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Can 5G Satellites be Linked To Electrosmog-Related Health Issues?

Can 5G Satellites be Linked To Electrosmog-Related Health Issues?

Here’s a question: how often do you find yourself relying on your smartphone’s navigation to make your way to a destination? From facilitating Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to checking the weather in real-time, there’s plenty that satellites do for us in our everyday lives. 

Satellites also play a crucial role in national security, precision agriculture, rescue missions, and earth observation. According to recent developments, it appears that our dependency on satellites is all set to go higher - way higher. 


Are 5G Satellites Linked To Electrosmog-Related Health Issues?

The increased connectivity around the world is great, sure, but here’s the other shoe: at the same time that the number of satellites in orbit are growing, there has also been an upward tick in the prevalence of electrosmog and EMF radiation-related health issues across the world.

Learning this fact left us wondering: are they connected? Today, let’s explore the link between 5g satellites and electrosmog-related health issues in greater detail.

A New Race: Space-Based Internet

To understand the issue at hand, let’s put some numbers in perspective. According to data shared by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), there were about 6,542 satellites (including both inactive and operational ones) orbiting the Earth at the end of 2020. Cut to the end of April 2021, and the UN Office for outer space reported a total of 7,389 satellites in space - that’s a whopping 27.97% growth in a matter of months!

This demonstrates the exploding upward trend in the number of satellites being launched in space. What triggered this sudden satellite boom?

The advent of 5G technology means that there is a need for a far more robust infrastructure to support its demands - not only on-ground but also in space. 

British satellite company Inmarsat is setting up a new hybrid network by combining its geosynchronous (GEO) and near low earth orbit (LEO) satellites with terrestrial 5G technology. That’s not all - companies like SpaceX’s Starlink, OneWeb, and Amazon’s Project Kuiper are scurrying to create mega-satellite constellations by launching thousands of small satellites to offer space-based internet.

On the surface, these new developments may seem promising with their offer to connect even the remotest corners of the Earth into a unified global network. 

However, one cannot help but wonder - as the global 5G infrastructure intensifies and more satellites begin orbiting the planet, what impact will we see on the health of people across the world?

What is Electromagnetic Smog and How Does It Affect Us?

In December 2019, the world’s smallest, 5x5x5 cm picosatellite, SMOG-P, developed by BME University, Hungary, was launched to measure and map electromagnetic pollution around our planet. Within a few months of data collection, the team of researchers at BME was able to create the world’s first electrosmog map. One look at the map it generated, and you can see that there’s no corner on the planet left untouched from the impact of manmade electromagnetic radiation. 

Electromagnetic smog (or electrosmog) is a type of pollution caused by electromagnetic radiation emitted by human-made electronic devices. Many scientists and researchers have voiced their concerns over the adverse effects of electrosmog on human health. It is a highly debated topic, but several studies in the past have presented evidence to support this claim. 

Carcinogenic Effects

A review of 10 epidemiological studies showed an increase in the prevalence of adverse neurobehaviour or cancer incidence in people living within 500 meters of mobile base stations. 

Disturbance of the Immune System

One way in which EMFs negatively affect human health is by disturbing our immune systems. A review of several EMF-related studies by Johansson et al., 2009 concluded clear and strong indications of EMFs upsetting the immune system by causing an increase in allergic and inflammatory responses, physiological changes, and tissue repair process. This, in turn, increases the risk of cancer and other diseases. Further, the study raises the concern that existing public safety limits need to be revisited to protect public health.

Reproductive Issues

A 2012 study found EMF exposure altered reproductive endocrine hormones, gonadal function, embryonic development, pregnancy, and fetal development. The adverse effects varied depending on the frequency of exposure, duration, and strength of EMFs.

The list doesn’t end here. EMFs are known to trigger many more health issues, including sleep deprivation, gut health, and skin disorders.

Satellites & Electrosmog: Is There A Link?

We are in an age of increased digital interconnectedness. Several aspects of our day-to-day lives are now remotely operated - smart lighting, smart homes, smart cars - all leading to the rise of smart cities that will rely on ultrafast speed internet to function. It is important to see how this will increase our daily exposure to imbalanced EMF radiation. 

According to insights published by Nokia on their website, 5G signals are all set to be beamed down from space to bolster the on-ground infrastructure. Low Earth Satellites (LEO) will ensure that there is uninterrupted 5G connectivity even on-air and at sea, where it is not possible to install small cell networks. 

Now, consider this:

5G technology essentially relies on high-frequency millimeter waves to transmit its signal. These wavelengths are a lot shorter than what 4G tech used. It has been calculated that the deployment of 5G cell towers will expose us to a minimum of 6 times higher ambient EMF radiation than what we are exposed to today. However, this still only takes into account small cell towers - throw the thousands of new 5G-enabled satellites into the mix, and one instinctively knows that it’s a matter of concern. 

This essentially means that every nook and corner on earth will soon be exposed to unprecedented levels of 5G signals and wireless radiation. Humans, wildlife, and plants - all will be exposed to higher degrees of EMF radiation than ever experienced before, even in the most uninhabited places on our planet. This would put all life on Earth at an increased risk for EMF radiation-related health effects at never-before-seen levels. 

To avert this potential global health concern, exposure of this magnitude warrants strong research on the part of technology companies and government authorities to address our health concerns.

What Can We Do To Shield Ourselves From Electrosmog?

Our lives revolve around wireless devices, the internet, and smart appliances, so much so that it is hard to imagine life without them. Is there anything we can do to protect our health and that of our loved ones? Thankfully yes - while EMFs are difficult to avoid, we can minimize their impact by introducing a few rules and making certain changes in our day-to-day lives.

Cut back on device usage

Limiting our exposure to EMF emitting devices is the single most significant and effective change we can make for our well-being. From defining no-phone zones in our houses to switching off our tablets, routers, and phones well before bedtime, there’s a lot of things that are still within our grasp. You can also plan a digital detox and take a well-needed break from all the gizmos and gadgets.

Use Harmonization Solutions

Now that we’ve figured out ways to reduce our exposure to EMF radiating devices, what’s next? How about making sure that whatever exposure we have is harmonized? Omnia’s ORB sticker and wood pendants can help you mitigate the effects of wireless radiation fields by bringing our inner energetic fields in harmony with external EMF radiations. 

Final Thoughts

We are increasingly facing the prospect of living in a world where EMF radiation follows us, no matter where we go. It is important that we stay aware of the latest developments in this field, and take action to hold those in power accountable for their decisions, however we can. Our consent is key and we can remove it any time. Even the smallest of individual steps can start to build a community, which can exact a sea change. 


References and Interesting Reads: 

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How much EMF radiation do electric vehicles give off, especially when sitting inside??

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