Water Structure Testing the Omnia Radiation Balancer
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Water Structure Testing the Omnia Radiation Balancer

Water Structure Testing the Omnia Radiation Balancer

The importance of water cannot be oversold. It is the driving force of nature and if there is magic on this planet, it must be contained in water. You know how important it is to guzzle this liquid, but do you know why?

The earth is largely made up of water, so are we. It is an essential nutrient and an integral part of all body systems, from cells and body tissues to organs. Water accounts for over 90 percent of the brain’s mass and over 60 percent of the total adult body weight. So adequate hydration is a key to good health.
Water Structure Omnia

Dr Masuro Emoto and The Structure of Water

Dr Masuro Emoto proclaimed that every life form vibrates and could prove that thoughts and feelings can affect physical reality. So he devised a technique that would allow him to freeze the water and take photos to observe its geometric structure. Water crystal photography is a brilliant way to show the informational state of the water under investigation.

Emoto showed that whenever vibration travels through water, it leaves an energy imprint, which can alter the structure of the water. Dr Masaru Emoto revealed frozen water crystals showed appreciable changes when thoughts are directed towards them. So, by being able to produce different focused intentions whenever music, spoken and written words were presented to the sample of water, it seems the water would “change its expression!”

He found water exposed to positive words or from clear natural sources express colourful and brilliant snowflake patterns. He compared it to bad, polluted water which expresses an asymmetrical, incomplete pattern. He is quoted as saying: “Anything that is in tune with Mother Nature manifests as a beautiful, hexagonal structure. Anything that isn’t, doesn’t.” The hexagonal structure is also exactly like what you will see in a snowflake – the water is organising itself into its perfectly balanced crystalline form. 

So, in his words, a good structure represents the “life force of mother nature,” and the absence of water crystals from a sample, therefore, means that: “the life forces in that area have been compromised, energetically.” What he found from years of photography led him to believe that water is conscious.

Water responds to the energy field it is exposed to, so it should be no surprise, that we respond to all the energy fields we are exposed to, whether that be sunlight, smelling flowers, listening to good music, or having a hug. These are all experiences where we respond vibrationally to energy fields we interact with.

We decided to use this science to see what happens when we used Water Crystal Photography to test the impact the ORB on water radiated with 5G.

Water Testing the ORB and 5G

This test was conducted to find out the expression of water when exposed to 5g phone radiation with and without the Omnia Radiation Balancer patch attached to the phone.

Will the water vibrate in sympathy with the radiation field? Find out:

The test and the water structure results

In our test, we used a 5G mobile phone connected to 5G signal and we irradiated the water. We did this by holding the phone right next to the water and downloading a video for 7 mins. The structure of the water was then photographed in each sample to see how the water responded to the vibration:

    • Sample A was the control. It was not irradiated.
    • Sample B had an ORB to balance out the energy field of the radiation
    • Sample C had no protection from irradiation whatsoever.
water structure test of the ORB

Your body is made of 60-90% water, which crystalline shape would you like it to take?

Why This is Important

Water plays an essential part in keeping our bodies healthy and properly functioning. Of course, drinking water everyday is the simplest way of staying hydrated.

Being hydrated helps us to regulate body temperature, lubricate the joints, it keeps the body safe from infections, nourishes the cells, and ensures the proper functioning of our organs. It improves the quality of sleep, mood and cognition. If you’re on a weight loss journey or you’re looking for the true secret to anti-aging - the answer lies in the water you drink.

But it isn’t just in HOW MUCH you drink, it’s in the quality of the water you drink too. The purity of said drinking water is as important as drinking it.

Water quality is important for our health

The quality of our drinking water is very important for our health. This is why the EU and WHO have defined limit value standards for what can be present in water. 

There are standards for chemical constituents and permissible limits for toxic dissolved ions. Take Fluoride as an example. The limit is clear for the difference between providing a healthy dentition but too much fluoride in water causes dental and skeletal fluorosis, along with a lot of nasty symptoms.

While we can all agree that water standards are important, there is no standard for the vibrational purity of water (yet). 

Dr. Gerald Pollack has been researching the phases and vibrations of water for more than 20 years. When asked about an observation of the structure of water, he is quoted in saying, “there was a particular absorption of energy at a particular wavelength that's absolutely characteristic of the structured water. That makes me think that there is a good possibility that the water really has the capability of retaining that structure over a long time… Therefore, it's possible that if you drink water that has this structure, it might be good for your health.”

If this is true, and we believe it is, the results from Sample B of our test become very important. The water actually responded favourably and was balanced by the ORB when it was exposed to 5G radiation. This is in stark contrast with sample C, where there was no clear structure to the water. The water was chaotic and disorganised. It showed no energetic vitality or, in Emoto’s words, no “life force.” We can’t say this is ‘bad’ but compared to sample B, it’s less desirable.

The water sample exposed to radiation balanced out by ORB felt the vibration of the balanced radiation and organised itself into a crystalline, hexagonal structure. It looks like a snowflake, and according to Dr Emoto, this constitutes ‘life force’ in the water. 

This is what we call ‘resonance’ and ties in with our science. The Omnia Technology brings the radiation field into harmony with water and therefore with the human body.

Leave a comment and tell us: what do you think about the water structure test?

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Dr. Gerald Pollack, Water Researcher



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Mac Cunningham calendar_today

Hello Team, because Chlorine Dioxide is known to destroy pathogens by oxidation, I’d love to know what happens to water when 10 drops are added to 1Ltr of tap water in one of your water structure tests.

Michele Snelling calendar_today

This is fascinating and so important! How do we protect ourselves from 5g in our environment, not just from electronics?

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