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Why Not Harmonize All the EMF in your Office?

Why Not Harmonize All the EMF in your Office?

Human bodies are under constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the form of cell phones, computers, televisions, and WiFi devices that surround us all day and this isn’t likely to change anytime soon. 

We are on a mission to change the state of the radiation field to allow a new effect of resonance and harmony with the electrical current in the body. Step one was to develop the technology, we have achieved this with the Omnia Radiation Balancer (ORB).

Step two is to share our tech with the world. To that end, Tim, the Omnia Founder, regularly appears on podcasts and talks with industry professionals to spread the word. We’re growing in our capacity to share what we know about energy and the true concept of the atom along with testing our products to make sure they work to harmonize our wave field vibrations.

Today, we want to share a great discussion that Tim had with Kim Field who, along with her husband, is the owner of an engineering firm in Massachusetts, US. Kim had been researching EMF and the safety around magento-electric fields for some time. When she was introduced to Omnia by a close friend, she realized that there was real potential to provide a healthy and harmonious environment to her entire office and employees!



Sharing Kim Field’s Story

Kim got to know about Omnia through a good friend of hers.

In an email she wrote, “This is something I have thought about for quite some time and feel there is a health concern with all the electronics/radiation exposure we have in our lives especially as we have been moving towards more and more technology. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of technology. I just want it also to be in harmony with me and my health.”

She did some independent research and found that Omnia’s mission and dedication to sharing information and testing helped to alleviate the concerns she had regarding the man-made radiations emitting from the devices in her office.

In her initial conversation with Tim, she expressed that her office has a lot of radiating devices including computers, cell phones, big server rooms, plotters, and scanners, so she decided to reach out to Omnia for help optimizing the vibration for all of the office devices!

To validate how the ORB creates harmony with the natural rhythms of the body, Kim (who is also a kinesiologist) muscle tested everyone on her team. She tested them with nothing around, again while holding their phones without the ORB, and then tested them a third time with the ORB applied to their phone. About the third test, enthusiastically says, "They were rock solid! Even more so than when there was nothing around." 

She decided to provide an ORB for every desk in her engineering firm!

She told us that after the deployment of stickers throughout the office, her and her employees slept better at night. And she let Tim know that her team members like it so much that Kim decided to place a second order so that her team can protect themselves in their homes as well. 

How to Harmonize Radiation in Your Office

Next time you’re at your office, take a look around. Radiation in the office environment is caused by continuously operating computers, scanners, cell phones, and WiFi routers. Even if your space is protected, is the desk next to you? Is the router or the range extender? How about the copy machine, the scanner, or the office kitchen microwave?

All of these man-made radiation sources are imbalanced and we highly recommend taking a page from Kim’s book to help them be in harmony with our body’s vibrations. Kim is finding that the ORB creates a resonance and harmony with the microwave radiation that exists in her office environment.

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Kim is an Omnia Affiliate, which means that when you order through her link or use her coupon code, you not only get 10% off, but you help support her too!

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If you want to order bulk for your whole team, please reach out to and we’ll get your office set up too!

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denis calendar_today

Hello Tim & colleagues, This is excellent vid; have forwarded to close ones. Enjoy these updates altho’ not thanking you enough. Early Mar. re FCC as an example was uplifting . Many thanks, denis.

BARBARA Gould calendar_today

Wonderful info – so glad to have access to a reputable product.
Ordered a 6 pack previously – will be ordering more.

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