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5 Best EMF Protection Crystals You Should Know About

5 Best EMF Protection Crystals You Should Know About

“Energy is contagious, positive and negative alike. I will forever be mindful of what and who I am allowing into my space.” – Alexandra Elle

5 best crystals for EMF

You don’t have to look far to realize that we’re living in a wireless radiation-filled world. Just take a moment to look around your room and count the number of gadgets you’re surrounded with. From smartphones, laptops, wireless speakers, TVs, Wi-fi routers, microwaves, and more, our everyday life is crowded with these EMF radiation-emitting devices! 

And if you’ve been reading our blogs, then you’re probably already aware of how wireless radiation impacts our overall health. But being tech-savvy doesn’t have to mean compromising on our well-being. 

There are different ways to harmonize our inner energy field with external EMF radiation - and one such solution is the use of healing EMF crystals. 

Be it the ancient Sumerians, Indians, Greeks or Egyptians - old-world cultures were well-versed with the healing and protective abilities of crystals. And while crystal healing has been a time-tested healing method for thousands of years, not all crystals have EMF protecting abilities. 

There are special natural gems that have the extraordinary power to our energies and balancing it to mitigate the effects of wireless radiation. Today, let’s find out the 5 best crystals for EMF protection, and how they can help us. 

5 Best EMF Protection Crystals You Should Know About 

1 - Black Tourmaline

Wearing this crystal as a bracelet or a necklace strengthens our body’s energy flow and information exchange, while releasing any energy blockages. You can also choose to place standalone black tourmaline pieces at different points across the house to promote seamless flow of positive energy in your space. 

Black tourmaline is well-known for its energy-clearing powers! Despite its unassuming appearance, this crystal has incredible ability to ground our energy and lower stress levels. But that’s not why it’s on this list. Black tourmaline is extremely effective in bringing our body back into harmony and balance in response to EMF radiation, thereby protecting our physical and mental health against it. 

It also eases muscle tension and promotes restorative sleep, which replenishes our immune system and self-healing abilities. The black tourmaline affects our body’s root chakra - which is responsible for stability, security and safety. 

2 - Shungite

This incredibly powerful and protective crystal is estimated to be a whopping 2 billion years old, formed from organic matter from ancient forests. Shungite gets its name from the town it was first discovered in - Shun’ga village located in Karelia, Russia. Composed of 98% carbon, shungite is made of a special type of carbon nanostructure called fullerene. This unique type of carbon has been shown to damage walls of viruses, bacterias and other harmful microbes. This crystal’s anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties have been well evidenced by scientific research. 

But even more impressively, Shungite has also been revealed to have EMF-protecting properties. A 2003 study on rats found that Shungite was able to protect them from the harmful effects of EMF radiation by absorbing the radiation.

3 - Hematite

Hematite is also known as ‘blood stone’ for it’s iron-rich composition - much like the blood flowing in our veins! This dark, stunning and detoxifying crystal helps clear our body of toxic substances, negative energy, stress and anxiety, and restore a sense of balance and calm across our mind, body and spirit. 

Hematite is also quite popular for its protective abilities against both geopathic stress (natural radiation emitted by the Earth) as well as man-made EMF radiation. However, a word of caution - the protective abilities of this crystal can only be found in naturally-occurring hematite and not synthetic versions that are artificially produced. 

How you can check the purity? Hold a magnet against it! While natural hematite is only weakly magnetic, man-made hematite can be quite magnetic. 

4 - Amazonite

One look at its soothing green-blue stone and it’s to see why Amazonite is much-loved for its calming, relaxing qualities! This beautiful crystal is assumed to have originated in the Amazon rainforest, but interestingly - there are no deposits of Amazonite in the region! Instead, it’s found mainly in Russia, the US, and Madagascar. 

Amazonite is known to dispel EMF and microwave radiation, thus helping us stay protected from electromagnetic pollution. At an emotional level, this stone helps to boost our self-esteem and confidence, while also settling inner anxieties and fears. 

5 - Pyrite


We feel that calling this brilliant stone ‘fool’s gold’ does it an injustice, even if that is Pyrite’s nickname! Just like black tourmaline, pyrite is a strong, protective stone with EMF-harmonizing abilities. 

Not only does this crystal ward off negative vibes and thought patterns from the wearer, but it also amplifies positive, creative energy within your space. This increases one's willpower and focus - helping you blossom into the most productive, creative version of yourself. 

Final Thoughts

We always advise that whatever you choose as protection against modern radiation levels, needs to have been tested to a degree that you are comfortable with. At Omnia we show you how to perform tests you can do at home: muscle tests and range of motion tests which will help to feel whether your body is being brought back to balance. One thing we hear in the Anti-EMF communities is that the stronger the radiation fields are getting, the more these crystals are struggling to bring the balance back. We also hear that crystals are a good way to balance the ambient radiation, whereas the active radiation from a cellphone is incredibly strong and harder for any crystal to balance. 

Beautiful, protective and soothing, crystals help us tap into mother earth’s natural healing powers. By placing these EMF crystals on your person or your living and working space, you can help to restore balance to your inner and external energy fields while also helping to mitigate the effects of EMF radiation. Remember that every one of us is different and we respond in different ways to any toxin or imbalanced wave field. We advise that if you decide to use crystals in this way, then you must test the effectiveness of the solution so you are confident that it is working for you. 

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Sarah calendar_today

Shungite-"This unique type of carbon has been shown to damage walls of viruses, bacterias and other harmful microbes. " Hummm, I’m not sure about this. Aren’t many bacteria and viruses good for us and part of the process of how our cells get cleaned up? Shungite could therefore be disrupting a healthy process.. Id need to look more into this before buying

jane calendar_today

How about producing something nice using these crystals too!

Asha calendar_today

Does these protesters interfere with a pacemaker device implemented in your heart and how often you need to replace the stickers, what is the life time of these stickers I am very much interested to more detail about my question regarding the pacemaker please respond me at my email address thanking you .

samuel sidney dicker calendar_today


George calendar_today

Is there any info on the 12-stones in the jewish highpriest’ breastplate. List Differ in the OT & NT of the bible.

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