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The Difference Between Ionising and Non-Ionising Radiation

Difference between ionising and non ionising radiation

Radiation, at its core, is another term for the emission of energy. Every substance in the universe emits some type of energy, so whether you’re sitting at your computer now or scrolling on your phone, the devices you use are radiating but so are you: the human body is a source of radiation, as is everything around you.

As we will discover in this article, the key thing to consider when we assess radiation fields for safety is whether there is resonance or a 'match' between the wireless radiation field and the energy field of the human body.

We are going to explain what the traditional scientific way of assessing radiation safety is and then we will introduce a new Omnia explanation of what we feel is missing. This brings the safety debate up to date with the modern era, in which every adult uses a mobile phone. 

Radiation, Frequency and the Electromagnetic Spectrum 

Radiation has become a 'dirty word'. However, given that everything emits radiation, we are surrounded by radiation every day hence it is a natural part of our existence to be exposed to radiation and the obvious example of this is the Sun. 

Every energy field has a frequency. This electrical wave field can be vibrating fast (high frequency) or slowly (low or extremely low frequency). The vibration is measured in Hertz, and one Hertz represents a cycle per second. The more cycles per second, the faster the wave field is vibrating. 

When an electrical field is vibrating at high frequency, this creates more energy and more heat. And the first thing that radiation experts noticed was that high levels of heat caused damage to the atom and therefore the human cell. 

The damage that it did came to be known as 'ionization'. This signifies that the radiation field is transferring its energy into the matter (into a human cell) and causing an atom or molecule to: 

acquire a negative or positive charge by gaining or losing electrons, often in conjunction with other chemical changes. The resulting electrically charged atom or molecule is called an ion. 

Other more colloquial ways to describe what the effect of ionization does is that it either 'shakes an electron off an atom' or it 'breaks molecular compounds'. It is an observably disruptive effect. 

So a table called the Electromagnetic Spectrum was drawn up to classify radiation based upon these factors: 

  • the frequency of the radiation (the speed at which it oscillates, or vibrates, measured in Hertz)¬†
  • the wavelength (measured in metres)¬†
  • whether it is 'Ionizing' or 'Non-ionizing'.¬†


The Electromagnetic Spectrum

As a footnote, you will often hear mention of ionising radiation causing 'thermal effects' and non-ionizing radiation causing 'non-thermal effects'. It is something of a mystery to mainstream scientists why we are observing non-thermal effects from wireless microwave radiation and we hope to provide some explanation for this in our article. 

The Difference Between Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation

Let’s start with a deep dive into the two types of radiations i.e. ionizing and non-ionizing, as defined by the conventional concept of the electromagnetic spectrum and the impact of radiation on our bodies.

'Ionizing' Radiation

  • Short wavelength/ high frequency, higher energy.¬†
  • Has sufficient energy to produce ions in matter at the molecular level
  • Produces enough energy to shake an electron off an atom.¬†
  • Breaks chemical bonds.¬†

'Non-Ionizing' Radiation 

  • Longer wavelength/lower frequency lower energy.¬†
  • Does not produce enough energy to shake an electron off an atom, nor to break chemical bonds.¬†

Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiations are high energy emissions that are robust enough to remove an electron from an atom or molecule, thus rendering them into an ‚Äúionized‚ÄĚ state. This type of radiation is generally accepted as being powerful enough to alter the structure of our body‚Äôs cells and lead to serious health issues. This is why we are advised not to have many X-rays per year - because the body is affected and has to repair itself afterwards.¬†¬†

Although human cells have the innate potential to repair and regenerate after a short term exposure, the consequences of longer term exposure have proven to be irreversible.

Major sources of ionizing radiation include the sunlight containing ultraviolet radiations, CT scans, X-rays, construction companies, research laboratories, nuclear power plants, and industries with high levels of naturally-occurring radioactive materials (NORM).

Non-ionizing Radiation

Current science defines non-ionizing radiation as low-energy wave fields which are incapable of kicking the electron out of an atom or molecule. Such radiation has never been known to create enough heat to either shake an electron off an atom nor to break chemical compounds, so it has always been classified as 'safe'. It is also referred to as 'non-thermal' because of the lack of heat. 

There has never been any need to challenge this assumption, until we started using wireless devices obsessively.

Today we are using cellphones and mobile devices and exposing ourselves to low frequency wireless radiation all day. Omnia is committed to finding out exactly what this is doing to us in real time, as you can see from our 4 Tests. 

Non-ionizing radiations include visible light, heat from the human body (infrared), microwaves, emissions of low radiations from cables and electrical wirings, and radiofrequency radiations radiating from television antennas, WiFi devices, radio, and television. 

Today, we are moving towards faster frequencies and shorter wavelengths as the massive 5G infrastructure is rolled out, as you can see here. 

Electromagnetic Spetrum 4G to 5G

If you believe in the Electromagnetic Spectrum, we are still in the safe zone. 

However, the electromagnetic spectrum was drawn up before the days of mobile phones and it is based on ancient testing and observations.

Modern testing based on cellphone use is showing that there are at the very least some holes and certainly many anomolies in the assumption that ionization is the only factor that damages biological organisms (animal cells). This is important news because your body is full of cells and you are exposing yourself to low frequency radiation as you read this article. If the assumption that non-ionizing radiation can't harm you is wrong, it impacts you. It impacts everyone. 

Peer-Reviewed Studies

There have been thousands of peer-reviewed studies on rats that have shown that over time, they reacted adversely to wireless radiation. One rat year is equivalent to 16 human years, and testing rats is thought to be a solid indicator of impact on humans for many reasons.

To illustrate this point, we wish to draw your attention to the landmark publication on adverse effects found in rats from extremely low frequency radiation (even 2G - some of these reports are from the 1990s!). At Omnia, we urge our customers to do their own research and this is the key paper to open the eyes to the biological effects that have been recorded in peer-reviewed papers. 


The BioInitiative Report

We didn't hold wireless radiating devices in our hands on a regular basis until the 1980s. So it stands to reason that if there is evidence that living organisms (such as rats) react adversely to this extremely low frequency radiation, then there must be something in the radiation field other than heat which causes these ill effects. 

Omnia sees that the tide is turning and people are starting to realise that the traditional classification of radiation in terms of safety has to be officially and publicly re-considered. We shared several other studies when we talked about how this form of radiation can affect sperm quality, cause headaches, and may not be safe for pregnant women. In fact, this is so important that The Environmental Health Trust is suing the FCC to force them to redefine their radiation exposure safety laws!

While a lot of studies have shown that non-ionizing radiation could be affecting our bodies, it is extraordinary that there is no public forum free from the influence of the wireless device industry, where critical issues of health and safety are discussed.   

A New Classification Model:
'Balance' vs. 'Imbalance' 

The Physicist behind the Omnia technology, Professor Lakicevic (Laki), has confuted several fundamental concepts of conventional physics, including the primitive explanation of ‚Äúionizing‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúnon-ionizing‚ÄĚ radiations.¬†

In order to understand radiation more fully, first we must re-consider the atom itself. What is the true concept of the atom? 

His findings show that the atom is in fact a spinning torus field of electrical current (or light) and each torus field of light spins around a centring Zero Point. This is highly significant because with microwave radiation from phones, we are also talking about invisible, wireless electrical fields of spinning light.  

There is spinning light in the microwave radiation field and there is spinning light in the human cell: so is there a difference in the way that each field vibrates and spins? Laki will show us that there is. 

The Zero Point and Electromagnetic (Magneto-Electric) Fields

The Zero Point is a magnetic, still point which gives life to all atoms, to all material 'life' and to all the cells in our bodies. 

You may have heard many people talk of 'Electro-Magnetic Fields' (EMFs). Well this is what they are referring to: the relationship between the magnetic zero point and the electric light ring that spins around it.

If you look at the diagram below, at the top you have a depiction of a torus field with a centred zero point holding it in shape. At the bottom you have a real photo of a human cell taken from inside the body. You can also see a torus field (a 'donut') of light and the zero point at its centre holds the light in a balanced shape.   

All Man-Made Radiation Fields carry an Imbalance

What Professor Lakicevic teaches us is that the key determining factor in whether a radiation field can cause harmful effects is what he calls the 'centeredness of the wave field'. What this means is whether the magnetic zero point is positioned at the very center of the torus field of light, or whether it strays from that center.

When it is in the center, we have balance, we have the perfectly shaped torus field of light, we have harmonic resonance, we have vitality and we have love.

When the zero point is uncentered, we have imbalance, we have a deformed torus field, we have agitation in the energy field, and we have the opposite to the vibration of love, which is fear. 

His teachings tell us that ALL man-made electrical fields are imbalanced and uncentered - whether they are vibrating at low frequency (classified as 'non-ionising'), or vibrating at very high frequency (classified as 'ionising'). 

Therefore all man-made electrical fields have the potential to cause dissonance to biological life. Biological life is characterized by atoms and cells which are always looking to retain the magnetic zero point at the center of the wave field.

The key determining factors that govern whether the effects will happen are:   - Proximity to the man-made radiation field (are you touching it?);
 - Exposure time (are you using a phone all day?); and
 - Strength of Signal (is the radiation getting faster and faster, bringing more and more imbalanced energy into contact with your cells?). 

There is a reason why the Sun is different to microwave radiation from phones: the Sun is balanced radiation that is the giver of all life on the planet. No plants or animals would be alive without it. Whereas man-made microwave radiation is potentially disruptive to living organisms and we are seeing evidence of this in studies such as the BioInitiative Report (see above). 

To summarise, from the new scientific findings of Dr Lakicevic, this is the classification of Microwave Radiation that is important: 

 Type of Radiation
Characteristic / Features
The Sun 

Zero Point resting at the geometric centre of the wave field 

Balance between the 'expansion' and the 'compression' phase of the light ring (electrical current)

The Human Body
Cells that show a perfect torus shape, denoting balance in the electrical current of the light ring

Low Frequency:

Man Made Wireless Radiation FIelds (4G, 5G, Wi-Fi)

Zero Point that strays away from the geometric centre of the vibrating wave field. 

IMBALANCE between the 'expansion' and the 'compression' phase of the light ring (electrical current)

High Frequency:


As above, except because the frequency is higher, the vibration of the wave field is faster, meaning that this has the potential to cause harm faster. 

Laki's teachings build on the science of¬†Nikola¬†Tesla, who proclaimed that¬†"everything is light", or electrical current. Laki takes this one step further and proposes that radiation is either balanced (and resonant with the human body) or imbalanced (and dissonant with the human body) and that the notions of ‚Äúionizing‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúnon-ionizing‚ÄĚ no longer tell us the full story.¬†


So to summarise, all man-made electrical fields, whether they are radiating in a smartphone or in an X-ray, carry an imbalance in their electrical wave field. The faster the field is vibrating, the higher the frequency and the more potential they have to adversely affect an atom or cell. 

The imbalanced radiation which you find in smartphones, WiFi, laptops, cars etc., is not in coherence with the healthy, balanced vibrational rhythms of the electrical currents in the human body.

When these two wave fields meet, the human body can start to resonate in sympathy with the imbalanced wave field and can become imbalanced as a result. This is Laki's explanation for why we are observing the biological effects that the peer-reviewed studies around the world have been showing. 

This is why Omnia believes so strongly in the benefit of balancing all the radiation fields in our lives, by applying the Omnia Radiation Balancer to each wireless device we are constantly using. 

If you‚Äôd like to learn more about this science, check out our ‚Äúunderstanding energy series‚ÄĚ, which starts with the True Concept of the Atom!

You can also see effects observed from low frequency, man-made wireless radiation fields in the Omnia test results.


 You may also be interested in 5G protection stickers


References and Interesting Reads 

National Cancer Institute on Ionizing Radiation

The CDC on Ionizing Radiation and Reproductive Health

The CDC on Non-ionizing Radiation

University of Maryland on our cellular relationship to electricity

Ilija Lakicevic, ""Aton" True Cell, Atom and Particle Concept", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR

The Electromagnetic Spectrum image comes from Wikimedia Commons

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Victoria Ramsay calendar_today

I have read a great deal of Michael Telingers UBUNTU movement. He like myself have become openly aware of the true earth’s shape; created and described as the Bible says. Evil has manipulated centeries ago the mental false hood that the earth is a spinning ball . Farted out of nothingness into a big bang. Even a great deal of our calender has been altered. Along with so much of the world’s history . Please send more info about your omni. I very seldom buy anything over the net, I have had my bank account emptied twice. Do you except money orders? Thank you Vic

Dr Alan Balfour calendar_today

Is Laki’s book available in hard copy? I have seen it online as a pdf/?kindle edition but I would like to read it in book form.
God in the Atom Dr Llija Lakicevic
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