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6 Ways to Protect Your Home From EMF Radiation

6 Ways to Protect Your Home From EMF Radiation

“Only the frantic of fear can harm you. Your calm and centered self knows exactly what to do." - Bryant McGill

When one hears the word ‘home’, it evokes a feeling of comfort, safety and well-being. But over the last few decades, an unwelcome guest has stepped into billions of households across the world - we’re talking about EMF radiation.

Whether you live in a metropolitan city, the suburbs, or a small town, constant exposure to electrosmog has become a reality for us all. It’s not hard to see why - we have several cell phone towers in our neighborhoods, we use Wi-Fi 24*7 everyday, and most of our work and leisure time is spent around wireless devices. 

By now, there is established scientific evidence that EMF radiation exposure can impact our health. At the same time, it is nearly impossible (and impractical) to completely cut-off EMF radiation from our homes and lives. If you are new to this topic, we recommend reading our top 10 reasons for seeking protection from EMF

So, is there a way for us to keep ourselves protected from the impact of imbalanced radiation fields? 

Yes. Today, we are sharing 6 important ways in which you can protect your home from EMF radiation. Scroll down to know the many ways in which you can prevent your well-being from being affected by what Omnia calls 'imbalanced' radiation.

Our solutions include ways you can 'block' or minimize the radiation field and also the Omnia way, which is to change the vibrational state of the radiating wave field so that it resonates with the human body. 

1 - Apply Shielding Paint 

Did you know that you can apply a special type of paint to your walls, ceilings and floors to shield your home from wireless radiation? EMF shielding paints contain regular ingredients such as graphite, black carbon, water and nickel, and they work by blocking off both high and low EMF, VLF, ELF and RF radiation frequencies. There are different varieties available on the market - the water-proof variants are suitable as exterior paint while others are used as primers for indoor walls. 

While applying a single coat is known to be effective, the makers of EMF shielding paints recommend applying two coats to get best results and a higher degree of blockage. If you’re looking to completely block off Wifi signals from your home, then you could apply it to all the exterior walls. In case you’d like to convert only a single room in your house into a radiation-free zone, then you can apply it as a primer to the indoor walls of that room. 

2 - Install a Manual Meter or Protective Shielding for your Smart Meter

Your home’s smart meter is a big source of EMF radiation, and one that largely goes unnoticed by most people. This electronic device records your home’s electric consumption, voltage levels and power almost in real-time, at regular intervals all through the day. This constant wireless communication means that they emit large amounts of EMF radiation in your house, constantly exposing you and your family members to imbalanced man-made radiation. 

There are two ways around this situation:

  • Request your electrical supply company to install a manual meter in your home. 
  • Install a smart meter EMF shield around the device to cut the RF radiation emitted. Smart meter protective devices are designed like Faraday cages, and can block upto 98% of EMF radiation emitted by the device.

3 - Add Radiation-Safe Films on Windows

Since ordinary glass cannot block EMF or other types of radiation, glass windows are one of the top spots for external radiation to enter our homes. Radiation safe window films are coated with certain metals that can reflect and block EMF and RF radiation by as much as 95-99%. These films are almost transparent, so they do not obstruct your view either - making them an appealing option to cut ambient EMF radiation in your living space. 

4 - Switch off Electronic Devices When Not In Use

While the solutions we’ve shared so far prevent external radiation from entering your space, what about the EMF radiation emitted within the house? Electronic and wireless devices such as laptops, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, and bluetooth speakers - they are all sources of EMF radiation. 

A surefire way of reducing your EMF exposure is to switch off these gadgets whenever they are not in use. Make sure to turn off your computers and Wi-Fi routers at night. Putting your smartphone on flight mode and away from you while sleeping is also a great way of cutting your exposure. 

5 - Apply Radiation Balancers to Wireless Devices

As we’ve said before, avoiding EMF radiation completely is quite tricky and, in many cases, impractical - much of our lives we are glued to our phones, afterall! In such situations, radiation balancing products such as the Omnia Radiation Balancer (or ORB) Sticker can help transform any imbalanced radiation emitted from your wireless devices into a vibrational field which is resonant with you with your inner vibrational field. 

These products are designed to create resonance and bring centeredness and harmony back to your body's energy field. You can apply an ORB Sticker to every electronic device you have, such as your laptops, wireless routers, microwaves, smart meters, and even baby monitors. 

6 - Wear a Protective EMF Pendant 

By now, we’ve tackled ways to block external EMF radiation and harmonize imbalanced radiation from wireless gadgets in your house. Now, let’s conquer the final challenge, which is protecting you when you’re on the move - whether inside your house or outdoors!

Everything in the human body is electrical current in motion. And we respond electrically to everything we are exposed to. These vibrating wave fields can be balanced (like when you walk in nature or have a hug) or they can be imbalanced (EMF Fields0. When you wear a pendant, you want it to bring balance back to your electrical energy field when you are walking through or touching any radiating wave field. This can provide a kind of personal force field, protecting your energetic balance exposed to compromised ambient EMF radiation. 

For instance, the ORB Wood Pendants are crafted from natural wood and contain the ORB sticker within them. As a result, they harmonize the electrical energy fields in your body when it is thrown off balance by external EMF radiation (here’s how). EMF aligning pendants are a non-intrusive (and aesthetically pleasing) way to maintain centeredness and protect your well-being in radiation-infested public spaces.

Final Thoughts

Like many other challenges we face in life, the issue of EMF radiation needs a multi-pronged solution to be effectively dealt with. By applying these suggestions inside your home, you get several steps closer to preserving the well-being of your loved ones and yourself. 

Of course, we all look forward to a time when we can download our data from balanced electrical fields that do not impact our bodies in any way. 

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Carla -Leonna Amos calendar_today

I was interested in your pendant until I see that you had to use glue?
Most glue is toxic so it completely put me off.
Do these pendants work like the green 8?
Many thanks

susan calendar_today

Is it OK to wear a EMF pendant if you have a pacemaker?

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