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How to Protect Yourself from 5G: 5G Shielding for You and Your Family

The safety of 5G (which stands for ‘5th Generation’) is one of the hottest topics right now with a major debate emerging as to the human health implications of the unstoppable, worldwide rollout of this new technology.

Lab Rats Say no to 5G5G Protesters express their feelings about inadequate safety testing

Today, not only are we surrounded by more and more devices - the Internet of Things is digitalising and bringing online every single gadget in your household such as your fridge, your smart energy meter and even your kettle as the marketeers lust after the perfect consumer profile – but all of those wireless, digitised ‘Things’ are demanding ever faster data delivery too.

This is the backdrop which justifies the huge lift from 4G infrastructure to the multi-trillion dollar new world of 5G. It’s a colossal step up in terms of network architecture, hardware and radiofrequency microwave radiation exposure. All of this is driven by man’s insatiable demands for instant connectivity, fast downloads and data capture.

But what is the cost on the human body?

In this article we will cover:

  • Why does 5G Radiation affect us? Are the electrical currents in the human body coherent with wireless radiation fields? What are the dangers of constant exposure?
  • What is the big deal about 5G? Is the architecture really that dangerous?
  • The 5G Risk Factors: what is it that determines whether we will be affected?
  • How to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation

We are going to show you that the best product available for balancing all radiation fields, including 5G, is the Omnia Radiation Balancer (the ‘ORB’).

The tests we have performed using a 5G phone receiving a 5G signal show how the ORB changes the state of the 5G Radiation field and this creates a perpetual state of resonance between wireless radiation and your body. We even observe the body go into a deep healing state on one of our tests, which demonstrates that the ORB can turn the radiation field into an energy field that your body likes.

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Please note that when we talk about 5G, we are talking mainly about outdoor coverage, provided by our Telco’s (such as O2 or Vodafone or Verizon). 5G is not the same as Wi-Fi or home broadband, which is served at home via a telephone line connected to a router. We are talking principally about an architecture that will be built above our heads both in the streets (through millions of 5G Celltowers) and our skies (20,000+ 5G satellites).  

1. Why does 5G Radiation Affect us?

Let’s imagine that you pick up a 5G cell phone, which is receiving data from a 5G celltower.

Do you realise what this represents? It represents two energy fields connecting with each other. The energy field of the human body is connecting with the radiating energy field of the 5G cell phone.

Let’s expand upon that because it’s really important: every function in our bodies runs on electrical currents. Your heart is a big electrical pump (you can see this on an ECG). Your brain waves are invisible electrical fields (alpha, beta, theta, gamma etc.).

The human body is composed of billions of cells, operating at various different electrical frequencies.

So your body is a big cell tower too and you are radiating your energy at all times into the world.

Now let’s look at human blood. Our science tells us something new about the human cell which is that each cell is a spinning ring of electrical current, or light.

Blood cells effected by 5g radiation

Notice that in both cases the blood cell takes a perfect torus field shape, like a donut. This is what a healthy cell looks like, the light ring spinning with perfect balance and centredness. So it follows that.. we are light beings!

Now let’s look at an experiment the Omnia founder Tim Sandars did on his blood.

After watching twenty minutes of video on a 4G phone, the majority of the blood sample lost the balance and centredness, as you can see in the middle column of these snapshots below. 

How to protect yourself from 5g - Blood difference

The full video of the Omnia Radiation Balancer Live Blood Analysis experiment is here.

Why did this happen?

It’s because the wireless microwave radiation field is vibrating with what we call ‘imbalance and un-centredness’. And because we are vibrational beings, we are conditioned to respond to everything we connect with (like sunlight, or good music, or having a hug – these are all examples of positive electrical effects in the body).

However, we also react vibrationally to things that we are not coherent with. This creates an adverse health effect, which we call ‘dissonance’. So, when the electrical antenna that is our body connects with these strong wireless radiation fields from our phones, we resonate in sympathy with this imbalanced field and we adopt this imbalance and un-centredness in our cells. At Omnia, we believe this is not a desirable effect.

For those who wish to deep dive into this topic, it is covered extensively in this video which details the electrical effect that happens in our cells and how to restore balance to the radiation field:

Are there any Biological Studies that back this up?  

There have been thousands of peer-reviewed studies produced by Biology experts about the effects of wireless technology found when doing experiments on rats. We always urge you to do your own research but to make this easier, here we will cite the best-known studies that show what types of biological effects are caused by low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF’s).




The BioInitiative Report

Link to BioInitiative Report

  • Genotoxic effects (DNA damage)
  • Brain Tumors and Acoustic Neuromas
  • Childhood cancers
  • Reproduction and fertility effects
  • Fetal and Neonatal effects
  • Links to autism
  • Neurological effects
  • Stress Response
  • Blood Brain Barrier effects

National Toxicology Programme

Cancer study

Clear Link to Cancer:

“Clear evidence of an association with tumors (malignant schwannomas) in the hearts of male rats”. 

Environmental Health Trust


EH Trust Science Section

News and links to all the important biological studies listed by category of illness

We showed you what watching a video on 4G can do to the blood. And the  reports above demonstrate what biological effects have been observed to develop in rats which have exposed to wireless radiation for a long period of time.

So our next question must be: is 5G really that different to 4G, in terms of it being a health risk?

2. The 5G Architecture: Have we Created a Monster?

The first thing to note is that the shorter the wavelength that provides the data, the more energy is produced. Look at the frequency graph below and see how 5G will go from the maximum that 4G was capable of (2.6GHz) up to a massive 24GHz and some say the intensity will go up to 60GHz. This is a huge increase.

Electromagnetic Spectrum 4G to 5G non-ionising EMF radiation

As the frequency increases, you can see that the wavelength decreases, meaning the length of the wave cycle is reduced from centimetres to millimetres. Thus when 5G ramps up to 24Ghz, it will be delivered via millimetre wave (mmWave) technology.

The trouble is that these wavefields do not travel far. It is estimated that they travel only 200-400 metres. So that means putting a 5G antenna or celltower every 400 metres down every street. This is an almost unfathomable increase in network architecture, which could run into the hundreds of millions.

Notice that this ‘electromagnetic spectrum’ shows that we are still in the category of ‘non-ionizing’. However the assumption that non-ionizing radiation is safe is severely challenged via all the biological reports in Section 1 above.

To summarise, let’s have a look at the 5 main components of the 5G project and how they are due to expand:






2.4Ghz frequency (the speed

Bandwidth spectrums auctioned out up to 24GHz

Plans to extend to 60GHz

++ 10 x increase in bandwidth

Speeds of 1Gbps promised

++ 10 x download speed promised

(These speeds are not yet being reached).


Towers have range of 10 miles or more

5G Celltowers use mmWave technology has a range of less than 400 metres

++ 1000 new 5G masts added in Jan 2021 in Germany alone.

100s of Millions of global antenna installations with mmWave deployment


Phones, Tablets, watches

The Internet of Things: fridge, smart meter, TV, Cars, toaster, washing machine..

Estimated 75 Billion Smart devices by 2025

++ 2.5 x more than in 2020


No satellites

Since 2018, the plans to launch 42,000 5G satellites is well on track.


Untold increase.
The electrification of space itself, and no escape from the blanket of EMF from above, even in the ‘not-spots’.


No robots

Driverless cars

Commercial Robots

An estimated 570,000 robots deployed by 2027

Map of 5G mast presence around Europe. This proliferation is set to explode (courtesy of nPerf): 

5G Heatmap Europe all 5G antenna and celltower installs deployments

3. The Key Risk Factors of EMF (and therefore 5G!)

    We have established that with 5G, there is a massive step up in terms of frequency, power density and the general electrification of not just the earth but of the skies too.

    And we’ve seen what 4G can do to human blood. So now we will remind you of what the key risk factors that determine how you are affected by microwave radiation:

    Risk 1: Proximity

    The amount you are affected by wireless radiation depends on how close you are to it. And with all of our modern-day devices, we are touching them and putting them near vital organs such as in our pockets (reproductive organs) or next to our ear (the brain). We have done a specific article about how even wearing headphones (even wireless or Bluetooth headphones) gives no relief to this situation.

    Risk 2: Exposure time

    Most people, especially during lock down, are now on their screens for over 7 hours a day. And some are on a phone at the same time as being on their laptop. ‘Multi-devicing’ is a modern day phenomena. Remember what we said about touching these fields – your energy field is dealing with radiation energy that is not in the same balance and rhythm as your natural vibration.  

    Risk 3: Strength of Signal

    As we have covered above, the strength of the signal is taking a huge hike with 5G, so that we can download feature films in mere seconds.

    It is highly likely that due to nothing more than leading your everyday life, you are already maxing out on all three of these risk factors. This means that you are at risk. So, what can be done about this situation?



    4. How to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation Fields

    In this section we answer all your questions about how to protect yourself by harmonising the radiation and minimising your exposure to the incoming 5G fields.

    Here are our nine 5G Shielding Solutions to Protect You And Your Family.

    1. Education

    Get yourself educated about the potentially harmful effects of EMFs, radiation, and 5G technologies. See the resources above - The Environmental Health Trust is a great resource. You can also learn more about the true nature of how radiation is incoherent with our bodies’ energy fields here

    1. Take a Technology Time-out

    Give yourself regular breaks from your radiation-emitting devices such as phones and laptops by taking a 10-minute break every hour or so. Use the opportunity to go for a walk, rest your brain, enjoy being human and get in touch with nature. Microwave radiation is known to cause electrical imbalance in the body, so try to reset your breath first and this will bring balance back to your body. You’ll be more productive and focused when you return to work.

    You might also consider limiting the amount of time you use 5G devices by setting a limit in the mornings and evenings. Better still, take a break at the weekend and embrace the wilderness.

    1. Switch off your phone when not in use

    Rather than simply having your phone producing EMFs, whether that's via 4G, 5G, Wifi, or a regular cellular network signal, consider using it only ‘as and when needed’. This may take some getting used to, but you’ll be glad to receive a break from all that ringing, beeping, and scrolling.

    1. Switch to airplane mode when possible

    If you feel it’s too inconvenient to keep switching the phone on and off then use airplane mode to reduce exposure.

    1. Keep your phone in a bag rather than your pocket

    The difference in radiation exposure between 2mms (the average distance between your pocket lining and body) further away is significant - see this report.

    Avoid using your phone when you have a low signal as your phone will boost its radiation output to connect.

    1. Use the Speakerphone

    Rather than take a risk by holding your phone next to your brain, switch to loudspeaker. If this isn’t convenient, say in a noisy environment, consider so Air Tube Earphones. Some people believe that all their problems will go away if they use a wireless Bluetooth headset. Sadly, our tests show that the opposite is true.

    1. Turn your Router and Cell Phone OFF at night

    Some people sleep with their cell phone under their pillow. Omnia absolutely does not recommend this. Because at night-time, the brain secretes melatonin, a hormone that cleans up the blood brain barrier – whose function it is to keep out all the EMF toxins all day! Melatonin comes from your pineal gland and is one of the most important anti-oxidants that the body generates and having a phone near your pineal gland at this moment disturbs this ‘clean up’ cycle. So, turn your phone and all other wireless devices off - you can’t use them while you’re asleep! It is essential to safeguard your sleep zone and remove any EMF that are passively affecting you. If you have a 5G enabled router then switch it off when you go to bed.

    1. Consider where you live

    If you live near cell towers then you might want to look at the long and short term implications of such exposure. By purchasing a good EMF meter, you can get an accurate reading on the level of radiation exposure around your home and the surrounding environment

    The Most Convenient, Effective and Powerful 5G Solution

    Our top recommendation is to apply the Omnia Radiation Balancer to all your devices. 


    The ORB is a simple patch that can be applied to all radiating devices in your life – just count them up, patch them up and you are done. The energy in the patch that works to balance the radiation fields lasts forever. So it’s a ‘set and forget’ solution.

    We know it’s hard to disconnect these days. Especially during lockdowns! So we urge you to take this simple step to change the state of the 5G radiation fields in your life and bring huge benefit to your vitality by creating a new resonance between the radiation fields and the energy field of your body.  

    Please see our test results which show how well the body responds to applying an ORB to each of your mobile devices:

    4 Omnia Tests

    And please see our fantastic customer testimonials here.

    Purchase your Omnia Radiation Balancer Packs here and help support the health of your family.

    Get Your ORB Here!


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