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Everything You See Is Light & Vibration: Here’s Why

Everything You See Is Light & Vibration: Here’s Why

“Everything is Electricity. First was the light, an endless source from which points out material and distribute it in all forms that represent the Universe and the Earth with all its aspects of life.” - Nikola Tesla

Before you read this article, take a moment to look at your hand. 

It seems irrefutably tangible, solid beyond any doubt - literally made of flesh and blood, right? 

Now, imagine you have an incredibly powerful microscope that allows you to endlessly zoom in.

At first, you’ll see tissue that makes up the skin. Look further, and you’ll see individual cells.

Further still? You’ll find atoms and the logic-defying inner world that lies within.

 And this is where our conventional ideas of ‘solidity’ and ‘tangibility’ start going fuzzy.

From Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein to Professor Ilija Lakicevic (the inspiration behind Omnia’s science), many a genius over the years have remarked that everything in the universe is nothing but a manifestation of light or energy. Even the most solid of things - a galaxy, a blade of grass, a human, or a mountain - are all created from fundamental vibrating fields of energy.

Today, let’s take you down a magical rabbit hole where we show you just how true that statement is.

The Clues Are All Around Us

If you’ve read our blogs on sacred geometry, vortex math, and the tri-part harmony, you know that mathematics and mathematical structures existed in the universe far before humans discovered them. In fact, these concepts explain the patterns in which the omnipresent energy of the universe naturally organizes itself. From the spiral of a conch shell by the beach to the spiraling arms of the galaxy, the biggest and the smallest entities all assemble themselves in the same geometric patterns - astonishing!

Let’s take this thought a step further. If all objects in the universe - no matter how near or far, big or small - self-organize in the same patterns, this hints at an energy field permeating through the cosmos. An energy field so fundamental, that all matter comes forth from it and goes back to it. 

According to professor Ilija Lakicevic, this field is called the zero-point field (more on that in a later section).

The Wisdom of Ancient Cultures

Long before humans built powerful telescopes, microscopes, and super-computers to conduct high-precision experiments, ancient cultures were aware of the omnipresent energy of the cosmos. From Taoism in ancient China to Hindu cosmology in prehistoric India, the concept, “all is energy,” was a widely-accepted fact.

The ancient ‘Upanishad’ scriptures in Hindu culture, written between the 5th to 2nd century BC, are perhaps the most powerful testimony of this knowledge. These scriptures state that there is a primordial force, called ‘Brahman’, which is the ultimate essence or the core of all material phenomenon in the universe. It is responsible for the creation, maintenance, and destruction of everything visible or invisible around us. According to these books, the concept of Brahman even transcends the Gods and is the eternal reality of the cosmos. 

Endorsed by Conventional Science

Mainstream science and ancient wisdom don’t often come to the same conclusions, but they do when we talk about the fundamental nature of the universe. Cut to today, and science agrees that everything we see around is, at a fundamental level, vibrating fields of energy. 

When Albert Einstein published his iconic equation, E=mc2 (where E is energy, m is mass and c2 is the speed of light squared), the ancient knowledge had finally made it to mainstream consciousness. Essentially, his equation states that mass and energy are interchangeable - they are simply two different manifestations of the same thing. More intriguingly, it also states that energy can be utilized to create matter out of ‘nothing’. 

At the time of its publication, the implications of this equation were incredibly hard for the general public to wrap their heads around. However, multiple experiments have proven the accuracy of this equation time and again. 

Additionally, string theory (the latest contender in the attempt to find a ‘theory of everything’) concedes that all elementary particles that we and the world around us are formed by strings vibrating at different frequencies. This calls us back to the old worlds’ rhetoric around “the tapestry.”

But Then, Why Does Everything Seem So Solid?

At this point, you may wonder: if everything is indeed made of light or vibrating fields of energy, then why does it seem solid through and through to my naked eye? The answer is simple - but let us first ask you to try out this little thought experiment: 

If you walk into a room that has a foul odor, your brain will no doubt transmit the stench to you. 
But only for a few minutes, at most.
The longer you spend time in that room, the more your brain begins to perceive it as normal - until you can no longer tell that there was a stench to start with.

Here is why that happens. Like all other living beings on the planet, human biology has evolved primarily for survival (until one consciously expands their mental horizons). This means that our consciousness models the reality around itself in a manner that would be optimal for our survival. 

Our five senses, and our DNA, are hardwired to simplify the reality around us to an acceptable approximation for us to thrive. This means that we are limited by our own senses and are unable to perceive objective reality.

So why do we perceive things as being solid? Because our brains are hardwired to!

Omnia’s Science & The Zero Point Field

The research by Professor Ilija Lakicevic, upon which Omnia’s technology is based, utilizes this concept of the all-permeating vibrational field. According to him, the true nature of the atom is not the ‘proton, neutron, electron’ model propagated by conventional science. 

Instead, he studied the various characteristics and behaviors of an atom, and made a startling discovery - that the atom is light (or electrical current) in a torus shape - spinning around a still center point known as the ‘zero point’. This zero point is magnetic in nature, and it connects magnetically to the zero points of all other atoms in its vicinity. 

The result is a zero-point field - an endless magnetic field of potential from which all matter is created. This means that everything we see (or don’t see) around us is created from trillions upon trillions of atoms interacting with each other.

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Final Thoughts

The implications of the statement, “everything is energy” are incredible.

It means that all things in the cosmos - living or non-living, matter or energy - are simply different manifestations of the same primordial energy. Whether it’s you or me, the sky or the trees, the rock or the galaxy - we are one and the same.

This realization can be the guiding star for human society to elevate to a kinder, loving, and evolved state of being - if we let it. 

References and interesting reads:

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