this energy, this light, this electrical current come from? 

 Healthy and Diseased Cells 

So we have established that the heart of the cell is the Zero Point which is the Mind Point of the cell. The Mind Point has awareness and what is more, this awareness is keeping the zero point geometrically aligned in the centre of the spinning Light Ring.

When these cells are in a healthy balance, they appear as you can see on the left. But when they are imbalanced and have no 'Rhythmic Balanced Interchange', then they become malformed. You can see what this looks like in the sickle cells on the right. These are dying cells and their balance has disappeared. 

The compromise of the geometric form of the torus denotes disease. What caused this disease? It is likely that it was caused by toxicity in the body. The reason why toxins cause this effect is because toxins have an imbalanced wave field, which disrupts the rhythmic balanced interchange of the cell and therefore causing electrosensitivity.

When we say the invisible part of our body, this constitutes your unique invisible body field, which can be described as the ‘aura’. We can even photograph the aura, as is done in our Kirlian Photography test. The University of Heartmath has also measured two fields, the strongest being the closest, which emanate from your heart. 

Old School Thinking 

Traditionally, the world of science believed that only ionizing radiation can harm the human cell. This is because it generates enough heat or energy to immediately break a chemical compound and harm the cell. 

But you have seen in the peer-reviewed studies that this can not be true. Harm is being done by non-ionizing radiation too. 

Everyone is divided about why non-ionizing radiation harms the human cell. We are going to give you the definitive answer. 

On this journey of understanding we are going to show you exactly how Omnia knows the truth about why this radiation harms us. In short.. cellular harm from radiation can be caused by VIBRATION and not just HEAT.  

A New Perspective is Required

The inventor of the ORB is a protege of the great scientist and master inventor, Nikola Tesla. Omnia is therefore continuing  and accelerating his great work. With the crisis that is microwave radiation, we must look at the body not in terms of biology but in terms of ‘energy, frequency and vibration’, to use one of his famous quotations. 

Why is this quote so important today? Because we have never before held radiating devices in our hands all day with such a strong energy, vibration and frequency. And the vibration is what is causing us harm. 

We will show you how each cell in the human body is an electric current, a spinning ring of light. When you use a phone, there is an electro-magnetic wave field delivering data wirelessly and this comes into contact with your body causing emf sensitivity. 

So what really happens when these fields meet?

The short answer is both 'interference' and 'dissonance' but this needs to be explained more fully. We can only fully realise why this is a problem and then find a solution if we know the truth about: 

  • The atom (and the cell, and the particle)
  • The laws of creation and the importance of ‘balance’ in nature
  • What radiation is and why man-made radiation harms the human cell
  • Why the ionizing vs non-ionizing debate is redundant
  • Why the current industry health & safety standards are inadequate

The Law of Resonance

The reason why Radiation affects the human body is to do with the Law of Resonance.  

According to the Law of Resonance, if a cell, with a specific oscillation frequency, is brought close to the oscillation frequency of a different wave field within a close frequency range, the cell will start vibrating in the same rhythm of that different wave field. 

This is good if you are walking along a sunny beach or through a field - you feel a healthy boost.

However if you are standing behind a bus, you will most likely hold your nose because your body will start to resonate with the imbalanced toxic fumes, which brings toxicity into the body.  This is very undesirable but it’s also a classic example of what happens when a balanced field meets an imbalanced, man-made, toxic field.

This is exactly what happens when the human body comes into contact with ‘data-driven devices’ connecting to microwave radiation fields, such as phones, tablets and laptops. Similar to the bus it brings toxicity in the body, EMF toxicity.

The harmful effects of radiation

The following is about proving beyond doubt that wireless, microwave radiation causes harmful biological effects in organic life and we speak of EMF dangers.

The best resource for tracking all the news on harm done by radiation that we have found is the Environmental Health Trust. It compiles all the significant research on each aspect of health which has been proven to be affected or damaged by EMF: 

  • Cancer 
  • Fertility and Reproduction 
  • Neurotoxic Effects . 
  • Cognitive and Memory Function 
  • Behavioural issues 
  • Hearing Loss 
  • Headaches 
  • Sleep 
  • Oxidative Stress 
  • Genotoxic Effects (including gene and DNA damage) 
  • Endocrine System Damage 
  • Disruptions to Heart Functioning 

There is a reason why EMF effects the human body in a vast range of areas. It is because it affects our cells on a vibrational level. So it's as if microwave radiation is like a bully: if the body has a weak point, the radiation will seek it out and attack. 

There is little consensus in the mainstream scientific community as to exactly 'WHY' the effects listed above are caused by exposure to non-ionizing radiation (which had for so long been deemed safe for the human body). There must be effects that are NOT related to heat which cause these many diseases observed in rats. A theory has been put forward that it is because of 'pulsed' effects of the radiation which exacerbate the strength of the field. However we would like to counter this. 

The work which was done by Dr Martin Pall has been the key finding in terms of singling out a 'mechanism' between wireless radiation and disease in the body. He reported on the increase in calcium levels due to the sensitivity to microwave radiation of the voltage gate calcium channel. This is the membrane outside certain cells which lets the calcium (and other minerals) into the cell in exact proportions. When this membrane is excited by microwave radiation, it lets too much calcium into the cell and this causes imbalanced effects, namely oxidative stress which leads to free radicals. Free radicals are the pre-cursor to disease. 

But the question remains: WHY does the cell membrane (the VGCC) get excited by such a low level of radiation. 

Omnia's science shows that it is because of the vibrational imbalance of the wireless radiaiton field, which causes imbalanced effects in the cell. The science of Dr Ilija Lakicevic, detailed in his paper 'The True Concept of the Atom, Particle and Cell' that we summarised above gives us the reason why this vibrational imbalance is caused and why the health effects listed above are then observed. It is based on our concept of the 'Centredness of Wave Fields'.

This is unique understanding which gives us the knowledge of what we have to do to balance these radiation fields and bring them to a state that no longer causes disharmony in the human body. 

Not all radiation is bad - look at the Sun, it is the giver of all life on the planet. So the question is: can we transmute an imbalanced radiation field into a balanced field? Yes we can!

The key point to make is that the biologists who have observed these effects in the cell have done the most amazing and important research to show us what wireless radiation is doing to us. However their only answer to this threat is to turn everything off. This is unlikely to ever be achieved. 

The BioInitiative Report

And here is a key presentation of all the findings of health effects explained by one of the key figureheads in raising awareness of the hazards of phone radiation

(Please note: the subject of this interview does NOT endorse nor support Omnia, this is purely a link to content where a top scientist proves that radiation is causing disease): 


So if we step back to ask ourselves why the membrane of the cell got excited in the first place, what we offer at Omnia is an explanation for this, which is that there is imbalance in the radiation field and this is picked up by the normally balanced and centred wave field of the human cell.

So you see.. the Omnia explanation of the cause dovetails perfectly with the biological observations of the health effects laid out above. 

What makes the Radiation Field Imbalanced?

It’s because the zero point of the microwave radiation field is not aligned to the centre and the expansion phase is not in sync with the compression phase.

This effect on the human cell is what causes dis-ease in the body, which you can see starting to take shape in the sample above showing the undesirable Rouleaux syndrome.To recap, every form of radiation consists of invisible expanding light rings, rotating around the same centering Mind point.

With radiation, if the centering Mind point is held firm in the geometric center of a light ring, then that radiation is balanced and that cell is balanced.his happens in naturally occurring radiation fields such as the Sun. But, if the centering Mind point is out of the geometric center, that radiation is imbalanced and that cell's wave field becomes imbalanced. 

What causes the Centering Mind point to move out of the Geometric Center?

The centering Mind point is an intelligent Mind point, which responds to human consciousness and obeys its commands. This happens whether a human being is aware of it or not. The Creator always produces his Creation in perfect balance (in human beings, in a tree, a raindrop, a flower or sunlight).

When Man becomes Creator, his intent is also recorded in his Creation (if he writes a song, builds a house, signs a contract..)

So here’s the important question:

When man creates a microwave radiation field, is it well-intentioned or not? Is the mind point in balance with the rest of the Creator’s universe?

The 5G network is a weaponry system intended for killing life. That is the very cause which moves the centering Mind point out from the geometric center and this causes the (5G) MWR to be heavily imbalanced and life-destructive. That is what makes EMF dangerous.

It was the same for 4G and in fact for all uses of electrical current – because it is a limited power source built on oppression and it enslaves us all to an extraction/payment system.

Did the Creator design the world so that humans have to pay for their energy or is this an imbalanced, greedy system imposed by man on his fellow man?

Ill-meaning intentions are recorded in the wave field of microwave radiation which brings the mind point out of centre and that is what causes dissonance in the human being. When we increase the frequencies, the level of harm to the human body is augmented.

For most people, the effects impact the body on a much more subtle level than ‘holding your nose’.  Your active senses (sight, smell, touch etc.) are not triggered, so only very few people, especially those with the grave misfortune to suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, will consciously feel the effects.

Omnia Test Results

However we can show you that there will be a reaction in every single body, as you can see from the results of the below tests.

Omnia has done a few core tests so far and there are more to come which are showing excellent results (Heart Rate Variability and thermal effects on the skin). 

3 Omnia Radiation Balancer Tests

Please click on each link to see extensive detail of the tests that we have done. 

  1. Muscle Testing
  2. Live Blood Analysis 
  3. Water Structure Testing
  4. Thermal Imaging Skin Photography
  5. [Coming Soon] Heart Rate Variability Testing
  6. [Coming Soon] Radiation Levels - we test each device for a sample of radioactive energy outputs (phone, laptop, wifi router, watch). 
  7. Testimonials for the Omnia Radiation Balancer 

Remember we are dealing with invisible energy fields (you can not see the EMF field, the toroidal energy field around the human cell nor the balancing energy within the Omnia Radiation Balancer).  Our view is that the only tests that matter are on the human body or on water (because the body is mostly water) and that any test on the radiation field strength is redundant. Because not all radiation is 'bad', otherwise the Sun would damage our DNA. So this is a question of measuring whether the radiation field has been made harmless. And we measure this by showing that the body no longer responds to the radiation field or that the field has changed its state and this is reflected in the Water Crystal Photography. 

The other caveat that we will add is that the only way to be absolutely sure that you are protected is to get yourself personally tested if it is possible to do so. The reason for this is that everyone is individual - some people might be more resilient to EMF than others, although the vast majority of people we have tested have been extremely susceptible - and that follows because we know why radiation affects us. 

Omnia Radiation Balancer Product Pictures

Science tells us it's bad for us. Tests show our body doesn't like it.

Why can't we feel the effects?  

After all.. key researcher Dr Ollie Johansson has measured that we have 1 quintillion times (that's 18 zeros) more radiation passing through our body today than before the age of mobile phones. And we know through the Omnia tests and through the work of Dr Martin Pall that radiation causes imbalance in a cell which will lead to disease or harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on humans.

*But why can't we feel it?*

Why do we not register this on a day to day basis?

The answer is: evolution.

Let's take the brain as an example. Since we have never before had this chronic volume of radiation to contend with, the brain has no sensory nerve endings that warn you of a rise in temperature. Remember the same frequency band (1800mhz+) is being used for mobiles as it is for microwave ovens. 

This heats you from the inside out, not from the outside in.

Now, in our skin there is a sensor that tells us when we touch something hot. But there are no sensory nerve endings inside the brain to warn you of an internal rise in temperature (because we did not evolve with microwave radiation). Since the structure of the head and brain is so complex and non-uniform, "hot spots" are produced, where heating can be tens or hundreds of times what it is nearby. 

So whereas this is actually happening, you do not actually feel much at all. 

Some people do feel a little bit of heat. Some get affected by tinnitus or ear-ringing. However, all of us are being subjected to heating effects that we can't feel.

It is widely reported that cancers in the brain (such as glioma) and the salivary glands are on an alarming increase. 

It is also worrying that none of this information is taken into account by the determination of so called Specific Absorption Rate – SAR, the standard industry safety standard which you can find in the packaging of most new phones.

So how safe do you feel now you know this?

The simple tests that we have done - the muscle test, the water structure test and the blood analysis all clearly show that your body is feeling the strain. You will also see from the tests that we have done that our solution is effective. 

Sadly with children the affect is much higher as their defence is less robust than adults (their skulls are thinner for example):  

Specific Absorption Rate of EMF in adults and children


Now you have this knowledge, realise that it is easy to take action to remove this significant toxin in your life. 


And finally it is important that you don't just put the Omnia Radiation Balancer and think that everything is OK. EMF is everywhere and the best cure is to limit exposure. 

How to limit exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

If and when 5G is launched through streetlights as is predicted, this represents a more powerful and immediate vibrational threat to the electrical balance in our bodies. Using the ORB will protect you from 5G radiation while we oppose its rollout. 

We can propose changes that you can make to minimise the impact of EMF by simply reducing your exoposure to the 5 key factors that

govern how much microwave radiation affects you: 

    1. Proximity
      The closer you are to a radiating device, the more imbalanced energy your body will absorb. 
      The Omnia muscle tests show that when you move your phone from 1 foot away from the body to inside a pocket, the body weakens significantly. 
      Radiation decreases with distance and intensifies when a device connects to the network. 

    2. Volume
      The more data you consume, the higher the levels of radiation. 
      Levels will ‘peak’ when you are looking for a signal – when you’re underground or out in the country or if you’re looking for WiFi or Celltower signals or use Bluetooth, the radiofrequency readings will increase. 

    3. Exposure 
      Continuous exposure to high volumes of radiation from data-driven devices leads to imbalance in the body and which is likely to eventually show up in the body as disease. 
      Omnia has proven that microwave radiation represents a stress to the body. The ‘cumulative effect’ is very dangerous and it may be only a question of how strong and resilient your body is over time before symptoms develop.

    4. Age 
      The younger the child, the worse you are affected. Young children have thinner skulls, higher absorption of radiation (a higher moisture content in the body), and their cells are at a sensitive and susceptible age where all organs are growing. Tests have shown that this level radiation is ‘genotoxic’ which means it damages the DNA molecule.

    5. Recalibration and Recovery Time 
      Step 1 covered how man-made radiation fields represent imbalanced wave fields that affect the vibration of your cells. From that moment onwards, your body is dealing with a 'stressor' and you can see that in a muscle test and in the live blood analysis. 

      So the question is: how much time per day do you give your body to recover from this omnipresent stress?

      Because if you are not harmonising the radiation fields that are hitting your body, then your body will need 'downtime' to recalibrate and to recover its balance. 

Once you have understood these 5 factors, you can make changes to your daily habits to reduce the exposure you experience and therefore reduce the impact of the harm that these frequencies are known to afflict.

Good Sleep is crucial time to your health

Because we are bombarding our bodies with foreign frequencies all day and sometimes all night, our body needs to detox and recharge.

At night the pineal gland secretes elatonin to clean up the body and this powerful antioxidant is a vital immune function, which is inhibited by the infrared light and EMF radiation from the phone. 

Your body’s circadian rhythm becomes upset and you start a cycle where your body is dealing with stress and immune strain. 

It’s the perfect storm – the phone creates toxins in the day and at night, it impedes the cleaning up of the blood brain barrier.

Your body badly needs to rest from this vibrational and toxic challenge it is dealing with all day, so keep your bedroom clean.

When it comes to managing the microwave radiation in your life.. 

Putting a phone under your pillow is the worst thing you can do for your health. 

EMF DNA Damage Reversal Testing 

Tests have shown that DNA damage from 24 hours of mobile phone use is similar to a large dose of gamma rays from a radioactive isotope. If the DNA is subsequently broken, the resulting small fragments can form a tail like the tail of a comet. The size of the tail is a measure of DNA damage. 

The Comet Assay, or single cell gel electrophoresis assay (SCGE), is a common technique used to measure all types of DNA damage, including the various types of damage mentioned above. It is a convenient tool for measuring universal DNA damage in individual cells. 

We are currently doing a test on the DNA support that the Omnia Radiation Balancer offers and we will report on this soon. 

With the infusion of healing energies, the Omnia Radiation Balancer has been shown to help protect DNA from the harmful effects of mobile phone radiations.

Make my devices safe 

How does this all affect you?

People often ask us: what will this do to me? What are the EMF health effects for me? Do I have an EMF disease? The truth is that we can't tell because your body could be strong or susceptible and it depends on where you are most exposed. However we know that there is a very strong link to many diseases and conditions such as cancer, heart failure, mental deficiencies, infertility and DNA damage. There are many more health risks. 

All radiation emanating from electric current is dangerous because it is imbalanced. Even a small radiation intensity is dangerous if it is imbalanced and there are studies confirming that there is NO biological threshold under which imbalanced radiation could be harmless. Even 0.1muW is dangerous, since there is an ACCUMULATING effect which can multiply that 0.1muW into KW. Today, the levels we are exposed to are extremely high. Dr Ollie Johansson has measured it to be 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quantilion) times as much as the time when we didn’t have mobile phones. 

How the ORB can reduce harmful effects

The key factor in terms of effects on the human body is the volume of waves that we are receiving and the lack of time that our cells have to recover, unless they have a balancing tool like the ORB. So once we understand these principles, we can understand what it is in a radiation field that harms the human body.

You can see from the baseline (left) that the blood is clearly compromised after watching 20 minutes of video on a phone (middle). And then when the ORB patch is applied to the same phone, the sample quickly returns to normal. 

(note: these colours are an inversion or 'negative' version of the previous photo of the cells, so black appears white and vice versa). 

Live Blood analysis shows rouleaux developing after only 20 minutes of phone use

You see the difference? And in the photo on the right you can see how the ORB restored electrical and vibrational balance back to the cell in just 20 minutes using Conscious Energy that is stored in the ORB patch.

The vibration of the human cell was compromised by Microwave Radiation (MWR). To create an imbalanced effect, the source (MWR) must be imbalanced

So why did this happen?

This effect happened because of the Law of Resonance that we have explained above. This Law dictates that wave fields vibrating within close frequency range will start to adopt the same rhythm as each other. Therefore the wave field of the human cell will adopt the same rhythm and vibration of the imbalanced radiation field.

So What is the SOLUTION? 

Omnia has developed conscious technology which moves the centering Mind point of the radiation back into the geometric center of the wave field. This makes the MWR field balanced. Once the wave field is balanced, the human cell is ‘in resonance’ with it and this will no longer cause dis-ease in the body.

In doing so we are using a new unit of energy which has perfect balance which we call the 'Deca'. This is what makes the ORB work immediately. The human body is electrical in nature so it responds immediately. You can read more about it in the article that explains how the ORB EMF sticker works.

To conclude: if the wave field of a phone or laptop is imbalanced, then these human cells ultimately will become imbalanced as well. As with anywhere in the natural world, this is undesirable.

Protect my devices 

Endless Possibilities

This new knowledge opens up extraordinary possibilities. Because when we realise that the whole Material Universe is made up of spinning light rings, and we understand the importance of balance in those light rings, then we can actively bring about solutions dedicated to restoring balance and therefore harmony between man and nature and even inside the human body itself. 

This is just our introduction to new science that has the potential to change everything.

Because everything needs to be changed. 

See this interview between the founder of Omnia, Tim Sandars and Dr Lakicevic where he imparts the knowledge that changes the whole radiation debate. 

And here is some one more analysis this time looking at how electrical current moves along a tube - not as 'electrons' or 'balls' shooting down the tube but instead as torus-shaped light rings. Again, the phenomenon of self-organising light rings into spinning, torus-shaped rings of light is proven:  

Because of the inventor's unique knowledge of the atom and cell, Omnia is in a unique position to be able to design a solution to all radiation issues, even 5G, and we know that it works. 

Choose your ORB Pack