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How to Harmonise 5G Radiation Fields

Disclaimer: The below text is a transcript of the video "How to Harmonise 5G Radiation Fields".

It may be difficult to believe that a new unit of energy that is capable of harmonising 5G radiation fields and reducing the radiation effects on the human body has been discovered.

This is what Dr Ilija Lakicevic[1], the inventor of the Omnia Radiation Balancer, has succeeded in doing. Dr Lakicevic identified a new unit of energy, which he calls the Deca, a powerful energetic structure which has a geometric shape which houses all of the platonic solids within it. It is by its very nature extremely robust, balanced and capable of results that will surprise us all.

The Deca comes from the word dodecahedron - a 12-sided pentagon – and it has many uses. In order to understand how it helps to harmonise all radiation fields (including 5G), we must first look at the nature of atoms and human cells and how electrical current moves and spins within them. We will then need to explore what a radiation field is and why man-made radiation fields are so harmful to human life before coming to the understanding how these man-made radiation fields can be corrected, harmonised and rendered harmless.

Electric Current (Light) in the ATOM and CELL

Here is a picture of a blood cell within the human body. 

The picture shows us that a healthy human blood cell is donut shaped. This donut shape is a spinning torus full of electrical current or white light and inside the middle, the centre of this shape is an empty space. Dr Lakicevic has found that within this empty space, at its centre, is a still magnetic point of zero electrical potential.  This is the ‘zero point’. And this magnetic point that holds the electrical current of the donut shape in place. 


Within the centre of the donut/torus field is the still magnetic point of no electrical potential. The light ring (the cell) borrows the energy from the still magnetic point to spin itself around the inner / zero magnetic point and then it discharges itself to the ether thus making itself into matter.

And then this energy discharges itself into the ether, to be recycled back via the magnetic zero point and the whole process is repeated and recycled for the lifetime of the cell.

These are the two phases of any atom or cell: the ‘compression’ and ‘discharge’ phases. And the oscillation between these two phases, as the electrical current flicks on and off in the cell, is what we call frequency.

Frequency is the speed at which the light ring flicks on and off.  

These cells are moving extraordinarily fast.  So fast that the human eye cannot see it in motion. It is the oscillation of these two phases which we call the frequency. The light ring makes itself into matter and then discharges itself so rapidly that is seems like the donut is in a permanent state but in actuality, is moving in these two phases. This is the life and death cycle of each atom or cell and the zero point at the centre holds the donut / torus field in shape while it goes through these two phases. This process, the on-off-on-off, life-death sequence keeps going until the cells eventually die. It is the completion of this death cycle that wins in the end.

Within the human body there are cells operating with different frequencies, or speeds of oscillation. Every organ in the body is operating at a different frequency. The heart vibrates at different rate to the heart, the liver, the kidneys and so on.  

The still, magnetic point is what gives birth to this ring of light and in every object from a marker pen, a dinner table or our blood cells, are all made up of atoms. Which then leads us to the question: “What is the difference between our bodies and the atoms in a marker pen?”

The answer?

The Human Mind.

We are mental beings. We have a ‘mind’ to move our bodies around and to decide what we are going to have for lunch. We are mental beings in a body and we can direct certain outcomes or decide to have specific experiences. However, we do not have a say on how our fingernails are going to grow – this is handled by the operating system of the body and its own natural intelligence. The magnetic zero-point is divine intelligence. It tells the body how to operate and function.

A very important point to add here is that the balance of the cell is dictated by the centeredness of the zero point inside the cell. When there is a perfectly formed toroidal field in the cell, there is health and vitality. This depends upon the compression phase being equal to the expansion /or discharge phase. When the two phases are in equilibrium - in balance - then there is a centred zero-point and a perfectly formed torus field of spinning light. This is what Dr Lakicevic calls: Rhythmic Balance Interchange (RBI) between the compression phase and the discharge phase. RBI is vital for the health and vitality and balance within the cell.

The magnetic point is always looking to return to its natural position at the centre of the Torus Field – no matter what toxic effects it experiences, which drag the zero point away from the centre. This magnetic point is connected to all the other magnetic points inside every single atom - everything in existence. Effectively, this becomes the Divinely Intelligent field, the etheric field, waiting for the matter to come out and be created and to manifest itself.

This is the field of all Divine intelligence: The Creator Field or God Field. [2]

This Zero Point is always listening to what we as mental beings are projecting. If we think thoughts of violence, rage, envy, disgust, then the Zero Point will be listening inside our bodies and causing a physical reaction inside the body. However, if our thoughts are of love, harmony or gratitude amongst other positive things, this Zero Point will also be listening to this energy. This is the trade-off, the relationship we have with the Zero Point which is incredibly important. 

The Radiation Field

So what is it that makes a radiation field different?

In its first phase, a radiation field will spin around the Magnetic Zero Point (MZP) in the middle (the donut centre point) just as the atom or cell does. However, the electrical current in the field gets dragged away from the original Zero Point (ZP) of that wave field. It ends up going to the MZP position, its location now having changed. As the location of the MZP shifts and changes, the light ring follows it, shifting from its first position to a new un-centred position.

In terms of a wave field, this is uncentred and imbalanced – the ZP moves around, not able to stay in the centre of a cell or atom. There is a lack of Rhythmic Balance Interchange (RBI) between the compression phase and the expansion phase. The expansion phase is greater than the compression phase leading to an imbalanced and an un-centredness within the wave field.

The man-made radiation field has one major characteristic when compared to a human cell, and this is the un-centredness of ZP and the imbalance within the electrical wave field.

It is an ‘agitated’ wave field.

It never settles nor centres.

This is the major difference between the wave field of the human cell and that of the man-made radiation field.

Why Man-Made Radiation Harms the Body

What happens when the human body comes into contact with a mobile phone?

If we characterise the mobile phone with a radiation field which is unstable and imbalanced, there is a very different wave-length pattern. One (the human body) has RBI and the other (the radiation field) does not.  

The fundamental reason why the human cell reacts to a radiation field is that the combined zero points in all of the cells in our body are always listening to everything the body encounters and experiences. 

For example, if a person listens to music which resonates with them or of which they are in synch with, then the resonance of this music and the good feeling gained from it is likely keep the ZP centred. There are certain frequencies that have been proven to cause this positive effect such as 432hz, which has a healing effect on the body. We respond to good things -  sunlight, hugs, great music or good food. However, the same statement can be made in our response to things that we are out of sync with. The ZP is always listening – it has consciousness and it is programmed to respond.

When you hold a mobile phone in your hand and the radiation field comes into contact or close proximity with a steady field (in this case the human body), the ZP field begins to pick up the un-centrednesss of the radiation wave field and vibrate in sympathy with it. This is called Sympathetic Resonance[3], the effect that happens when human cells begin to adopt the same vibrational pattern as this radiation field.

How to Harmonise 5G Radiation Fields

So, how do we make something that is operating on an imbalanced and uncentred wave field into something that resonates with the electrical field on the human cell?

Let us revisit Dr Lakicevic’s discovery of a new unit of energy - The Deca.

As mentioned earlier, the Deca is a dodecahedron. A 12-sided pentagon. On each side is a cone of spinning light, or current, whirling from the surface towards the centre of the structure and this holds the structure in perfect balance. The deca is also listening to conscious human intent. It is awaiting instruction as a unit of energy which is here to serve us and fulfil all our energy needs. Due to Dr Lakicevic having an in-depth knowledge of the reasons why radiation fields become imbalanced, he knows what is needed for a radiation field to be brought back in to centredness.

The Deca is a programmable unit of energy, way smaller than an electron in size and it can be commanded. It is captured using a magnetic process, it is then programmed to carry specific instructions to bring balance to the radiation field and finally this is imprinted into the Omnia Radiation Balancer, an Anti-EMF-Sticker, which is then placed onto the phone or any radiating device.  With a radiation field being imbalanced and uncentered, the deca brings the zero point back to its geometric centre, to a stable point. Once a mobile phone has the deca technology patch on it, it brings the radiation wave field into balance. It doesn’t matter how strong this field is: 2G, 4G, 5G, it will always return it to balance.

Dr Lakicevic found the reason why the radiation field, when resonating out of balance, causes an imbalance in the human cell. He also managed to find the solution for correcting the imbalance in the radiation field and thus keeping the human cell in balance.

And this is exactly what we do here at Omnia.

The deca technology that sits in the patch is an effective spinning a unit of energy which never runs out! The patch is permanent. Once it is on a mobile phone, any radiation field that comes into that phone will be balanced as the deca creates a resonance between the two fields. 

Omnia studies 

Live Blood Analysis

In a study conducted by Omnia using live blood analysis, the experiment showed that after watching 20mins of video on a mobile phone, the majority of blood cell samples stuck together due to the radiation having compromised the electrical balance of the cell.

 In contrast, when the orb was on the phone, the blood returned to its natural torus / donut shape.  This is the effect that happens between the radiation field and the human blood cell. We are beings of electricity: of energy, frequency and vibration. The challenge is to get this uncentred, imbalanced radiation field back to centredness and balance.

It is at this point that we must remind ourselves that not all radiation fields are harmful. If we are to the sun as an example, it is a balanced radiation field. Yes, the sun is immensely hot and will burn skin, but ultimately it doesn’t do the damage that microwave radiation fields created by man can do to the human body[4]. These fields, when they are not balanced, can cause harm to rats, cause DNA damage, endocrine system damage and cancers, as you can study in the BioInitiative Report

Tests with Water 

In this experiment, the structured water test, a phone was held next to three glasses of water. One of the three glasses being the baseline, the second glass was radiated without an OMNIA radiation balance patch and the third glass had the OMNIA Radiation Balancer Patch on it with the mobile phone held next to the water. A phone call was made for 5mins after which all three samples of water were analysed.

The result of the experiment showed that the water with the OMNIA Radiation Balancer Patch picked up the resonant effect; the centredness of the radiation field. The water developed into a perfect crystalline structure, hexagonal in shape. This is good news for the human body as it is 70-90% water and human blood cells are over 90% water. 

To conclude…

All energy forms can be transmuted and brought back to balance and harmony - even 5G fields - and the Omnia Way is to bring any 5G wave field back to harmony and balance. 

The OMNIA radiation Balancer patch can be used on any radiating device: mobile phones, WiFi routers, laptops, smart watches, tablets, cars and smart meters. Every radiating device can have a patch on it as it returns the radiation field from on that causes dissonance in the human body to a new state of centreness and harmony.

This creates harmony between two wave fields: the human cell and the radiation field are now in resonance.

[1] Dr Lakicevic has published numerous papers detailing his scientific concepts regarding atoms, gravity, the Laws of Creation, the rewriting of E=MC2 for those who wish for a deep dive into his science.

[2] Dr Lakicevic believes that science is spiritual as there is spirit and intelligence inside every atom.

[3] When one field vibrates in the same pattern as another wave field.

[4] NTP cancer study. Bio initiatives study reports


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