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5 Ways You Can Take Action Against 5G Technology

5 Ways You Can Take Action Against 5G Technology
“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.”

There’s no denying it - human society is taking technological leaps at an ever-accelerating speed today. But before we embrace these new technologies in our daily lives, it is our duty to pause and critically assess them for any potential negative impacts they might have on us. 

This especially applies to 5G mobile technology, that’s all set to roll out on a mass scale, despite the controversy around its potential negative impacts on our health, environment and future

And the role of the conscientious citizen has never been more critical. 

But with powerful telecom corporations and governments throwing their weight behind 5G technology, you may wonder, ‘What can I do? Will I really make a difference?’. And the answer is an unequivocal yes! 


Steps taken by individual citizens like you has already halted the rollout of 5G in towns and cities across the world. You can make a difference in your locality too! 

There are legitimate channels for citizens to take action against 5G, and you will find information on each of the options below. Your individual action can not only add to the movement demanding transparency on 5G, but also inspire like-minded members of your community to join in. 

5 simple steps to take action against 5G

Step 1: Educate Yourself

One can’t build a strong case without the facts - and this is why it’s so crucial to educate ourselves with the truth. While major corporations with vested interests have no incentive to share the adverse effects of 5G with the public, there are many credible environmental agencies and scientific bodies working to empower the people. The truth can not be forever held down. 

We are very trusting of our corporations, our government and our media. We assume that they are acting in nothing but our best interests because that is the way we would behave. We are likely to be swayed by the one-sided portrayal of the 'desirability' of the 5G rollout in the press. The majority of people will not even question whether proper safety testing has been conducted as part of the mass rollout. 

Our trust can be abused, if big money is on the line. The time has come for discerning, intelligent individuals to work out how we can make a difference together. Be sure to learn the facts on the potential health and environmental impact of 5G and non-ionizing radiation by reading published reports, open letters, studies and statements shared by scientists, researchers, doctors and environmental NGOs.

The Environmental Health Trust has done great work in compiling educational resources on 5G on their website. Other reliable websites are the International 5G Appeal, Physicians For Safe Technology, and Americans For Responsible Technology

Step 2: Reach Out To Local Representatives & Urge Them To Take Action

    As a citizen, you can get in touch with your elected local representative by either writing to them or meeting them. Urge them to do the following:

    • Adopt a resolution to halt 5G rollout. This has been successfully done by Easton, a town in Connecticut, USA. Here is a sample resolution that can be used. 
    • Pass an ordinance that makes sure your town has control over where the 5G cell phone towers will be positioned. This will ensure a safe minimum distance between 4G and 5G short towers and residential areas, schools, hospitals and commercial districts. The residents of Los Altos, California have successfully campaigned to pass a resolution for the same. 
    • Create an independent commission that investigates the health impact of 5G. The US states of New Hampshire and New Jersey have already done this.
    • Urge them to write to the FCC (or equivalent agency in your country) to expedite the investigation of 5G’s health impacts, and halt the rollout until the same has been completed. Here is a sample of a letter written by Senator James Gaughran from New York, relaying the concerns of his constituency to the FCC. 

    If you live in the US, you can find out your local elected representative via the commoncause.org website. If you’re a UK citizen, you can find your local councillors on the government website here

    And remember, the law is on our side. As we can see from the lawsuit filed by the EHT against the FCC where they sued them for negligence of all the scientific studies that show harm is caused by EMF Wireless Radiation. The EHT won the case! 

    No matter which country and city you stay in, a quick google search such as “find local representative/MP/councillor <city name> <country name>” should lead you to a government or NGO website with the relevant information.

    Step 3: Start Writing Letters To Government Authorities 

      Corporations are very good at absolving themselves from any responsibility. They find ways to avoid  being held responsible and they can't be taken to court. So it's often the local councils who are putting up the masts as part of their town planning initiatives who have to be held to account. 

      Words are powerful, and they can make all the difference. Write complaints to both your local and your federal elected representative about the lack of transparency on the health and environmental impacts of 5G. Then demand all of the actions we have listed in the point above.

      '5G crisis' has a comprehensive resource of sample letters whose language you can adopt to write to officials and institutions at both local and federal levels.

      Make sure that you include facts and links to scientific studies warning against the health impact of 5G - which you can find here.  

      Step 4: Join Local Resistance Groups & Share Knowledge 

      There is strength in numbers, and joining a local 5G resistance group can help amplify your voice even more!

      The Americans For Responsible Technology has compiled an extensive state-wise list of 5G action groups in the USA. Being part of such groups facilitates the exchange of information, facts, resources and brings all the dissenting voices on 5G to a common platform. If you’ve written a letter to a local official, you can share it with fellow members so they have a blueprint on how to do the same. 

      Crucially, such groups also allow members to share their personal experiences with wireless radiation, which makes your case stronger. Together, you can write petitions, organize rallies, hold public discussions, and meet elected officials to further the cause.

      In case you do not find a local group on the list, then don’t be afraid to start one on your own! 5G Crisis has put together an impressive resource explaining how you can start a 5G resistance group in your own community. 

      Step 5: Enlist Support of Community Members

        Keep the momentum going by spreading the word with your friends, neighbors, and community members! Ask them to join the resistance groups with you. You can do this both in person or online - invite your neighbors and friends to your home to discuss the facts on 5G, its impact and how they can help. 

        In case you are not able to meet in person, you can create a local Facebook group and invite local friends to join it. Through such groups, you can reach out to a larger audience and share scientific evidence on 5G’s impact - helping members to decide for themselves. 

        While inviting people to join your Facebook group, adding a personal message as to why they should is a good idea. Here is an idea for you to work from:  

        “Hi Jane/John, 
        I’m sure you’ve been noticing news on how 5G technology is all set to be rolled out across the country, including our town/city. However, I’ve been worried about the unclear stance of corporations on health and environmental risks that 5g poses. To make sure I am equipped with all the facts, I’ve joined/founded a Facebook group working to educate and protect our local community on the potential health impacts of 5G. If this is something that you would like to be a part of, then I’d be very happy to welcome you to join us and take action.”

        Final Thoughts

        Thomas Jefferson said, “If a law is unjust a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so”.

        As humans concerned for the health of our current and future generations as well as the planet, it is our moral duty to know the facts on 5G and to ensure that all due diligence on its short and long term effects is done before we can even consider implementing it on a mass scale.

        We hope the steps shared on this page encourage you to see the power that you hold as a citizen and a human being. 

        References, Resources & Interesting Reads

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        Lynnette calendar_today

        Hi Tim and Team
        Many thanks for this useful link which I have circulated to campaigners, friends and neighbours.
        You send so many interesting articles/links to me, some of which I have yet to look at. The problem I have is that I receive so many emails on a daily basis that often I run out of time dealing with ones that need immediate action.

        Thank you for you part in educating the masses.
        very best wishes

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