Nyla Nguyen Connects her Galactic Audience with the ORB – Omnia Radiation Balancer
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Nyla Nguyen Connects her Galactic Audience with the ORB

Nyla Nguyen Connects her Galactic Audience with the ORB

It is always a great joy when someone approaches us asking if we can resolve an issue in their life and that person responds positively to the ORB.

That is what happened with Nyla Nguyen, who has a dedicated following of truth-seekers on her YouTube channel called ‘3D to 5D Consciousness’.

Who is Nyla Nguyen?

On her channel, Nyla disseminates knowledge about how we can individually and collectively raise our vibration and prepare our bodies and our minds by cleaning out the clutter that will obstruct the process of what is known as ‘the Ascension’.

This is the journey, for those souls who are ready into 5th dimensional consciousness, which is also referred to as ‘unity consciousness’.

Nyla Nguyen and Omnia - 3D to 5D consciousness

The Connection Between Nyla and Omnia

Nyla appeared as a guest speaker on a show called Journey to Truth that I was also a guest on and she reached out to find out more about the ORB. It brought relief from a few issues that she was having.

You should watch this video, and subscribe to her channel when you have some time, but here is her testimony for you now:



Nyla talks about how a sinus problem that was plaguing her for some time was cleared up once she made the change in her life by using the Omnia Radiation Balancer to harmonize her own vibration with the radiation coming from the wireless devices in her home.

She also shares about how she noticed the temperature of the phone change as soon as the sticker is on. This does happen – and the reason is because we have altered the state of the radiation field.

Please also note: the ORB must be stuck directly onto the radiating device (e.g. a phone) with nothing in between the sticker and the device. The ORB must become part of the device to connect with its energy field and then it can transform that energy. 

Nyla had loads of questions and when we connected we talked at length about our respective journeys.

She intuited that Deca energy is the energy of the 5th dimension that has arrived early in order to help us solve many of the problems that humankind had already created under the old 3D consciousness, such as the mass electrification of our environment, which causes imbalance to our planet (and therefore to us!). 

She became a supporter of Omnia and reached out to her audience to share her story, for which we are hugely grateful. (THANK YOU SO MUCH, NYLA!)

Sharing Through Abundance

Sharing through abundance is graceful and easy and available to everyone.

This is not a new way of sharing. Humans have always passed our positive experiences through word of mouth. The internet offers us a platform, a new way for truth to reach a massive, unstoppable audience (that's you). It is the law of what Professor Lakicevic calls ‘equal giving and re-giving’.

You give something to someone who feels the positive resonance, they pass on the gift. This expansion is the ripple of love in the zero point field that helps humanity to collectively rise above all tyranny.

As any follower of Omnia knows, a new conscious civilization can be characterized by a future of free energy that is in harmony with Mother Earth. We just have to choose it. We have the power to manifest a future without cables or wires. A future of ‘Deca’ energy.    

Power in Human DNA

Like Nyla, many spiritual truth-seekers (or ‘love-workers’ as I like to call them) are aware that there is a big energetic event on the horizon. This event involves new energy arriving on the planet which will shift the energy in the human body. It will awaken dormant DNA and it will resurface the memory of powers that have been suppressed for a long time.

Some say that these powers were taken away from us, and the human genome was genetically modified. If you think that this sounds ridiculous, consider that in many religious texts there is allegory which suggests this. The story of the creation of Adam and Eve, along with the significance of the serpent and the apple.

In South Africa, during a visit hosted by Michael Tellinger, I was shown around ‘Adam’s Calendar’, a set of stones organised in circular formation on a clifftop with extraordinary views. It is on this site that African folklore depicts that modern man came to its inception.

In terms of our DNA, a 2014 study published in POLS Genetic Journal showed that only 8.2% of our DNA are activated and in use. This suggests that human beings possess huge untapped potential. Once we are aware of this concept, our potential can be channelled towards working with Deca energy. 

Deca Energy

Professor Lakicevic (‘Laki’, inventor of the ORB) received knowledge of the presence of  ‘Deca’ energy in our atmosphere in 2007. He proclaims it as the new unit of energy now present in our atmosphere which is here to support this big energetic shift. In physical terms, we can describe this new unit of energy as a dodecahedron frame with 12 cones (6 pairs) of light spiraling in and out of its centre, back and forth across the structure.

What is Deca Energy? - ORB

The Deca can help us to connect with and build new energy solutions through our conscious intent. Deca energy also amplifies our intentions and desires that we, as human cell towers of pure ‘energy, frequency and vibration’ are broadcasting out to our communities.

Think about that today as you read this: what emotions, intentions and energies are you broadcasting from your human celltower? Because the Deca in the atmosphere will be listening and amplifying this energy.


If you have any questions for us, or you want to learn how to share Omnia with your network, please reach out to us at hello@omniabalance.life



PLOS Genetics DNA Study

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