Omnia Products

There are two Omnia Radiation Balancer products which protect you from all wireless radiation fields (including 5G). Each serves a different purpose. For ultimate protection we strongly encourage you to use both.

ORB Stickers

The ORB Sticker is a patch that you stick onto any radiating device you own. It will meet the imbalanced microwave radiation field and set it back to ‘balance and centredness’. This new energy field is one that your body likes.

You now have a vibrational match between the electrical field of the radiation and the electrical fields in your body.

Our test results show how this new resonance brings balance back to your body.

The tests we have performed on our ORB Stickers are: Applied Kinesiology, Range of Motion, Live Blood Analysis, and Water Crystal Structure.

ORB Pendants

The wooden ORB Pendants are designed to hang near your heart. The pendant contains an ORB sticker which meets the electrical energy fields in the body and returns them to balance and centredness, whenever they are compromised by wireless radiation.

This is perfect for children or even pets who do not have any protection, or if you are someone who turns their phone off and walks through other people’s (third party) wireless radiation fields.

The tests we have performed on our ORB Pendants are: Applied Kinesiology, Range of Motion and Heart Rate Variability.

ORB Sticker Packs

Once you apply an ORB sticker to all the Radiating devices in your life, you are creating resonance between the energy fields in those devices and the energy fields in your body. Count up the devices you own: phone, laptop, computer, Wi-Fi router, smart Watch, smart meter, Smart TV, Microwave Oven or even your car. Once you have an ORB sticker on your phone, this creates a bubble of protection around the phone of 2 metres.

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ORB Pendant Range

Once you are wearing an ORB pendant, any radiation field that you are exposed to will not be able to affect your body. The energy in the ORB patch meets the energy in the body and brings the body’s electrical currents back to ‘balance and centredness’. Once this is done you can use your wireless radiating devices with confidence. We strongly advise that you ‘double down’ and protect the devices you own by applying the ORB sticker to them as well.

We have a range of woods and designs to choose from. Please select which design you like then you can choose your wood finish and your quantity.

Torus Pendant

Every atom or cell is a ring of light shaped like a torus, spinning around a magnetic zero point. We have captured this movement in this simple design.

Deca Pendant

‘Deca’ energy is inside all Omnia products. It is shaped like a dodecahedron which is programmable by conscious intent to balance all radiation fields.

Deca Star Pendant

This design draws all the edges of the dodecahedron as if its sides were transparent. By the wonders of sacred geometry, a star appears in the middle.


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