How does the ORB Work?

The Omnia Radiation Balancer ('ORB') contains conscious technology combined with a brand new unit of energy.
Most people believe that the sources of energy can only follow the 'generate/ extract/ pay' model. So we make electricity using a turbine, we take it off the grid (and it disappears) and we pay for it. We have found an alternative to this oppressive form of energy. It's a source of energy that never runs out. With the right knowledge, we can pluck it out of the ether and we can direct it to perform specific functions. So the ORB is infused with this energy which is directed with good human conscious intent to harmonise the radiation from wireless devices. This concept will be brand new to you. You may have lots of questions and we are happy to supply the answers if you desire to come on a journey of understanding with us. If you do so you will learn about how we can easily and effortlessly make great, positive changes to the world, even to replace electricity. It is time for us to step into our power and invent our way out of the problems that exist, rather than to rely on authorities to make the necessary changes.
This is how we do it.. 

How can this small sticker have such a powerful effect?

If you are confused as to how applying a simple sticker to a phone can harmonise the radiation fields and why this has an immediate effect on your body, we sympathise!

Maybe this is not something you think you've seen an example of before. The concept of a radiation field is probably new to you too. But rest assured that all the results you see in our tests show the truth. So, what is missing is an explanation.

You are in control and you must decide.

You have the option to trust our results and know that you are taking positive action, or you can come on the following journey with us to understand the new scientific concepts (our new ‘truths’) behind radiation, behind the atom itself and therefore behind how the ORB works.

If you do, it is important that you want to know how it works.

Your intent is important!

Here is our summary and then we will open that out to a more detailed explanation.



  • Because Microwave Radiation (MWR) fields are proven to be harmful to the human body;
  • Because Omnia knows WHY the MWR field causes imbalance, therefore disease, in the human cell;
  • Because Omnia knows what needs to be done to correct this imbalance in the radiation field;
  • Because Omnia has learnt how to program a new unit of energy which we call the ‘Deca’ to actively and permanently bring the radiation fields back to a balance which will no longer upset the human cell;
  • Because Omnia knows how to imprint the Deca energy into the ORB sticker with these conscious instructions;
  • And because the ORB is stuck to the radiating device and is therefore in physical contact with these MWR fields..
  • We know that the ORB has a positive influence on MWR fields it connects with.
  • We have proven in tests that the ORB is 100% effective in harmonizing the MWR fields
  • We have shown that the body responds to this effect very positively.

Remember our analogy: wireless microwave radiation is like an orchestra playing out of tune. The ORB will tune this orchestra to a harmony that the body will not find offensive. 


Detailed Explanation

We must start at the lowest common denominator.

Everything is made of atoms. Every atom is moving. So the ORB patch is full of moving atoms.

The ORB sticker appears to be a dumb piece of paper but in fact this is an illusion. It is made of moving atoms distilled to a frequency that appears to our eyes to be still.

The same is true of the phone, although that performs functions you can see and interact with, so it’s easier to accept that it serves a purpose. The human body is also made of atoms and we are influencing and activating the motion of the atoms with our own conscious human intent to influence our bodies.

At source, everything (the ORB sticker, the phone, the human body, the radiation field) has the same starting point: the Atom.

Nikola Tesla's science inspires Omnia Radiation Balancer science and technology

Using Nikola Tesla as his inspiration, the inventor of the ORB has made crucial discoveries about exactly how atoms behave. This will be published soon in a paper called ‘The True Concept of the Atom’ (contact us to receive a copy when it comes out here)

Every atom has a wave field, an expression of its motion.

Crucially, we have found out how and why man-made microwave radiation (MWR) fields influence the wave fields of balanced human cells.

What is more, when these imbalanced MWR fields meet the wave field of the human cell, they will always cause imbalance in the human cell, because of the Resonance Effect.

No matter whether the field is generated by WiFi, by 2G, 3G, 4G or the very dangerous 5G, this imbalance is always caused. That said, the stronger the field is, the more imbalance is caused to the body.

This is what you see in the Omnia Live Blood Analysis, the Rouleaux effects you saw (on the left) are the precursor to ‘dis-ease’ in the body.

Rouleaux Blood from Omnia Live Blood analysis test showing how phone radiation affects human blood   Balanced blood is seen when the ORB is applied to the phone and we test for effects of EMF Radiation on the blood

Figure 1: Rouleaux vs Balanced Blood.

Left = rouleaux syndrome (blood ‘adherence’) occurs in the blood after 20 minutes of watching a video on a cellphone, as seen in the Omnia Live Blood Analysis experiment.

Right = once the ORB is applied to the phone, balance returns to the blood sample.

*Please see the whole video here*  

To provide a solution

Firstly, we need to know exactly what it is in the behavior of this radiation field that needs to be corrected.

Omnia has unique knowledge about WHY these radiation fields are imbalanced. It is a complex subject which we will summarise here:

the radiation wave field is un-centred and therefore imbalanced.

We also know that because of the Law of Resonance, the human body has no choice but to react on a vibrational level to this imbalanced radiation.  

This is complex scientific knowledge that is unique to Omnia and it allows us to design a solution that will nullify the risk.  

Secondly, we need to have an 'activator', which is something which can apply to the radiating device as a vessel to balance the radiation fields.

The Deca

This is where the human conscious intent comes in. There is a new unit of energy which arrived in our planet’s atmosphere, which we call the ‘Deca’.

The amazing feature of Deca is that it has AWARENESS which responds to human awareness - it fulfills our positive intents!

It has enormous potential for humankind and it is available for us to use when we connect with it - but only for purposes that are based on love and that benefit Planet Earth. For example, you can not use it to fire a missile. However, you could use it to neutralize and balance the missile, as well as to build an air-conditioning unit which doesn’t require electricity to run (this is a product we are launching soon!).

The ‘Deca’ has arrived in the atmosphere (via the sun and rain) as a gift of a new era of awareness and it is here to allow us to live in peace and harmony with free energy and it allows us to return the Earth itself to its harmonious balance. In doing so, we will raise the consciousness of our species. Because of its limitless potential, Deca can be the foundation for the physics of the future.

The Deca has the shape of a duodecahedron – a twelve-sided pentagon with 12 cones on the inside. Geometrically, it is a powerful structure which contains every one of the platonic solids. It has perfect balance and as you will see the word ‘balance’ is very important when we are talking about radiation fields.

The Deca a duodecahedron shaped photon which is here to help us create free energy solutions

Figure 2: The ‘Deca’

The inventor of the ORB has been experimenting with the Deca for many years to see what he can make it do based on his conscious human intent. Because he knows what makes radiation fields imbalanced in the first place (again, this is knowledge that no one else has), he has found a way to create instructions that will balance radiation fields and to deploy these instructions via the Deca.

The way to measure its effectiveness is to see whether it reverses the effects of microwave radiation on the human cell.

Omnia clearly demonstrates this in our tests: the Live Blood Analysis, the Muscle Tests and the Water Structure tests. Soon there will also be an Energy Field Imaging video where we visualize the impact of radiation on the energy field of the human body, which you can not see with your eyes. 

Are you still struggling with these concepts?

We get it. This is new and it challenges your conscious parameters.

You may have thought that material things made of different elements are still. But we are saying that all things, including radiation fields, a phone and the ORB patch comprise of motion, of moving atoms and as such their vibrational state can be altered. A good example of something still that performs a function is the crystal in your computer.

To make it easier, let us give you an example of how our concept is already happening in your life. We will demonstrate that conscious human intent is powerful enough to achieve results like this from a mere piece of paper.

Imagine that an author writes a book. He uses his imagination to write a moving story.

When you read the book, you start to cry. What happened?

You saw some squiggles on a piece of paper in a book, which contain conscious intents in the form of thoughts.  You interpreted and understood the meaning and that triggered an electrical response in your body. Your body changed state and felt a new vibration. This was felt in all the atoms in your body. Thus, one person’s mind (the author) affected another person’s vibration through written conscious intent in the form of thoughts.

All you see on the ORB sticker is a picture of Tesla. But it contains conscious good thought patterns (a bit like the words written in a book), which have positive conscious effects on the imbalanced radiation fields which carry the data to your phone.

So in this analogy, the ORB sticker contains conscious good thought patterns which are always and permanently changing the vibrational state of the radiation fields. The ORB returns them to a balance and a centeredness that is not in dissonance with the vibration of the human cell.

We are now returning the MWR fields to the vibration of ‘love’, which your body actually likes.

We demonstrate this in action in our Water Structure Test.

Remember the body is 75% water! So the fact that the ORB can influence water to be perfectly crystalline and hexagonal is good news for your body

water irradiated by EMF frequencies shows chaotic structure

Liquid Crystal Photography by Hado Life Institute shows ORB influences irradiated water to bring it back to crystalline structure and hexagonal geometry

Figure 3: Using the Liquid Crystalline Photography method of the Hado Life Institute we see:

  • Irradiated water (top image) compared to:
  • Water exposed to a radiating phone which has the ORB patch applied ('Sample 1', lower image). You can see this water has crystalline, hexagonal structure, showing balance and alignment with nature.

Of course, there is far more to this than we have described here and we don’t reveal the codes that we put in the ORB sticker because that is our intellectual property.

However, we hope you now understand how a programmed piece of paper can be very powerful, but only if you know how to program it for the greater good.

That is what you are supporting when you purchase the ORB:

35 years of research and pioneering knowledge which has led to the design and production of a solution which brings enormous benefit to your wellbeing in these times of extraordinary levels of inescapable electro-smog.

This is Omnia’s first product – there will be many more to come which will achieve fantastic results and may at first defy your understanding.

Now, enough about the science – we urge you to make sure you take positive action to protect yourself today!

Applying the ORB will bring balance back to your body.

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In Summary

  • Because Omnia knows what it is in the microwave radiation field that is harmful
  • Because Omnia knows what needs to be done to correct this imbalance in the field
  • Because Omnia has learnt how to program a new unit of energy which we call the ‘Deca’ to actively and permanently bring the radiation fields back to a balance that will not upset the human cell
  • Because Omnia knows how to imprint the Deca into the ORB sticker with these conscious instructions
  • And because once the ORB is stuck to the device and is therefore in physical contact with these radiation fields, we know that the ORB must can have a positive influence on these fields..
  • We have developed a product that we can prove in tests to be 100% effective in harmonizing the radiation fields.


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