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How Do the ORB Pendants Work Against EMF Radiation?

How Do the ORB Pendants Work Against EMF Radiation?

“Most people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions.”
Charles H. Brower

Does this quote echo the truth to you? It certainly does for us. Our modern society has progressed more rapidly than any of us could’ve ever imagined. But it has also brought with it new challenges - like the rising levels of ambient EMF radiation in modern society. And it’s time to find an urgent solution. 

So we took on the challenge - while each ORB Sticker is designed to harmonize the radiation emitted from a single wireless device, what about protection from ambient EMF radiation all around us? We asked ourselves: Could we also design a personal artifact that keeps you aligned and centered against electrosmog anytime, anywhere?

The answer is yes!

After painstaking research, extensive development, and specific testing, we are proud to introduce the ORB Pendants as an effective tool to bring your energy into alignment when faced with compromised man-made wireless radiation.


Today, we share all about the ORB Pendants, their benefits, and how they work.

What Is Electrosmog, Is it a Problem?

Although the sophisticated wireless devices of today look nothing like the rudimentary mobile phones available 25 years ago, official safety guidelines are still severely lagging behind when it comes to updating the decades-old safety standards. These obsolete guidelines still only consider the health impact of thermal radiation (heat-related effects), instead of the more insidious damage that can be caused by non-thermal RFRs on our well-being. Scientists, activists, and researchers have submitted monumental evidence of the negative physical and mental effects of EMF radiation, but these impacts are yet to be recognized by most governments and the telecom industry.

With wireless devices having proliferated almost all aspects of our daily life, ambient EMF radiation has become an unfortunate reality of our times. Whether we are home, at the workplace, or in public spaces, we are surrounded by high levels of electrosmog. And while we may not be able to escape this EMF-laden reality, there are ways and means to mitigate its negative effects on our well-being

Introducing The ORB Pendants: Who Is It For?

The Omnia Radiation Balancer (ORB) Pendants are designed to be your personal EMF radiation harmonizers. They go with you wherever you are, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Each pendant is crafted from carefully selected natural woods, each pendant encapsulates the ORB Sticker within itself.

The pendant meets the inner electrical field emanating from your body and harmonizes it whenever it is compromised by the external EMF radiation from other people’s wireless devices. By wearing it around your neck, the pendant positions itself to work with your energy field. As a result, you can then walk through other people’s wireless radiation fields while safely staying in harmony all the way through. Wearing the pendant at night is a good idea if you’re someone whose sleep is frequently interrupted by external wireless radiation levels

The ORB Pendants are perfect for everyone who wishes to keep their inner well-being aligned, even when they are surrounded by a plethora of wireless devices - whether they’re at home, at work, or in other public spaces.

They are also perfect to be used by children and pets, who may otherwise be unable to protect themselves from external EMF radiation. 

The Design and Properties of the ORB Pendants

Let’s take a deeper look into the construction of the pendants themselves and how they work:

Crafted from 3 Sustainable Natural Woods

Each ORB Pendant has been crafted from 3 types of pure natural woods - Ebony, Padauk and Pink Ivory. Each wood is as effective as the other as a vessel for facilitating the EMF harmonizing qualities of the pendant, allowing you the freedom to choose the piece that resonates most with you aesthetically. To ensure that our production process has a minimal ecological footprint, we have sourced off-cuts or smaller pieces of wood to craft our pendants. These pieces of wood are usually too small to craft larger products with, and would otherwise be unused - but they are perfect for our purpose.




Available in 2 Special Designs

The pendants are available in two designs with special significance - the Torus and the Deca Designs.

According to Omnia’s science, the torus shape is the fundamental form of the atom, particle and cell. Each atom consists of a donut-shaped ring of light spinning around a centring magnetic point (which is the zero point). We engraved the trajectory of this movement onto our Torus Design Pendants.

The Deca Design Pendants are inspired by the Deca energy, which is conscious energy imprinted in our products with the instruction to balance the radiation fields. This energy is organic, abundant, and we can programme it with our intentions. Once the deca energy has balanced the wireless radiation field, this creates a resonant match with the energy field of the body. 


ORB Sticker at Its Heart

Each pendant has an ORB Sticker at its heart, which brings your individual electrical field back to balance and centredness whenever you are exposed to these imbalanced EMF fields. 

This brings alignment and balance back to your mind and body, even when surrounded by external EMF radiation fields emitted by other people’s devices. 



Click Here to See All of the ORB Pendants

ORB Pendant Q&A with the Omnia Founder

Test, Research and Results

Each ORB Pendant goes through 3 tests as proof of its effectiveness before being approved - these are the applied Kinesiology test, the Range of Motion test as well as the Heart Rate Variability test.

Each of these tests is designed to show how the human body’s range of motion, muscle strength, and heart rate is negatively affected when exposed to imbalanced EMF radiation, and how the ORB Pendant helps bring each parameter back to balance, when the body is exposed to strong EMF radiation fields, including 5G. 

The ORB Pendant vs. The ORB Sticker: What Is The Difference?

The ORB Pendants utilize the same technology that the ORB Stickers use to bring our bodies back into balance and centeredness. However, there is one important difference:

The ORB Sticker is designed to stick to a single device and harmonize its individual EMF radiation, while the ORB Pendant hangs near your heart and is positioned to tune into your body’s energy field.

For best results, we suggest using the ORB Stickers and pendant together, as one will reinforce the benefits of the other.

Final Thoughts

Living in a fast-paced world means we must pay extra attention to protecting our well-being when we’re on the move. By offering the carefully designed ORB Pendants to our community, we hope to help you stay centered and in balance, no matter where you go and what you do.

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Linda calendar_today

I recently bought an orb and am looking forward to receiving it. I started to read this post and realized that the gray printing you use for your information here is a bit too light for me. your emails are fine as is the heading for your paaragraphs. pleae Make your copy a darker print.

Marie calendar_today

Hello Tim, lucky you for living in Devon!
I wanted to make an order for one or two Pendant, but do you now send stuff to France? Last time i contacted you, you said you could send anything to FRance or Europe, because of shipment issues. What is the situation now? Thanks for your reply

Francesco Lanzisera calendar_today

Are you kidding me? A piece of wood with a design cut into it is gonna protect from Emf?’re late on the bandwagon. I at least hope you believe your own b.s and aren’t outright charlatan conmen. You should look into a spiritual concept called KARMA. It’s aways observing and never misses a thing. .. I believe in alternative tech..but this is laughable and I’m embarrassed I bought your high dollar vinyl stickers.. shit like this makes the masses throw the baby out with the bath water and keeps up in the dark ages. Sincerely

Mark calendar_today


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