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Welcome to Omnia!

It is great to see you here!

We want to ensure you have the best experience possible with your ORB Pendant so we made this page to get you started on the path towards balancing your body in today's world of ever-increasingly wireless radiation.

How Do I Change the Fastener on my Pendant?

In your package you will find two fasteners: a plastic fastener which is adjustable (top); and a bayonet fastener (bottom) along with a small tube of specialised jewellery glue.

It’s up to you which you wish to use. The plastic one is good if you reckon you will need to adjust the length of the cord regularly (an example is that you might want to tighten it around your neck while you sleep). If you want to make the cord a specific length, you can remove the plastic fastener, cut the cord to size and use the glue to fit the cord to the bayonet fastener.

How to Test the Effectiveness of the ORB Products

Our technology changes the state of the radiating wave field (bringing it to ‘balance and centredness’) but it does not reduce the strength, or volume of the field.

So we don’t suggest measuring the level of RF Radiation in your tests – the levels will remain the same. Instead, we suggest using your body as the barometer – to give you a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ when you apply the ORB to your device. We have some simple energy tests that you can try at home to test for yourself! However as with all these things, they are best done by a professional if you can find one.

This will help to show whether your body returns to balance, and whether the ORB works for you.

There are two tests that you can do at home, a ‘Range of Motion’ test and a ‘Muscle Test’.

Try These Tests at Home

These tests were conducted using the ORB Sticker so instead of putting the sticker on the phone, put the pendant round your neck on the third test

(Test 1 = baseline, Test 2= without ORB, Test 3 = WITH ORB) and make sure there are no devices with an ORB sticker within 4 metres of the test.

Here is our muscle test. We do suggest working with a professional for this, but you can learn more about how to do a muscle test here.

Here’s how we test for range of motion in the body. This is short and easy one you can do anytime.

The reason for these results is that everything in the body is electric. When you are exposed to a strong man-made radiation field, your body’s electrical circuitry is compromised and becomes imbalanced. The ORB Pendant returns your body to balance.

How do I look after my pendant?

The pendant is made of wood and therefore you should not get it wet. This means taking it off if you are going swimming, or if you are having a bath or shower.

To preserve it, you only need to wipe it clean periodically with a cloth and a small dab of water.

Do I have to wear the pendant around my neck?

It’s not essential. However, making sure that the pendant is near your heart will have an enhanced effect. But if you were to put the ORB Pendant in your pocket for a few days a week, this would not be a huge problem.

You may know that putting a sticker on your phone creates a 2m bubble of protection. Since the pendant is meant to stay near your body, you will remain protected regardless of the distance to radiating devices.

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How is my pendant made?

Our partners at Wooden Jewels make every pendant by hand. They take the wood that you have chosen, cut it to size, drill a round cavity at the back, stick the ORB Sticker inside the cavity and cover it with a coloured resin. This is the side that should rest next to your body.

How long will my pendant last?

The ORB Pendant lasts for as long as you keep it intact.

The balancing energy in the Pendant keeps spinning forever and it never runs out.

How does the technology work?

Great Question! This answer is a bit too long for a simple FAQ, so we made a page for you that talks about how the Omnia Radiation Balancer harmonizes energy.

Click Here to Read More

How do I know it’s working? And does it work with 5G?

Omnia’s Pendant range is tested against prevailing 5G fields during the following tests:

  • Applied Kinesiology/ Muscle Testing
  • Range of Motion testing
  • Heart Rate Variability Testing (performed by IGEF)

The following tests have also been done on the ORB stickers:

  • Water Crystal Photography (note: this test can’t be done with the pendant)
  • Live Blood Analysis

Omnia’s approach to any strength of man-made radiation field is this:

Every EMF Wireless Radiation field is a spinning ring of electrical current, which is imbalanced.

Omnia Technology goes to the root of this imbalance and corrects it.

We do this by moving the magnetic zero point of the electrical field back to its geometric centre. Whatever the strength of this field (2G up to 5G), once we have made this change, the radiation fields will be vibrating in resonance with the electrical currents of the human body.

Does the Pendant's protection work on pets? 

Yes. The energy in the ORB pendant will work on any living being, including all your pets. We are looking for feedback on how it works on pets, so please get in touch if you are doing this.

How is my pendant different from the ORB sticker?

Both the ORB Pendant and the Sticker are based on the same technology, utilizing Deca energy to change the vibration of electrical wave fields in close proximity. However, each product has a different purpose.

The ORB Pendant is designed to bring the body’s energy field back to balance and centredness, whenever you are exposed to EMF Radiation fields

The ORB Sticker is designed to connect with the imbalanced EMF radiation fields emanating from a wireless (or wired) device and restore this energy field to balance and centredness.

We do suggest working with both the Pendant and the Sticker. We have seen evidence that doubling up on protection can have a positive impact. When both these balanced fields (in the body and on the device) meet each other, the centredness is amplified. There is resonance between your body and the EMF radiation fields.

Is the wood sustainable?

Yes! We typically procure smaller pieces of raw material, otherwise classed as offcuts, to ensure that we assist in the sustainability of this beautiful wood.

Sustainability and environmental factors are massively important to us, and we use the same licenced importer to ensure full compliance.We are fully compliant with CITES guidelines and all import requirements. Our wood supplier has the only UK import licence, which has been agreed directly with the relevant governments.

What is ‘Deca Energy’ and what is Unique about Omnia’s Science?

You can find out all about our science and how Deca energy works in this video!

How do I contact customer support?

If you purchased your Pendant from the Omnia website, reach out to us through our contact form.

If you are an Amazon or eBay customer, please get in touch with the seller on whichever channel you made your purchase. They will handle your queries or returns directly.

Can I return the packaging? 

If you purchased your Pendant from our website, we would love you to return the packaging and in response we will give you 10% off your next order!

Please mark your order number somewhere on the packaging so we can identify you.

It will only really be cost effective if you live in the UK or in Europe for the time being. Here are the addresses to return the boxes and all packaging to:

From UK/ Europe - please send to:

Wooden Jewels
310 Alton Street
Cheshire CW2 7RY

Please send an email to once you have returned the packaging and please include the tracking number.

What is the Omnia Returns Policy?

If you’re looking to return or exchange your order for any reason, we're here to help!

However if you are an Amazon or eBay customer, returns must be handled on whichever channel you made your purchase.

If you purchased through the Omnia site, you can contact us by clicking here or by sending an email to and we can assist you in a return, replacement, or refund. Please include your order number and/ or the original email address used for the purchase.

We offer returns or exchanges for customers that reach out within 30 days of receiving your purchase and on these conditions:

  • The ORB Pendant is returned in its original packaging (including the box, the Pendant, the plastic fastener, the booklet, the pouch, the glue and the bayonet fastener)
  • The Pendant is not adjusted to size i.e. the bayonet fastener is not fitted to the pendant cord.

Please note: we don’t refund any return postage costs and we only refund once the goods are received back. You can find our entire  returns policy here, including the address to which you must return the goods.

Who We Are

Omnia is here to help you find resonance in your own space in the face of stress from modern life.

Our flagship products, the Omnia Radiation Balancer Stickers (ORB for short) and our newest product, our Pendants, help to return the body to balance by creating a vibrational ‘match’ between the spinning current in any radiation field and the spinning electrical current in the human body.  

We share scientific evidence that can be trusted and we’re always searching for new ways to test the ORB. We aim to help you maintain a healthy balance throughout your life and to shed light on how our new science allows us to achieve these effects.

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