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5 Easy Ways to Digital Detox From EMF

5 Easy Ways to Digital Detox From EMF

The holiday season usually means being in crowded spaces - which can expose you to increased levels of EMF radiation from wireless devices like smartphones and laptops. This is also what makes this month the perfect time to enforce an EMF detox in your life.


Doing an EMF detox minimizes the levels of imbalanced wireless radiation around you, giving your body and mind the space it needs to come back to centeredness naturally. Today, we share 5 tips by which you can successfully detox from EMF. 

Why Is an EMF Digital Detox Necessary?

The advent of high-speed internet and wireless devices have completely transformed our world, so much so that we cannot imagine our lives without them. From the way we live, work, and communicate, everything revolves around these tech devices. And considering it is an evolving technology, our dependence on smartphones and tabs is bound to go up further if that’s even possible! 

We are all pretty aware that this tech which has made everything so accessible and convenient also comes with a cost: health-impacting electromagnetic radiation (EMF). Despite knowing this and having a sensible voice in our heads nudging us to unplug, the effort can seem herculean! 

So, let’s back that voice in our heads with some solid facts on how wireless radiation affects our health and why we need to cultivate a habit of taking frequent breaks (long or short) from it.

Triggers Oxidative Stress

Renowned scientist, Dr. Martin Pall, has spent most of his career researching the effects of EMF radiation on the human body. In an in-depth article published by him in the Journal of Cellular & Molecular Medicine, he links increased EMF exposure with an instant spike in intracellular calcium capable of inducing significant oxidative stress in many tissues of the body. This, in turn, can cause DNA damage and inflammation. Read more about it on our blog on Dr. Pall.

Disrupts Sleep Pattern

A good night’s sleep can do wonders for our health and longevity. Checking texts and social media at bedtime affects our mood, adds stress, and sets us up for poor sleep. A lot of literature and research has been published on EMF and infra-red light generated by these smart devices as hampering our sleep-wake cycle and circadian rhythm suppressing levels of sleep-inducing melatonin in our bodies. You can get more insights into the effects of EMF on our sleep in our blog.

Affects Gut Health

Findings from a study have shown that radiation emitted by wireless devices disrupt the skin’s host-microbiota relationship. Disturbance in the balance of our gut microbe can negatively affect our immunity, thereby increasing the risk of auto-immune disorders and gluten intolerance. Read more about this on our blog on EMF and gut health

Causes Skin Disorders

According to a systematic review of 6 studies, continuous exposure to wireless radiation leads to a mildly increased risk of skin problems like dermatitis, angiosarcoma of the scalp, and burning sensation, particularly on the side of the face that’s in contact with the cell phone. Our blog on how EMF radiation exposure affects skin sheds more light on this topic.

5 Ways To Detox From EMF 

Now that we’ve inspired or somewhat alarmed you into taking a break from all the EMF emitting gadgets that surround you, we cannot think of a better time than this holiday season to disconnect to reconnect!

1 - Family EMF Detox Holiday Resolution

It’s quite the challenge to be without your smartphone if all your other family members are hooked on theirs! So, decide together on a reasonable time frame and stash away your devices and fortify your bond as a family this holiday season.

Less time on digital devices gives you more time to be present at the moment and make memories! If you, as a family, decide to go on an EMF detox together, the chances are much higher that you will succeed.

2 - Try A Digital Detox Retreat

There are new sorts of holiday destinations emerging these days that guarantee you a wholesome detox in the lap of nature. By offering relaxing therapies, spas, meditation, skin-detoxifying therapies, and a personalized detox diet, these places promise to rejuvenate you before your life gets busy again. It goes without saying, use of cell phones, laptops, and wi-fi are strictly prohibited in such places.

3 - Try an Old Fashioned Time Out

No mystery here! Break free from your EMF emitting devices by scheduling a regular slot every day that is designated to be your device-free time. Spend that time doing real-world activities that you like - read a book, interact with family and friends face to face, take a stroll in the park. Make sure one of the device-free time slots is around bedtime. 

To safeguard your sleep zone from EMF radiations, turn off your phone, laptop, and router at night. You’ll be surprised how kickstarting these small routines this holiday season can eventually help you build a healthier digital-real life balance.

4 - Define a No-Phone Zone

Appoint spots and spaces in your home that are absolutely device-free and anyone who uses that space must do so without the phone and tablet. One place that must be a no-phone zone is in your bedroom.

Several studies have linked poor quality sleep with the presence of a phone in the room, even if it’s recharging!

5 - Device-Free Parties & Dinners

Nowadays, we barely even look at our meals while eating as our eyes are glued to our screens - this even happens during holiday dinners. Mealtimes should not be the time to check your social media, text, or stream a movie. It is when your phones should be as far away from you as possible.

Use this precious time to ask your family and friends about what they’ve been up to since you last met. Moreover, use this time to truly enjoy your food. Aim for device-free holiday dinners this year, and slowly incorporate this habit into your daily life.

EMF Detox with the ORB products

The Omnia Radiation Balancer (ORB) products - The ORB Sticker and ORB Pendants - are ideal aids to initiate and continue your EMF- alignment journey. As a patch that can be applied on any wireless device, the ORB stickers create harmony between the imbalanced energy field emitted from the devices and the vibrational fields in our bodies. 

Moreover, the recently launched wooden ORB Pendants are designed to bring your personal energy field back to centeredness when it is exposed to compromised ambient wireless radiation. Crafted from sustainable wood and available in a variety of natural woods and designs, they also make for the perfect gift to help enhance the well-being of your loved ones. 

Final Thoughts

By implementing an EMF detox during the holidays, you can give your well-being a much-needed recharge. Moreover, it can serve as a motivating force for you to continue these habits long after the holidays finish.

And who knows, your action may also educate your loved ones about the impact of EMF radiation and encourage them to take steps to protect themselves! 



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