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How Does Wireless Radiation Affect Our Sleep? 

How Does Wireless Radiation Affect Our Sleep? 

Have you ever watched a single musician in an orchestra playing their instrument? Each one is completely engulfed in the music they're playing, but somehow the sound comes together to perform a symphony in perfect harmony.

Our bodies are not that different. Every day, the human body performs a breathtaking number of individual tasks that are delicately intertwined and timed to perfection to sustain us.

Sleep and EMF

The act of sleeping is one of the most crucial elements for our perfectly synced orchestra, our physical and mental well-being, to function properly. 

However, over the last few decades, our sleep habits have changed. The proliferation of mobile phones, laptops, and wireless gadgets appear to have taken a toll on our sleep habits and it is well known that a disturbance to our sleep patterns can affect our well-being. 

We find ourselves asking, does wireless radiation affect the way we sleep? If yes, then how? And is there a way to mitigate its consequences? Let’s explore and find out the answers to these questions below:

How Sleep Works To Replenish The Human Body

“When I wake up, I am reborn” - Mahatma Gandhi.

There’s so much truth in this quote - not only philosophically, but from a biological perspective as well! Sleeping allows our body and brain to restore, replenish, and repair itself.

It not only boosts our immune system but also improves our memory and productivity during our waking hours. Very importantly, sleeping also restores our emotional and mental health

Human beings naturally follow a circadian rhythm - this means that our bodies respond to the 24-hour cycle of daylight and darkness. Crucial to making this distinction between day and night is our pineal gland - a tiny gland located in our brain. The pineal gland detects the lack of daylight and uses it as a signal to release the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin, into the body. 

Melatonin prepares us to enjoy a deep, restorative and restful sleep. In addition to this, this hormone also cleans our harmful toxins from our body by cleaning up our blood-brain barrier. The barrier that prevents any germs or toxins in our blood from crossing over to our brain and nervous system. 

Given how crucial sleep is for us to survive and thrive, a sleep deficit over time can have damaging effects on both our physical and psychological health. Lack of sleep has been linked to a reduced quality of life, depression, anxiety, poor focus and memory impairment. It has also been associated with an aggravation of pre-existing mental and physical issues. 

Enter Wireless Radiation: How It Affects Us

It’s no secret that we find ourselves surrounded by wireless devices - and wireless radiation - everywhere we go. From mobile phones, smart TVs, laptops to wireless headphones, these devices have become firmly embedded into our routines and lives. While this has surely made our lives easier in many ways, it’s important to be aware of any potentially unhealthy impact they may have on our sleep quality and sleep habits.

As we said, our pineal gland is only able to release the sleep-inducing melatonin if it detects a reduction in light in our surroundings. Unfortunately, this means that the electrical and magnetic fields (EMF) and infrared light generated by our devices are also potentially mistaken for light by this gland. As a result, it causes a disruption in melatonin production - impacting our immune system and throwing our body’s sleep-wake cycle into disarray. 

Research On Effects Of Wireless Radiation & Sleep

Over the last few years, scientists have begun conducting studies to confirm what many of us may have already experienced: constant exposure to wireless devices hampers our ability to get a good night’s sleep - and the results are worth taking note of.

In 2007, a comprehensive study on the effects of wireless radiation on sleep was done on 35 men and 36 women. Published by MIT’s Progress in Electromagnetic Research Symposium (PIERS), it was conducted by scientists from 3 world-renowned universities.

The results were explosive in their revelation: The participants that were exposed to radiation took longer to enter the initial stages of sleep, and spent less time in the deepest stage of sleep, vis-a-vis the unexposed group. 

Another study performed in 2009 exposed 48 rats to radiation from a GSM 900 mobile phone for a 2 hour period and checked their blood-brain barrier permeability after 7 days of exposure. The results showed that even a 2-hour exposure to wireless radiation had reduced the blood-brain barrier permeability in the rats. 

Key Studies & Findings on Sleep and EMF


Study Findings

Exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic waves alters acetylcholinesterase gene expression, exploratory and motor coordination-linked behavior in male rats

Adejoke Olukayode Obajuluwa,a Ayodele Jacob Akinyemi,b,⁎ Olakunle Bamikole Afolabi,b Khalid Adekoya,c Joseph Olurotimi Sanya,d and Azeez Olakunle Isholae

“The results revealed that WiFi exposure caused a significant increase in anxiety level and affect locomotor function...these data showed that long-term exposure to WiFi may lead to adverse effects such as neurodegenerative diseases as observed by a significant alteration on AChE gene expression and some neurobehavioral parameters associated with brain damage.”

Effects of melatonin on Wi-Fi-induced oxidative stress in lens of rats

Levent Tök, Mustafa Nazıroğlu,1 Salih Doğan,1 Mehmet Cemal Kahya,2 and Özlem Tök

“In this study, we found firstly in the literature that 2.45 GHz EMR, to which people are intensely Wi-Fi exposed in daily life, increased malondialdehyde (MDA), the indicator of lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress on the lens, and decreased antioxidants including GSH level and GSH-Px activity”.

Effects of exposure to 16.7 Hz magnetic fields on pineal melatonin production -  urinary 6-hydroxymelatonin sulfate excretion or 6-OHMS -  of Swiss railway workers

D H Pfluger 1, C E Minder

(Note: 6-OHMS is a metabolite of melatonin - its presence indicates a presence of melatonin)

“Evening 6-OHMS values appeared to be lowered by a factor of 0.81 (95%CI: 0.73-0.90) during workdays compared to leisure days among engine drivers, but not in the controls..

..The results support the hypothesis that 16.7 Hz magnetic fields alter 6-OHMS excretion in humans exposed to magnetic fields.”

We think that the essence of the studies shared above and their results all point in the direction that being exposed to wireless radiation on a daily basis can alter our natural sleeping habits, along with impacting our other biological processes. What do you think?

How To Bring Vibrational Balance Between Our Devices & Us

The fact of the matter is that wireless radiation is everywhere around us. But just avoiding it cannot be the the only solution. Instead, it is important to take steps to ensure that our body’s vibrational rhythm is in harmony and alignment with the radiation around us - so much so that the vibrational dissonance vanishes.

This is the mission that drives everything we do at Omnia. 

To check the effects of EMF ourselves, we use a technique called Autonomic Response Testing, or ART. This test observes how our body reacts and responds to the presence of a radiating device.

During the test, we observe time and again that when the human body is in proximity to EMF, it goes into an ‘incoherent’ or ‘blocked regulation’ mode. This meant that the body was clearly under stress, with natural centeredness thrown off balance by the vibration of radiating devices.

This is where the ORB comes in. When running the same test with the ORB placed onto the wireless device, we witness something remarkable - the body’s indicators showed that the stress experienced was reversed and that measurements of the light body showed it went back into a ‘coherent’ mode, restoring the body’s inner vibrational balance. 

6 Top Tips for a Good Night's Sleep in today's Digital World 

This is the best way to get a good night's sleep and recharge your immune system in today's wireless world: 

  1. Stop using your devices 1 hour before bedtime
    - this will give your eyes a rest and will start to reset your circadian rhythms 
  2. Clear your bedroom of all wireless devices. 
    - the light will disturb you and even if it's not on it can be transmitting imbalanced energy. 
  3. Get an 'old school' Alarm Clock
    - this means you can turn your phone off! And remember, it does exactly the same job as your phone alarm. 
  4. Turn OFF your Wi-Fi 
    - you don't need it while you are dreaming.. so turn it off. Wireless routers can pulse EMF radiation fields at you while you are sleeping. 
  5. After waking up, Wait 20 Minutes before turning on your Phone
    - your eyes need time to adjust to daylight first, before you bombard them with all the artificial light from a phone. 
  6. Make sure all your devices have an ORB patch on them 
    - that way, even when they are turned off, all radiation is vibrating with balance and centredness in the house. That's what the Omnia Radiation Balancer does.  

Final Thoughts

The word radiation in and of itself is not a word we should be afraid of - instead, what we should focus on is bringing the many types of radiation that surround us into harmony with the energy in our bodies. 

We hope that this insight into the link between wireless devices and sleep gave you a deeper understanding of the crucial role sleep plays in our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

After all, the Dalai Lama himself says “Sleep is the best meditation”.

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