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What Is Sacred Geometry? The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide.

What Is Sacred Geometry? The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide.

What is Sacred Geometry?

“Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe”
Galileo Galilei

Have you ever put your eye to a kaleidoscope? It’s easy to lose yourself while admiring its perfectly symmetrical, endlessly repeating patterns.

Symmetrical kaleidoscope

Now, what if we told you that all matter in our universe - living or non-living, visible or invisible -  is made of sacred geometric patterns? It’s like a universal kaleidoscope. 

Sacred geometric patterns exist all around us. Everything in nature 'self-organises' according to these basic principles. They form the template of our natural, man-made, and cosmic world. Today, let’s explore the fascinating world of sacred geometry, and what it means for us and our understanding of reality. 

What Is Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is an ancient science that explains the core principles of how energy naturally organizes itself across any scale - from the microscopic to the cosmic. Ancient cultures across India, China, Greece, and Egypt all considered sacred geometry to be a study of the blueprint of creation and life itself. 

Sacred geometric patterns are said to be the fundamental structures upon which all matter is built. Every natural pattern that we see around us - from the light wave, snowflakes, crystals, the human body, the DNA, honeycomb, to the arms of a spiral galaxy - follows certain mathematical codes that naturally organize them into formations with specific ratios and proportions. 

But how do all these living and non-living structures “know” how to assemble in this symmetrical manner?

All of these patterns follow the mathematical code that governs the order of all creation. We are all expressions of the same energy. This underlying mathematical code expresses itself visually in the form of geometric patterns. 

What Is Sacred Geometry Used For & Why Is It Important?

The study of sacred geometry is said to reveal hidden answers not just about the outer world, but our inner world and how we can unite both to create enduring harmony and balance. By learning how the biggest and smallest entities in our world all follow the same visual language, we can better appreciate the interconnectedness of all things. 

If our galaxy, our bodies, and the petals of a flower are all built from the same divine essence, then are we all really different from each other - or are these differences merely an illusion?

The knowledge and use of sacred geometry can be seen even in some of the oldest artifacts of human civilization - from prehistoric jewellery to megalithic structures in ancient Europe to the magnificent pyramids of Giza. 

Introduction To Sacred Geometric Shapes & Their Meaning


To understand the basics of sacred geometry, let’s some of the key sacred geometric shapes and their spiritual meaning:

Platonic Solids 

The concept of platonic solids originated in ancient Greece 2,500 years ago by the world-renowned ancient philosopher Plato. He believed that there are certain fundamental shapes that are the building blocks of all creation. In mathematical language, platonic solids are different types of ‘convex regular polyhedra’ (‘polyhedra’ means ‘many faces’ in Greek). 

Each platonic solid is 3-dimensional has equal faces and is built out of congruent regular polygons - where each face, edge, and vertex are identical to each other. There are 5 different types of platonic solids: 

  • Tetrahedron: Made up of 4 triangular sides, representing the fire element. Signifies change and power. 
  • Hexahedron: Formed with 6 square sides, which represents the earth element. Signifies a sense of grounding, patience, consistency. 
  • Octahedron: Made of 8 triangular sides and represents the element of air. Associated with balance, grace, and the thirst for knowledge. 
  • Dodecahedron: It is the symbol of the heavens, with 12 pentagonal sides. It is considered as the framework for divine energies to lead the way and elevate our consciousness to the next stage.
  • Icosahedron: The final, fifth platonic solid, is made with 20 triangular faces. It represents the water element, signifying trust and the ability to go with the flow. 


This simple yet powerful shape symbolizes the oneness of everything. From signifying nothing to everything, circles show that the cycle of beginning and the end are inseparable from each other. It signifies unity, inclusivity, wholeness, and perfection. 


The square is a grounding shape, forming the foundation of most man-made structures. It denotes stability, balance, and dependability.


Our blog on numerology, takes you through the basics of the Fibonacci sequence and the golden mean ratio. The visual manifestation of the Fibonacci sequence is the spiral - seen everywhere from our own DNA, pinecones, hurricanes to galaxies. The spiral is ever-growing and evolving, which represents our continuous quest to learn and spiral our consciousness outwards - eventually connecting our physical self to a higher self. 


Beautiful in its sheer simplicity, the cross symbolizes the intersection between heaven and earth - and the birth of humanity. 

Flower of Life

This stunning sacred geometric shape represents the inherent interconnectedness between all living beings in the universe. This single shape contains the blueprint of all 5 platonic solids within itself, the founding templates for expressing all of the physical world. 

Sacred Geometry and Omnia

Sacred geometry has an important connection with Omnia. Just as sacred geometry explains the unity between all matter in the universe, Omnia’s science is based upon this very interconnectedness of all energy. Deca energy - the energy of abundance, infinite potential, and love - is composed of the dodecahedron, with 12 cones of spinning light within.

Just as the dodecahedron platonic solid symbolizes oneness, the elevation of consciousness, and embracing divine intelligence, Omnia uses deca energy to bring man-made radiation fields into a state of balance by centring the zero point within the electrical wave field. Once this change is made, it brings the radiation field into complete vibrational harmony and resonance with our body.

Final Thoughts

Symbols are everywhere, and they are powerful.

By opening our minds and hearts to the significance of sacred geometry, we move one step closer to embracing an important truth: that all separation between matter and beings is merely an illusion. We are all manifestations of the same source energy. We may be flowing and ebbing through time and space in different bodies, but we are, and always will be united by the invisible sacred self-organising thread that runs through us all. 

Reference & Interesting Reads:

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