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Scientist Spotlight: Dr. Martin Pall & EMF Effects On The Human Body

Scientist Spotlight: Dr. Martin Pall & EMF Effects On The Human Body

Did you know that, in the 1800s, the first doctor ever to suggest hand washing to prevent infection was ridiculed by his peers? That, in a nutshell, is the nature of scientific progress - a transformative idea that’s considered outlandish, until the rest of the world slowly catches up.


Dr. Martin Pall and EMF - Scientist Spotlight

Today, we are talking about one such person - Dr. Martin Pall - a leading scientist with a distinguished career, whose decades-long research work includes analyzing the effects of EMF radiation on the human body.

Who Is Dr. Martin Pall?

Dr. Martin Pall is a Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and basic medical sciences at the Washington State University. A world-renowned researcher, he has a background in Physics and a PhD in genetics and biochemistry from Caltech. 

Dr. Pall has leveraged his intersectional knowledge of the sciences to shed light on little-understood medical conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. 

Research On EMF & Its Effects On The Human Body

A major aspect of Dr. Pall’s career-long research has been on analyzing the effects of low-intensity EMF microwave radiation on the human body. Over the years, Dr. Pall has published findings and research that demonstrate an irrefutable link between exposure to EMF radiation and instances of a multitude of negative health consequences on the human body. These effects have been found to range from oxidative stress, sleep disruption, cardiac disease, cancer risk as well as DNA level damage. 

Dr. Pall’s multi-disciplinary knowledge in the field of biochemistry, genetics, medical sciences, and physics puts him in a unique position to synthesize a broad and holistic view into the effects of EMF radiation.

Dr. Pall has openly and sharply criticized present-day reports on EMF safety, such as the one by the Canadian Safety Panel 6, for choosing to wholly ignore EMF’s non-thermal effects on the human body. Dr. Pall argues that these reports only take into account the thermal effects of EMF radiation on the human body and not the non-thermal effects to low-level EMF - which several studies have found to cause far more insidious and long-term damage to our health. 

Dr. Pall’s Warnings Around 5G Technology

As you may already know, the rapid rollout of 5G cellular technology is unprecedented in many ways. This is the first time that human beings will be exposed to such high levels and strength of wireless radiation on a constant basis due to the exponential increase in the number of cell towers needed to ensure 5G coverage. 

What’s most worrying is that wireless radiation of such high strengths and intensity is being deployed on a global scale without studying and testing its biological effects on human beings as well as other species on the planet. Naturally, this has been a serious cause of concern for Dr. Pall, as well as other scientists across the EU

In an in-depth article published in the Journal of Cellular & Molecular Medicine, Dr. Pall has established that:

  •  As many as 23 existing scientific studies have clearly shown that exposure to EMF radiation can excite the extremely sensitive VGCC channels on the membrane of human cells. These channels are a staggering 7.2 million times more sensitive to EMF radiation single charge groups anywhere else. 
  • EMF exposure leads to an instant increase in intracellular calcium. This, in turn, produces an extremely potent oxidant that can cause major oxidative stress called ‘oxidative nitrosative stress’ on our body.
  • Additionally, this exposure triggers a flood of free radicals to be released into the body, which causes a chemical chain reaction leading to damage to DNA, cardiac health, healthy cells - raising the risk of inflammation, cancer, cataract, and several diseases. 

Resonance With Omnia’s Science 

Dr. Martin Pall’s findings shed light on a crucial aspect of our own science: how constant exposure to wireless radiation can lead to an imbalance in the natural workings of the human body. 

While Pall is focused on the biological effects that are caused by these microwave radiation fields, rather than the energy, frequency, vibrational effects of radiation, his findings offer a tangible reason for the consistent vibrational imbalance we see when we test the body for vibrational coherence.

We know that the human body is very much an electrical being, with each constituent atom vibrating and moving with electrical current. When our body’s vibrational field comes in contact with the ambient wireless fields emanating from our wireless devices and cellular tower, it creates a state of dissonance between our energy fields and that of the wireless radiation surrounding us. 

Dr. Pall noticed that the outer membrane of the cell gets excited by this extremely low-frequency, non-ionising, non-thermal radiation which is the precursor.

The question is: why does the cell get excited by this type of radiation, whereas the Sun (whose radiation is higher in frequency and far more hot) does not induce these biological effects of calcium overload?

The Omnia answer is that all man-made electrical currents carry an 'imbalance' and an 'uncentredness of zero point', which causes a vibrational imbalance in the cell when you hold or stand near a wireless device. So Omnia provides an explanation for the reason why the cell gets excited by the ELF Radiofrequency radiation and Dr. Pall then describes what biological effects happen next in the cell (the oxidative stress reaction). 

This, as Dr. Pall has demonstrated in his studies, can cause stress on our bodies and it can also affect our mental well-being. This is why it is crucial to take steps to ensure that our inner vibrational field is in harmony with the energy field we are surrounded with. 

Final Thoughts

Considering the fact that we are on the brink of a global deployment of 5G without adequate unbiased testing of its effects on human beings, it is high time that the world begins to pay heed to the points raised by conscientious scientists such as Dr. Pall. As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine - do you agree?

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Veronica Hughes calendar_today

When will the pendants be available?

B. Berg calendar_today

Thank you so much for studying and spelling this important information out as clearly as you have. I’m forwarding this to my kids and grands. Along with some Omnia patches.
Do you (Dr. Pall) believe that the patches will be significantly helpful and protective ?

B. Berg calendar_today

Thank you so much for studying and spelling this important information out as clearly as you have. I’m forwarding this to my kids and grands. Along with some Omnia patches.
Do you (Dr. Pall) believe that the patches will be significantly helpful and protective ?

michael nesbitt calendar_today

Good morning,, I do have a question about the omni stickers i bought a few months ago and placed on on my phone and computer and have measured them with my GQ 390 meter with no difference showing whether or not the sticker is advantageous ? Is there an instrument that will measure this ?

Francesco Lanzisera calendar_today

Sort of interesting article..I’m still curious for more thorough explanations of how this cute little expensive vinyl sticker re harmonizes my phones radiation. Im open enough to it that I bought some…but suspect snake oil..

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