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The Power Of One Small Town: A Look Into Michael Tellinger’s Life & Work

The Power Of One Small Town: A Look Into Michael Tellinger’s Life & Work

Imagine a just, peaceful and flourishing living community built by the people, for the people. A place where each member contributes their unique talent and everyone enjoys the infinite rewards of this collective contribution. While some may call it wishful thinking, renowned explorer and thinker Michael Tellinger is hard at work to bring this cultural, spiritual, and economic utopia to life.  

Today, join us as we take a deep dive into Michael’s fascinating world, his works, and his vision for a kinder, more prosperous world for everyone. 

Michael Tellinger, Ubuntu, and One Small Town 

Who Is Michael Tellinger?

A South African scientist, researcher, and humanitarian, Michael has worn many a hat through the years - a successful musician, politician, thinker, and the founder of the Ubuntu movement. Never one to shy away from challenging the status quo, Tellinger has uncovered and shared the reality of the oppressive socio-economic structures that govern our lives today. 

From early on, Tellinger was quick to understand how human life and potential is being controlled and restricted by powerful corporations, political parties, and banking institutions. This is not only slowly eroding the human spirit, but is also leading to the abandonment and decay of small towns all over the world.

Michael knew that the world needed an alternative way of being - and this sowed the magic seeds of the Ubuntu movement. 

The Ubuntu Movement & Contributionism

After having deeply studied the wisdom enshrined in ancient African and native American philosophy for over a decade, Michael brought forth the Ubuntu contributionism movement in 2005.

Its name is derived from the ancient African term ‘Ubuntu’, which translates to ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. 

At the heart of this revolutionary global movement lies a simple idea: the power of human connection and collaboration is infinite.

Ubuntu contributionism is a social structure that aims to free human beings from financial and spiritual enslavement and provide abundant resources to all. Most importantly, it is a movement that wants every human being to evolve their vibrational spirit to higher consciousness and truly unlock their potential.

The key is in the name itself - ‘contributionism’ - this movement thrives when its members serve their community by contributing their time and talents. In doing so, they not only serve others but also serve themselves - and create a truly harmonious, abundant, and enlightened community.

Rise of A Global Movement

After a 6-year long tryst with politics in South Africa, UK, and beyond, Tellinger realized that trying to modify an already deeply-entrenched system of spiritual and financial enslavement was not going to work. He had to take the power back, and chart his own path with the power of the people. 

And so he did - Michael threw open the movement to people all around the globe, and the idea is gaining traction.

The covid-19-related lockdown compelled people across the world to pause and question the status quo - that’s why we are witnessing more and more numbers embracing the values enshrined in the Ubuntu philosophy. 

One Small Town - A Blueprint For Human Prosperity

Tellinger believes that this is the first revolution in humanity’s history that will be propagated with peace and not violence - it is already happening with just a shift in perspective and the will of the people.

 At the heart of its success is the idea of ‘one small town’ - a town where the power rests with the people. 

According to Tellinger, small-sized towns in most countries have the potential to become powerful cooperatives that care for each other’s needs. In this utopia, all businesses in a community are co-owned by the people, not just investors. 

When each member contributes their talent and skill towards the community for only 3 hours a week, it can turn that town into a formidable pool of talent and skill that can rival even the biggest corporations.

The result? A peaceful and prosperous community that thrives spiritually, financially, and culturally - and leaves no one behind. 

The Dawn Of Free Energy

In return for the contribution of their time and skill towards the community, the members not only enjoy the economic fruits of their contribution but gain access to all the offerings of the community - from healthcare, food, security, technology to art and music!

Moreover, Tellinger has designed the ‘one small town’ blueprint so that each town has its very own source of clean electricity that is co-owned by the community. 

Resonance Between Michael Tellinger Ubuntu & Omnia

As you may have already sensed, the beliefs held by Tellinger and Omnia resonate with each other. There’s a reason for that. It was a chance meeting between Tellinger, Dr. Ilija Lakicevic, and Omnia’s founder Tim Sandars that created the inspiration that led to the founding of Omnia.

At the core of the Ubuntu movement lies the belief that everything and everyone in this world is intimately connected to each other, and that humans as a species have the potential to evolve to a higher consciousness through collective effort.

Similarly, the concept of oneness and balance is the spiritual foundation of Omnia’s mission - to ensure that the human spirit stays in balance with everything surrounding it.

Final Thoughts 

With its values of collective growth, evolution, and eco-conscious living, the Ubuntu movement promises a brave new world for us that rids our society of poverty, violence, and the prejudices that are fed to divide us. If this philosophy resonated with you, please explore more through Michael Tellinger Youtube videos on the topic.

We hope that soon, such a world becomes a reality for the entire human family. Because that’s what they want us to forget - that we’re all a big, connected family. Thankfully, it looks like dreamers and doers like Michael Tellinger will not let us forget that. 



* The foundation is laid out in Michael's book 'Ubuntu' which you can buy here:

* Please learn all about One Small Town here: 

* Please become a patron and support the One Small Town Movement - you can make a difference!​ 

* Michael's book about the hidden and forbidden origins of human history:

Ancient Temples of the Gods:

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Stephen calendar_today

I’ve recently finished watching Hidden Origins. Sounds great! I’m curious to know where I can go to find information. Did a town like Michael spoke of get created?

Alex carmona calendar_today

This type of work gives me hope on humanity and my own future. I engineer student, and my goal is to help the indigenous communities of the Andes. I would like to be able to learn about Mr. Tellinger’s works, and maybe be part of a group where I can talk to people and exchange ideas. Thank you!!!!!

jacqueline mullally calendar_today

do you have contacts for me in west midlands and warwickshire UK please?

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